LAX Police Chief Slams Media Leaks On Security Lapses

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — The police chief for Los Angeles International Airport is warning department officials of civil — and potentially even criminal — penalties for leaking information to the media, according to a letter obtained exclusively by KNX 1070 NEWSRADIO.

The two-page memo from LAX police chief George Centeno appears to be an effort to prepare the department for the release of the results of a special Blue Ribbon panel investigation of safety and security at the airport.

KNX 1070’s Charles Feldman reports the probe was the outcome of a series of potential hazards he uncovered in an investigation earlier this year.

In the letter, Centeno criticizes those in the department who he claims leaked sensitive information and warns that anyone caught doing so could face civil penalties.

A KNX 1070 investigation in December 2010 showed a number of security lapses at the airport, including on-duty airport police doing crossword puzzles to obstructed safety exits.

According to Feldman, the vast majority of leaks referred to by Centeno were on issues that proved embarrassing to the airport’s claims to be among the safest in the world.

As of Monday afternoon, KNX 1070 had not received any comment from Centeno.

  • Jaime Nalgas

    What do they expect when their Public Information Officer moonlights as a news reporter for the local stations?

  • Waylon Jennings

    Centeno, if the truth hurts, the shoe fits.

  • Hugh Jass

    I wonder if the memo was leaked to KNX by the same person that leaked all the previous info. I guess he/she doesn’t care who they share info with.

  • Al Coholic

    Wow, Charles Feldman taking credit for the special study… They Mayor’s office didn’t care about his “investigative” reports. They started the probe due to the letter the union wrote and copied every department in the city.

    Charles, go back into your hole and wait for someone to leak you more information you can do a news story on.

  • Waylon Jennings

    The mayor’s Blue Ribbon Panel was formed after Chief repeatedly failed to make necessary security changes that were suggested in the Rand report which was completed and released approximately 4 years ago.

  • pleve

    Feldman investigate seiu 721. How they are making deals with the city. City employees are against the new letter of agreement. And the union still pushed it. After its members told them that they don’t agree.

  • Jaime Nalgas

    Let me see if I understand this article correctly. The chief of police wrote a memo that ordered officials not to leak information to the media, and the memo itself was then leaked to the media?

    Potential Fine for Leaking Information: $50,000

    Cheif of Airport Police Salary: $165,000

    Having the Respect of Your Employees: Priceless


    Centeno is a MORON, his command staff is out of control. They are all security guards. We need LAPD to take over soon. LAPD will do a better job at protecting this airport, they are a professional organization. LAXPD are security guards.

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