LOS ANGELES (CBS) — A multi-city raid on members of a South Los Angeles graffiti crew ended in nearly a dozen arrests on Wednesday.

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies and police stormed 26 different locations around the Southland to arrest at least 10 members of the tagging crew known as ASC.

KNX 1070’s Pete Demetriou reports the group is allegedly responsible for inflicting hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage to MTA trains and local schools.

The raids yielded evidence in what the sheriff’s department suspects to be over 1,600 instances of graffiti damage in recent months.

“We found several items with their monikers spray-painted or tagged on it with markers, we found a fire extinguisher which was loaded with paint,” said Sheriff’s Transit Services Captain Holly Perez.

Perez credited a new computer system in which volunteers input vandalism locations and then use available data to track down suspected taggers.

Photos, computers, marking tools and other seized evidence will be used in future felony charges against the suspects, Perez added.

Comments (30)
  1. Ron says:

    If convicted, will they get more than a SLAP on their hands? Let’s hope so.

    1. Stryker 21 says:

      Hold a spray can of paint under their nostrils and watch what happens.

    2. Ron says:

      How about spraying their foreheads with paint that says TAGGER and make it a type that won’t wear off for at least 6 months?

  2. happywith420 says:

    gee, sure hpe the city can get it’s money back on these guys that are poor and have no money, maybe they’ll get a good spanking from a hot cop, male or female cop….lol big freaking deal what a waste of cop money

  3. Will Campbell says:

    I’m always bothered by law enforcement spokespersons who are seemingly always ready to insist at the arrest stage that a guilty verdict is a “assured.” It may very well end up that way, but let the case be prosecuted fairly in the courts, not one-sided in the media.

  4. joe schmo says:

    these pieces of garbage should be all airlifted to a third world country(not LA)..given limited food rations and several cases of spray paint and left to die after the food and paint run out.

  5. rjsmitty says:

    Vandalism is a crime NOT art !

  6. Joe says:

    They should all be required to enlist in the military once they turn 16, given KP and made to shine officers’ boots. Then, at 18 sent to tag buildings and camels in Pakistan.

  7. James says:

    Gee way to Spend Millions of Dollars in a Useless Investigation…The man Power Should Go on Drug Dealers and The White Anglo’s who Buy Them…How About Doing s Sting and Showing Who The Drug Addicts really Are: The will Lead to Your Professional People and Prominent Members of The Community…The Only Reason Why Drug Users Get a Pat on The back or a Choice of Rehab is Because They Are White…Please do Your Research and Check how The Laws were Tough before when Minorities were hooked on Weed and Now That The Anglo’s are Hooked on Hard Expensive Drugs They Get a Lenient Sentence…I am Caucasian…and Open Minded…

    1. Matt Anderson says:

      But not an English major…

      1. Astonished says:

        Sad, but true. . .

    2. Teufel Wolf says:

      James – Tagger kill people. One of my neighbors was shot and killed by a 16 year old tagger. These people don’t just tag. When they are out they tag, the beat up people, they rob and steal. A tagger crew is like a plague of locusts.

      1. JOJO says:

        taggers dont kill nor do they physically hurt anyone its gang taggers theres a big difference these kids just want to throw their art talents out there and be known, unfortunately, they do it the wrong way, i personally do not agree with them doing so this way. This is a waste of this city’s money, its really not worth it, it WILL not stop graffiti from growing all over the city….

      2. Ron says:

        JoJo, hears an idea. If and when you can afford to buy your own car or house, let us know, so we can have these same taggers, come over and do their art work on your property. Then you give us a call & tell us if you feel the same way. Then I will agree w/you, that it doesn’t bother me if they throw their art talents out there on YOUR property. Otherwise, I don’t want to pay for graffiti cleanup, with my tax money or have to have my property damaged or devalued by that graffiti.

  8. Alan says:

    Ahhh, another episode of “Lifestyle Of The Un-And-Unders.” More instances of children failed by their parents.

  9. Tag THIS says:

    Yo JoeJo…

    If these crews are not GANG RELATED, then they must’ve been tagging in the more affluent areas of L.A.

    They PI$$ED OFF the WRONG HOOD$ ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? !

    1. JOJO says:

      Yeah maybe they did but come on really? going after taggers? theres far more important things to go after, bigger crimes theres thousands of tagging crews all over L.A., bigger ones if anything going after a small crew like this one will only distract the cops from the real big crews doing some serious damage out there…. but i guess cops are kinda stupid, with all due respect theyre never doing the right job….

      1. jalex says:


  10. JOJO says:

    Don’t mean to offend you Ron but fortunately and thankfully i can afford my own cars, home, and business, maybe better than yours, like i said don’t feel offended by this I’m only speaking the truth. For the record hunny i have gone through this before, i have had my property damaged by taggers ( my business in this area) and it is a waste of my own pocket cash. But where I’m heading to with this is that there is far more delicate crimes happening right around the corner in front of the sheriffs station and noting’s being done to stop it, so do graffiti damages bother me? yes they do but this bothers me and concerns me twice as much. That’s why i stated and i quote, ” i personally do not agree with them doing so this way.” so the point here is that, this is a huge waste of money its not going to fix anything,

  11. JOJO says:

    this is only going to make them well known by the city, and other rival crews this will only work to their convenience, publicity, you know? so whether we like it or not, which in this case none of us do like it there’s nothing we can do and it will NOT stop them it will only cause more anger which equals to twice more damage, so lets give the cops a round of applause for their great work!!

  12. JOJO says:

    and Ron let me educate you a bit… we dont pay damages with our tax money, we pay our countries debt, we’re paying the interest they owe to the federal reserve, which is where they get a lot of their money from, look it up and lets not be ignorant

    1. Ron says:

      JOJO, :”hears” was a typo, but you are wrong big time, if you think we don’t pay for the graffiti damage out of our tax money. Your local city/municipality pays for graffiti eradication through employees or contractors, which is funded by some of our tax money. Where do you think our GREAT(that’s a JOKE)city UNION employee’s pay comes from? Our tax money. JOJO, this is how you spell” Don’t”, not dont and our “country’s” debt, not countries. “Nothing’s” being done, not noting’s. You may want to shorten or punctuate some of your run-on sentences. And I could go on and on, if you would like, because I DO have a very good education and your truth, is what you believe it to be, but it doesn’t match reality. Don’t be offended, but I am NOT your hunny.

  13. JOJO says:

    and also this is how you spell here’s not hears…

  14. JOJO says:

    ooooh Ron you really surprised me with your mad spelling skills!!! but seriously Ron do yourself a favor… and congrats on your great education… and sure Ron if it makes you feel better believing so then let me leave you stuck in your ignorance… you can’t reason with ignorance, sadly…. anyway, I’m not offended Ron I’m glad and happy your not my hunny, that was just me being an ass….oooops sorry! yikes! well Ron I won’t loose anymore time with you, you’re just not worth my time, I’m too smart for you and boy! I’m only 23! and very successful… don’t bother replying Ron I won’t be able to read it I’m moving on…good-bye nice chatting with you!!

    1. Ron says:

      I am not worth your time, because I am not the ignorant type that falls for your flatulence. Keep saying it and maybe someday, you’ll actually believe it, but I won’t. I am not 23, but I have had my success and I am very happy with MY life. And you said it, your were just being an ass. And it’s “you’re” not my hunny, not your not …

      1. Ron says:

        And you said it, you were….

  15. deen says:

    Fifty lashes each to these low lifes and they will stop….

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