LAPD, DA Officially Name Suspects In Stow Beating Case

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — The Los Angeles Police Department and LA District Attorney have named the two male suspects arrested in connection with the Bryan Stow beating case.

At a press conference Friday, LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa said previous suspect Giovanni Ramirez “has been exonerated.”

Meanwhile, the Mayor and Chief Charlie Beck named the two suspects who have now been arrested.

Those men reportedly have implicated themselves in the crime, according to sources.

Louis Sanchez, 29 (dob 5/16/1982) and Marvin Norwood, 30 (dob 10/1/1980) both of Rialto, are scheduled  to be arraigned Monday in downtown Los Angeles in section 30 of the Superior Court.

The DA’s office said the men were formally charged with mayhem, assault and battery causing serious bodily injury.

“The Los Angeles Police Department never gave up on this case,” said District Attorney Steve Cooley in a prepared statement. “The experienced prosecutors assigned to the case will present the evidence in the courtroom, where ultimate decisions will be made.”

Dave Lopez, reporting for CBS2 and KCAL9, said police also have phone records that place the men at Dodgers Stadium as well as “physical evidence” tying them to the crime.

Sanchez and Norwood were both reportedly arrested Thursday at their San Bernardino homes.

They are both being held on $500,000 bail each, according to the DA’s office.

For the first time reports Serene Branson for CBS2 and KCAL9, prosecutors revealed the extent of Stow’s injuries in a criminal complaint.

The complaint alleged that the suspects willfully and intentionally caused bodily injury to Stow including cutting and disabling his tongue, putting out one of his eyes and slitting his nose, ear and lip.

A woman who was taken into custody with the two men, identified as Dorene Sanchez, was not charged. The LA Times says she is Louie Sanchez’s sister and Norwood’s fiance.

Stow remains hospitalized in the Bay Area. Doctors are still not sure if he will make a full recovery.

  • yippy

    What do you expect from two trashy MLB teams, and their classless fans? Giant fans and Dodger fans deserve each other.

  • Shiggity

    Short bus?



    • Stryker 21

      Giovanni is a bottom feeding, living off of someone else s welfare, gang banger trash. To bad the death penalty wasn’t carried out on him. Then they could get the real guys beat him.

    • Karen

      I agree with Dan and say to Ramirez’s mother – here is a tiny violin – boo hoo. YOUR SON RAMIREZ IS NOT INNOCENT.

      Your son Ramirez is a criminal and he is IN JAIL FOR A PAROLE VIOLATION.

      I am glad that Mr. Stow said his name the other day. I am glad that the police appear to have the perpetrators.

      I could care less what happens to POS Ramirez. I am TIRED of the media exalting these POS’s as heros.

      RAMIREZ IS A COMMON CRIMINAL. Give him no more press.

    • Dan

      Poor Giovanni is a gangster anyway, who would plow u into the ground and rape you until you loved him.. you liberal idiot he never got arrested for the Stow beating it was for a parole violation, which buys the DA time to file the case while hes in for the violation preventing him from going back to Mexico…you liberal filth!

      • The Real

        Dan, while I absolutely agree with you, your argument may sound a little more sane if you don’t drop politics into everything. Life isn’t divided into being a liberal or conservative. Just b/c someone has another opinion doesn’t make them a liberal. It just makes them uninformed. C’mon man, get a life.

  • Jose

    Actually, Ramirez was NEVER charged with the assault against Bryan Stow..he was in custody for a parole violation on a different matter…therefore there won’t be any thousands or millions in settlement handed out

    • thetruth


  • sheriff of arizona

    he should still be charge with a crime…. being a mexican gangmember. an i hope las vegas charge him soon as he is release… thats a good slap in mexicos faces. ha, ha,

    • Jazz

      You are a complete moron.

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  • tami

    I’am personally involved with another High-Profile case here in L.A. where CHIEF BECK state’s they have the right person in custody!!!!!!!!!!!!!NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. CHIEF BECK IS WRITING CHECKS WITH HIS MOUTH, THAT HIS ACCOUNT (lapd) CAN NOT CASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!a loving! mother of a incarcerated defendent

    • thetruth

      and I’m sure your incarcerated son is innocent as well??RIGHT??

    • Trisha

      Clearly you’re uneducated!

  • cez

    ramirez is no saint he is gangmember on parole was never charged in the beating, he violated his parole..

  • PAYASA818


  • PAYASA818


    • Karen

      This is the United States. We speak English here.

  • PAYASA818


  • Karen

    Hey potty mouth – NO ONE DESERVES TO BE BEAT.

    • upyours

      Hey Karen, tell that to the woman Stow beat, DUMBA$$.

  • Lisa

    Why are you defending a COMMON CRIMINAL?

    • Jerry King

      Wasn’t defending that loser who got wrongly accused! Just pointing out how inept Chief Beck is, and what a total failure Villagosa is as mayor and a human being. For 6 months Beck’s and that joke of a Mayor Insisted Ramirez was the guy, even when they had no evidence. Beck said they had 84 Detectives working 7 days a week on this case? If that’s the truth I hope none of us in LA ever has a crime committed against us, they will never find them!

    • Lisa

      Jerry King

      Who cares what YOU think? As if YOU are some authority.


      You could not catch a criminal if that criminal was standing in front of you.

  • brian

    how would you know sh&t head

  • Art

    Problem any good lawyer will get these guys off with very little time. They will claim they were provoked and with that Video of Brian talking c rap they will spend less than a year behind bars..
    They should have charged them with attempted Murder, but. The police must believe that Brian may have shot off his mouth

    • Karen

      You obviously are unaware of the law. NO ONE DESERVES TO BE ASSAULTED TO THE POINT OF BEING IN A COMA.


      If they are proven guilty, they are going away for A LONG TIME.

  • carlos

    John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave his only beggotton son that whoso ever beliveth in him should not perish but have everlasting life.

  • Jazz

    So many ignorant people with so much time on a computer.

    If you knew anything about the law you would know that it doesn’t matter what Ramirez did in the past. The issue is who brutally attacked Stow. He did not commit “THAT” crime and that is the only crime that should have been their concern. Therefore, there is no reason for him to be in jail.

    According to the law they violated his 4th Amendment Rights against unreasonable search and seizure. When they questioned Ramirez they were supposed to check out his alibi prior to any search. He had a solid alibi so that should have been the end of it. His attorneys will argue that but for the mayor and the LAPD’s negligence and in handling the case and total disregard for Ramirez’s Constitutional Rights they never would have found the weapon.

    It is called “Fruit of the Poisonous Tree.” This is the reason why Los Angeles and the LAPD have to settle lawsuit after lawsuit because of people like you.

    • Karen


      You are ignorant to the fact that RAMIREZ violated his parole.


      You’re not on parole because you’re an upstanding citizen.

      I could care less about that POS and I wish YOU would STOP CARING ABOUT A CRIMINAL.

      You should stick to your dayjob. The law IS NOT YOUR FORTE.

      • thetruth

        AGREED!! I think jazz just watches a little to much NCIS or something??

        I could give two s&*ts about a POS like Ramirez!! The world is a better place with him behind bars.

    • sfv41901

      When ur on parole, u have no rights. U are subject to search at anytime with or without reason. I’m glad that POS it off the streets. U really thing a gangster would have a gun hidden if he wasn’t allowed to have possession of it??????

  • igor doublebubblevich

    Why no pictures? is norwood white?

  • HollywoodSaint

    personaly, I think it was our mayor tony villar….where was he during the night of the beating? I wanna see his dodger jersey…maybe it was staged by the McCourts…….the conspirerors of the world conspire

  • igor doublebubblevich

    6ft4,250 pounds,marvin norwood,beating a man 12 years older, half his sze along with helpfrom his cholo friend, a wimp, coward, punk, disgrace to the white race, a wanna b cholo.

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