LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Shaken, not stirred is how James Bond orders it, but would he pay $18 for a dry martini in Los Angeles?

According to TripAdvisor, $18 is the going rate for the classic cocktail in the City of Angeles, and its one of the most expensive in America. Los Angeles shares the steep title with New York City.

The data comes from TripAdvisor’s TripIndex, which was released Thursday. The TripIndex is a cost comparison of 50 key tourist cities around the world and 15 hot spots in the U.S based on the cost of one night in a hotel, food, one cocktail and taxi rides.

If $18 is too pricey for a dry martini, save $1.50 in Chicago. The drink will cost you around $16.50 there with or without the view of Lake Michigan. The least expensive city to toast to happy hour in is in New Orleans at $7 a pour, according to TripAdvisor.

Its five o’clock somewhere right?

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  1. Welcome to New York City


    At least there aren’t places charging VAT due to its proximity to Wall Street. Think about how many drunks get hosed on that?

  2. P R says:

    Tom collins….average price: $36

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