LOS ANGELES (CBS) — American Airlines announced Wednesday that it has ordered 460 new planes – the largest new aircraft order in aviation history.

Many of the jets are newer, more fuel efficient planes manufactured by both Boeing and Airbus.

The purchase, which will cost billions of dollars, could put pressure on other airlines to upgrade their fleets.

Comments (6)
  1. brian says:

    all of a sudden the airlines are getting smarter and comng out of the 70s what took you so long

    1. NYU1232 says:

      They did not have you to lead them.

  2. Jo Dean says:

    Looks like someone is rolling in the dough lol.


  3. Roger Wallace says:

    Oh goody! More fuel efficient planes. This can only mean lower ticket prices, right? Yeah, right…..right after they’re done paying Airbus and Boeing…then maybe.

  4. mike says:

    Why is American Airlines buying planes from Airbus??????? All the orders should be from Boeing, an AMERICAN COMPANY!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. geeM says:

    You are right mike. How about if we buy buy American made products too ???
    Perhaps we would have jobs again. I’m hoping you’re leading by example and are driving an American made vehicle.

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