What Makes Spot ‘Vicious’? LA County To Seize Dogs For Chasing People

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — The Board of Supervisors on Tuesday agreed to approve an ordinance giving animal control officers the right to declare a dog “vicious,” a designation that can potentially lead to the animal being euthanized.

The new measure changes the definition of what actually makes a dog dangerous, and does not require a severe injury to a person who is attacked by a dog.

KNX 1070’s John Brooks
reports animal control officers will now have the power to seize an animal simply for chasing someone.

“There doesn’t necessarily have to be a bite,” said director of animal control Marcia Mayeda. “But if a dog’s charging at you down the street and you jump on top of a car to get out of the way, that’s a potentially dangerous dog.”

Under current law, owners of dogs deemed to be potentially dangerous can be forced to either muzzle the dogs and place them on a short leash or otherwise confine them — in addition to requiring the dog to undergo training classes.

But if a dog is determined to be a “significant threat to the public health, safety and welfare,” animal control personnel can destroy the dog under the new ordinance.

The board’s 4-0 support of the draft ordinance included noted animal lover Supervisor Michael Antonovich’s yes vote.

The law also sets up a more cost-effective administrative hearing process, one that won’t call on the Superior Court to resolve disputes over whether the picked-up dog was in fact dangerous.

  • swhitS

    So, this means that the Chi that attacked the 2 ripping off a tabaco store will now be put to sleep?

    Our gov is hell bent on getting rid of any animal that could protect the common man guns included. Ever wondered what they have planned?

    • rob

      do you always let your little girl walk around the neighborhood alone? your lucky that a snapping chi is the only thing you have to worry about… it could have been an ankle biting pedophile, next time, why dont you be with your daughter instead of staying inside the house smoking your crack pipe.

      its not the dogs who are the problem, is parent neglecting and humans in general are a bunch of dumb you know whats, dogs are innocent and its the humans that need to be out down.

    • Georgiasaraann

      Kathee, you exhibit classic liberal projection. You bring up a story about a 14 year old, who is not a little girl, killed by dogs chasing her into traffic and tell me I am blaming the parents. What a stretch. I also never said the dogs should be allowed to bother the child or neighbor. What I said was, the child should be supervised. Something, apparently, your parents never did.

    • Kelly43056

      My thoughts exactly!

    • Reality Check

      Better yet we could tax you, Mike, $500 per word, for your hate filled posts. Then we can give the money to your friend Obama who will use it to “make a good start” on “cutting down” the deficit, when he gets around to it…

    • Tamandra Michaels

      To YOU! That’s part of the problem, the mindset that dogs aren’t important, so just throw them in the back yard, don’t train them, socialize them, make them part of the family and society.

    • Georgiasaraann

      You let your little girl go by herself outside, after being chased by dogs? What is she doing outside in the first place, without supervision?

    • Dreamtime

      Mike you read so insensitive. Dogs, are not a hobby, guide dogs help the blind, they provide companionship to those who have none, they guard and protect children, and property, they can be trained as rescue animals, they assist the police in finding murder victims, drugs, guns, and not to mention they are cute as heck.
      Don’t sum it all up as a hobby and be willing to exterminate one of Gods creatures because a few owners can’t clean up after their pet, or have no idea how to properly train. A real viable solution would be to regulate and enforce licensing the adoption of these animal to homes that can manage, train and properly support the animal.

    • Dreamtime

      @Elanehawk, this sounds like a stupid owner issue, not a stupid dog issue. The dog is doing instinctively what it is predisposed to do…defend its territory. The owner is the one that is failing to control his pet.
      I would say this is a three strike situation if the owner is fined 3 times then he cannot own an animal.
      My dogs if let loose would chase up to the confines of the property, that is what they were trained to do. That is what I want them to do.
      This also sounds like a neighbor dispute and perhaps your neighbor is purposefully using his pet to irritate you.
      If your daughter is being chased, stop letting her go outside alone.
      People ARE more important, stupid people not so much and you read as if you were stupid too.

    • blupill

      Ruin sidewalks? lol. Mike you’re the kind of worthless old fart I would like to pop a cap into….if it were just legal.

    • ranroddeb

      You rant belays any understanding of the relationship between people and their dog.. Perhaps your sour disposition comes from having a parent that beat you with a belt for attempting to have sex with the family pet A dog is a pet not your girlfriend.

    • Regulas

      It’s Nazi mentality like yours that has helped destroy this country’s freedoms and no I don’t own a dog

    • Sulla

      Mike, I’m with you 100%..as an eldery lady who walks a mile each morning,armed with a baseball bat to ward off dogs, I can’t tell you how much I’m fed up with those damn dogs and their damn owners…

      • rjm2238

        If you hit my dog with a baseball bat while he is minding his own business, I’ll knock your dentures down your throat.
        Rich in New Mexico.

    • Mikey12

      Elaine you sounds like an uneducated ass. There are a ton of hood rats and trailor trash that are a one level below a great dog. Let me guess….you fall into this camp.

    • Tax Payer

      Pepper Spray the dog and the POS Owner!

    • Kaththee

      Geeze Georgiasaraann, You think children regardless of age should be supervised on their way to the mail box so dog owners can let their precious “babies” run free? http://www.ajc.com/news/henry/witnesses-teen-girl-hit-660665.html I suppose you blame the parents of this 14 year old killed on her way home from school. These dogs charged her into traffic and killed her. I love my dogs but my dogs are not more important than someone else’s children. From the time they were puppies I took them to the bus stop every afternoon to be petted and played with by children. Now they are socialized with kids and do not charge them or get nervous around them.

    • superbu

      The reactions to elainehawk dismay me. I don’t know that I agree the animal should necessarily be put down, but it should at the very least be taken away from the owner. Still, comments like “animals are more important that stupid dogs to YOU,” and, “You let your little girl go outside by herself?” are, frankly, ridiculous. A little girl can’t go outside in her own yard without being snapped at by a dog? But this is the attitude that prevails when you have an entire generation (or two) that no longer no longer gets married, no longer has children, but instead substitutes animals for children and treats them accordingly.

    • McNipple

      Elaine, if I had my choice of saving your life or my dogs life….well, its been nice knowing you kid!!!

    • dispointvet

      First off, any dog that chases one of my kids is fair game. second, if they make it as far as my front door, I’m in fear for my child’s life and that dog is getting shot. problem solved. of course in CA trees, plants, and animals have more rights than humans so I’d probably spend some time in the pokie. :)

    • RC

      You actually reproduced? How horrifying.

    • Georgiasaraann

      Superbu, hope you don’t get a nosebleed sitting on your high horse. Other people’s comments dismay you? Oh my, wouldn’t want that to happen. Talk about ridiculous, how about your not wanting to have the dogs destroyed, just taken away from their owners. Look genius, if that happes, they WILL be destroyed. Nice dogs get destroyed every day. Mean ones will not be re-adopted. You want the little girl to be allowed to run around unsupervised, especially after her parents KNOW there is a danger outside? Explain that one.

    • Elainehawk

      For everyone that said I shouldn’t let my little girl outside!!! You are nuts! We were both headed outside at the same time, the mailbox is right in our culdesac! She ran to the mailbox ahead of me, cause she was excited to get the mail and that freaking dog chased her back to out front door, so I was with her, she ran ahead of me you MORONS! It was in our culdesac! Wow! Anyone that thinks a dog has rights to chase people..you guys don’t even deserve to be called humans!!!!! No wonder our society has gone down hill. Little girls are more important than a freaking DOG! Go back to your cave!!!! hopefully you get attacked by a pit bull ! You people are vermin!

    • Georgiasaraann

      Too late elainehawk, you need to look at your first comment. You said she would go to the mailbox, not we. And the dog was snapping at her heels and you just let it? I had a dog that chased after my son on his rollerblades. I was right there and he was screaming for me. I tore after the dog, picked up a stick and chased him back to his owners who were standing outside. I told them if I ever saw that dog again I would beat it to death then come after them. Never saw the dog again. If I did, the dog would be dead. No police, no stupid law involved. Dead canine. No problem.

    • Mary

      Seriously. This is so police-state-fascist. I don’t use that word lightly – but removing the courts and putting the choice of whether an animal lives or dies in an Animal Control worker’s hands… unbelievable.

  • Cogiito

    The economy is so bad in LA that they are actually going to pull a North Korea and eat them there dogs.

    • Daniel

      First gay history being forced on our children now they want our dogs .What’s next?

      • Reality Check

        Carbon tax on breathing comes next. It will encourage people to stop breathing out the pollutant Carbon Dioxide. Of course if you choose to continue breathing then it is either pay up, or be put to sleep.

        Thank-you U.S. Supreme Court for determining by a 5 to 4 decision that Carbon Dioxide, the gas which human beings and all other animals breath out, was what Congress intended to regulate when they passed the Clean Air Act 30 years ago.

      • Heartdog

        Oh the outrage! First African American history, now gay history! The horror.

      • Georgiasaraann

        Heartdog, what does black history have to do with gay history being taught? Aside from some writers, there is no gay history. And the writing has nothing to do with the author being gay. I was taught about some gay writers in school. About their work, not about their being gay. I don’t like women’s history either. It’s pandering. Take the sex, sexual orientation, race, etc. out of the picture. Did what the person, group, event rise to the level of being taught, due to it’s importance, or not?

  • John in NC

    …”approve an ordinance giving animal control officers the right to declare a dog “vicious,” a designation that can potentially lead to the animal being euthanized”.

    …”animal control personnel can destroy the dog under the new ordinance”.

    …”The law also sets up a more cost-effective administrative hearing process, one that won’t call on the Superior Court to resolve disputes over whether the picked-up dog was in fact dangerous”.

    Putting the issue of a “vicious dog” aside (a completely legitimate public safety issue), the way I read this story, it sounds like the Board of Supervisors are not bothered by Constitutional protections of due process and the “takings” clause.

    But that’s typical of government in twenty-first century Amerika. Former Stasi officials would feel right at home here.

    • Commonzense

      That’s exactly right, spot on. Sadly, “health, welfare, and safety” don’t include protection from our local governments themselves. Give a minute to consider what you’d have to do to get your beloved pet back from these people and you soon realize public safety will not be the end result of this ordinance. Especially now since they have eliminated standard due process procedures ensured by the Superior Court System.

      • Ghost

        California is a joke…….get out if you can.

    • Mary

      Exactly. I could not agree more.

  • Jerzey Boy

    For anyone that rides a bicycle knows that dogs have some instinct to chase us.
    As one that has been chased and attacked by loose dogs I say bravo! Such encounters are dangerous to the rider, the people/drivers around and the stupid mutt. Such dogs need to be removed from society, period!

    • ZZ

      Typical bike nazi attitude. Surprised you don’t live in Boulder.

    • Mitch

      How about you jump down into the street and ride around them to avoid them instead of being an idiot and riding right past them.

    • kimm

      Just have the common sense NOT TO PEDAL in front of the dog, and they’ll leave you alone. I rode my bike all over and if a dog came out, I’d just coast until I went by it. Never was chased once.

      When you keep pedling, they think you’re going to kick them in the head.

      Why do animals always pay for human stupidity??????????

      Anyway, don’t they have illegals they should be dealing with instead?

      • Simon Sez

        I have a dog. He is an American Pit Bull Terrier.
        Rescued frm the pound, about to be put to “sleep”.

        The problem is not you pedalling. The porblem is the irresponsible owner who leaves the dog outside.
        My dog already has a label bc of his breed. Why should we put up with dumb unleashed chihuahuas or golden retrievers around the neighborhood?
        They come looking for trouble, and of course my dog, on a leash, and myself are the ones who have to run the other way to avoid trouble.

        HOW IS THAT FAIR??

    • Rafu

      You know i don’t like you I think I will remove you from society period, as well.

    • John in NC

      You are missing my point. I too have had problems with unleashed dogs getting aggressive while walking or riding my bike. I’m talking about property rights and due process rights. Think about it. Do you really think this complies with the letter and spirit of our rights as guaranteed by the Constitution? Would you be so amenable to an ordinance that allowed traffic cops to seize and destroy bicycles from “careless riders”?

      • John is clueless

        Bicycles cannot run down the road and bite people. Bicycles do not attack and kill children. Do you really not see a difference between a dangerous dog and a bicycle? They are trying to get dangerous dogs off the streets before they attack. There is no similar issue with bicycles. Leave a bicycle unattended and it is no danger except maybe to those that choose to ride it.. Leave a dog unattended and it will do its best to escape and cause havoc in the neighborhood. With people as like you, our society has no chance.

      • Get a clue John

        John, your arguments about “our rights” are silly. Are you in middle school? Your arguments are at that level. Some “rights” are more important and more protected than others. See the first amendment and then the rest of the constitution and bill of rights for those that are the most important. There is no right to keep a violent and dangerous dog. Please show me where any law or the Constitution protects that right? Are you also gonna get all bent about of shape about peoples’ rights to discriminate based on race, sex, and religion? How about the right to drive drunk? Support that one? The right to own an assault rifle?

        If you had read the article, you would see that due process is protected. I will paste the info since you couldn’t read that far –

        But if a dog is determined to be a “significant threat to the public health, safety and welfare,” animal control personnel can destroy the dog under the new ordinance. … The board’s 4-0 support of the draft ordinance included noted animal lover Supervisor Michael Antonovich’s yes vote. … The law also sets up a more cost-effective administrative hearing process, one that won’t call on the Superior Court to resolve disputes over whether the picked-up dog was in fact dangerous

        Oh, and you don’t think the East German secret police were nazis?

      • John in NC

        To: Get a clue John

        …”and you don’t think the East German secret police were nazis?” – I think you probably undersatnd the concept of Constitutional protections as well as you understand history.


      • Ashley Jackson

        Oh, John you and your hyperbolic Constitutional argument. The article doesn’t detail what the process is, but rest assured there is some in liberaland. A property interest in a dog surely doesn’t warrant a pre-taking notice or an evidentiaty hearing. Relax, silly, we are way far from Nazi Germany.

      • Carlo

        Ashley — I think you’ve got your head so far up your you-know-where that your knees are out of sight.

      • John in NC

        To Ashley Jackson:

        Hyperbolic? I thought our rights as citizens were supposed to be paramount. I guess that as long as you agree with the violations and infringements, that makes them okay. That is a dangerous mindset, for one day you may find yourself on the “wrong side” of the State with no recourse.

        Also FYI, the Stasi where not Nazis, rather they were the post war East German Secret Police.

      • TomB

        “Bicycles cannot run down the road and bite people. Bicycles do not attack and kill children. Do you really not see a difference between a dangerous dog and a bicycle?”

        I guess you’ve never had a close call with a bike messenger in NYC, SF, LA, or any of the other major US cities. In those instances, no, its not the bike itself but the rider who is the menace. It works the same way with the dogs: its not the dog itself most of the time, its the owner who does not leash the dog, piick up after the dog, or train it to not bite skin. All 3 are very easy to do no matter what the breed and negligence on the part of the owner if they do not.

      • TT

        Due process is a constitutional right – for any one and any thing that is alive or not alive in this country -if people can fight over a dresser (an inanomate object) in a divorce, and that decision needs to be made about where it goes n whos property it is- its beyond my understanding why any animal woluldnt be given that same right to fight for its life.

    • Paul

      Dont worry about the dog. Worry about me kicking your La Liberal arss!!

    • Reality Check

      People who do not like you could make the same argument about you.

      Just consider your being put ot sleep by animal control a very late term abortion and it should bypass all the constitution concerns about the taking of life, liberty or the pursuit of happiness without due process.

    • blupill

      You stupid bike riders are a problem too, dont know how many close accidents with bikers I have had, cant say I have ever been chased by a dog…….

      • Mechtt1

        Learn how to drive properly,…….. take a trainning course,………… read a book
        (sportsmanlike driving )…………. very old……….. like you but very enlightening, Aurthored by American Automobile Association fith edition……………………. SHARE THE ROAD …!!!!!!!!!!!!
        IDIOT !!!!

    • Mary

      So you’re OK with police state tactics, then, because that’s what this is.

      Life isn’t perfect. Most of the time we live in harmony with dogs but there are exceptions. Do you realize how many innocent dogs can be taken from their owners and put down? That’s what they do in China. Shame on you for your short-sightedness.

  • otbros

    I thought LA was broke. Why don’t they spend their money seizing illegal Mexicans instead?

    • don

      Becasue they are not vicious bro….and they dont chase after you you and endanger your life oru your kids…

  • barker

    So now they want to kill a dog for chasing an intruder off your property? hmmm

    • Gayle

      Their idiots.

      • roughman

        Now, there’s an idiot…

      • Gayle

        Correction – They’re idiots.

    • elainehawk

      Barker!!! Hello! Anyone in there? They said the dogs were chasing people down the street!!!! If they are chasing you down the street that means the dog is loose and not under control of the owner!!!! Let’s see you get chased and bitten by a dog and see how you like it!!!!

      • Mary

        When is the last time this happened to you? It’s never happened to me, and I rescue dogs and walk all over the place.

  • Gayle

    Can CA. do ANYTHING right?

    • Marcus

      Not with morons like you here, apparently. This isn’t about California, it’s about Obama and the liberals. Can’t you keep up?

      • Astonished

        I know I’m not much of a politico here, but how did you make the quantum leap from Los Angeles County to Obama? I really don’t think the President cares if Los Angeles County amends their vicious dog ordinance.


      • Reality Check

        Hey, if it makes the government bigger and more powerful Obama likes it.

        Raise taxes at the same time and Obama has a wet dream.

  • deen

    The sooner the better….Also this is for the iditot dog owners who let their mutts bark in the middle of the night and early morning. . Do you people have no class and no sense of courtesy and decency for your neighbors ? I guess not.
    Shame on you ….

    • David

      That’s only in the morning. You’re supposed to up cooking breakfast for somebody. Whoo! Whoo!

      • timmy2000

        HAHAHAH wow forgot about the whistle tip guy! Thanks for the throw back

      • don

        Huh ?????…what the hell are you taling about…sure you are cooking breakfast.

  • Old Trampled Glory

    Do you ever read a story about peoples freedoms being increased, or laws being repealed?

    Think how long it takes and how much struggle is involved in getting anything repealed… and then think how easy it is for them to revoke our rights or restrict them.

  • Hank Warren

    Useless laws from useless politicians, yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our rights:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama, vote for Ron Paul.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

    • Astonished

      Ron Paul! Are you kidding!!!

      NO THANKS!

      • Reality Check


        Ron Paul wants to bring the troops home, increase freedom at home, and decrease the size and cost of the federal government.

        How many American citizens would be in favor of that ???.

        Oh yeah, the vast majority of them.

        No wonder you are “Astonished”.

  • FedUpWithFeds

    Gayle … NO, CA cannot do anything right. The level of “stupid” in this state is simply beyond words. L.A. is a complete cesspool … I think all animals should be removed and banned from L.A. … for the benefit of the animals. Let the remaining human miscreants in L.A. then kill each other off. I left L.A. in 1990’s after OJ and Rodney, proof that the natives in L.A. had an IQ of a single digit at best. BEST DECISION I EVER MADE … like I said, it’s a cesspool, not to mention insanely stupid and hostile. I can’t wait for the 1st story where someone shoots the ‘animal control’ officer … I guarantee you it will happen. Like the TSA, someone will make a decision based not on common sense, but using wrote ‘rules.’ Like a Brown Shirt from Germany, the power will go to their head … someone will take someone out … it’ll happen, just wait. There are ‘bad dogs’ … they ARE CREATED BY BAD HUMANS … PUT THE HUMANS IN JAIL and send the dogs to the dog whisperer so they can just be a dog again. If that fails, then you can put them down humanely. I’m not against animal control per se, but God, if they’re ANYTHING like the TSA, I just can’t feel for ’em.

    • Astonished


      Speak for yourself. I have three dogs, a responsibility I take with deadly seriousness! All of my dogs are licensed, are up-to-date on their vaccinations, are trained and socialized. They wear collars and are not allowed outside of my property without being leashed. Just because you don’t like what LA COUNTY did, don’t visit you dumb on those of us who follow the rules and laws.

      As for the rest of your rant. I think you should really cut down on the caffine!

      • Meggie

        Then obviously, Astonished, FedUpWithFeds was not talking about you. You are the exception, not the rule.

      • don

        I wish they were all responsible ownwers like your self. But the truth is most of the idiot dog owners are not.

  • Ken Drift

    Shady, the officials in cali are all about control. They forgot they work for the people, most officials in most states do these days. Sad.

  • Bob A

    No guns, no dogs. Must protect those violent negro criminals. They have a RIGHT to victumize you so stop complaining!

    • Marco

      I wouldnt worry bout the Negro’s about now. I’d look a little deeper than that.

      Can you say Casey Anthony?

  • Timothy

    I am so tired of being chased by off-leash dogs when I go for a jog, to say nothing of dodging their uncollected feces. Hold owners responsible.

  • http://restoringpatriotism.com/?p=2087 Restoring Patriotism » What Makes Spot ‘Vicious’? LA County To Seize Dogs For Chasing People « CBS Los Angeles

    […] More on CBS Los Angeles: What Makes Spot ‘Vicious’? LA County To Seize Dogs For Chasing People « CBS Los Angeles. […]

  • Bender

    Let’s all keep this a civil and intelligient dialogue. Most politicians are products of the LA and Kalifornia school system. No grades and Social Promotion (Socialism).
    Kalifornians were given everything from the rest of the country by their blood and sweat as the moved West.
    Most suffer from “Acute Diminished Grey Matter Syndrom” according to a study by leading Euorpean Doctors. This may be due to a lobotomy at birth or mommy doing drugs while pregnant.
    As for the brilliant jerzy boy. Dogs are domesticated wild animals. As with bears, mountain lions and others of the hunter species. Running from them triggers their instict to go after the prey.
    If brainless liberals really wish to do something useful, they should offer themselves up to be put down.
    Los Angeles and Kalifornia is run by Nazi Socialist’s and LaRaza Brown Shirts !
    I’m glad the waste of the West never erased my Old School Ct Yankee Values.
    Here is food for thought, man was blessed with the greatest capacity for intelligence, yet he has chosen to exercise his/her capacity for ignorance and stupidity. Why is that ?

  • Rational Db8

    From the sounds of it, a playful and perfectly friendly dog with zero viciousness could be put to sleep if someone is simply afraid of all dogs, see the friendly one, runs, and the dog thinks they want to play and so chases the person without the slightest intent of harming that person.

    Or for that matter, if someone wants to hurt the owner, just take some enticing meat offer it to the dog and run so the dog chases along, again with zero intent of ever harming the person.

    There are all sorts of ways to get perfectly non-vicious dogs to chase someone, none of which ought to ever wind up costing the owner money and time to defend the dog, or worse, wind up with the dog being killed.

    If the new law allows these sorts of things, and it sure sounds like it would, then it’s just grossly wrong.

    • elainehawk

      You have no common sense mr. Rational !!!! Dogs have more rights than the people who get attacked by them!!!! Get it thru your head !people are more important than dogs!!!! Dogs shouldn’t be allowed to chase and bite people!!! Obviously you have never had a dog chase and bite you when all you were doing was walking to your own mailbox!!!! Grow a brain!!!! Your argument is ridiculous!!!!

      • Rational Db8

        Calm down Elaine. No dog has more rights than people do anywhere in the USA. Obviously dogs that actually bite anyone must be controlled. It is clear, however, hat there are already laws on the books to handle those situations. If existing laws aren’t being enforced properly, as it appears may be the case from other posts, adding a new law is less than worthless. Furthermore, adding any law that winds up with unintended consequences – e.g., hurting owners of non-vicious dogs that have never bitten anyone, and hurting non-vicious dogs themselves – is just a horribly bad law. I would also note that it’s clear you have no idea whether I’ve ever been bitten by a dog or not (fact is, I have, and more than once). You are clearly quite upset about this subject, but I hope you can calm down for a minute and think things thru a bit more rationally.

    • Mary

      VERY well said. I agree 100%. Lots of room for abuse in this law. It’s ridiculous and probably unConstitutional.

  • pranqster

    Everyone should just buy a Mexican chihuahua. The police would never go after them.

  • alg

    several months ago, 2 of my neighbors pit bulls got loose (the gardeners left the gate open), and chased one of my neighbors with his leashed dog.
    My neighbor was bitten by the two pit bulls, and his dog was severely bitten by the pit bulls.
    The police were called. The animal shelter was called. While the attack was ongoing. My neighbors and I had to take action to protect my neighbor and his dog.
    We finally beat off the dogs, and they ran home.
    While my neighbor went to the hospital, and the dog went to the vet the police finally showed up AFTER the animal shelter did.
    The police took no action against the pit bulls owner, and neither did the animal shelter.
    I am puzzled by this NON ACTION by these two agencies, as if we had not intervened there would have been a dead dog, and a severely injured neighbor.
    what kind of laws do we have that are not enforced???

    • elainehawk

      Wow! That is totally un believable! And probably if you would of killed one of the pit bulls tho. They probably would put you in jail ! That’s how crazy our society is! I hope that guy sues the owners!!!!

  • Roger

    The vastly overpaid vermin known as the LA County Board of Supervisors spends its “valuable” time on chasing after chasing dogs? Pitiful. The ones who should be euthanized are these government leaders, but they’re already asleep at the wheel.

  • mimi

    I agree with this. We were chased by a Doberman that we thought was going after our dog but was going after my 8 year old. He came at us twice. Animal control did nothing.

    • Rational Db8

      Please think about what you are saying – a new law isn’t going to help situations such as you went thru. Adding a new law when current laws for far worse incidents aren’t even being enforced makes less than no sense. The new laws won’t be enforced either, or will be unequally enforced.

      Focus instead on getting current laws enforced, and animals that behave in clearly vicious fashion dealt with appropriately. Adding more unenforced laws on top of existing unenforced laws is worse than worthless.

      • Astonished

        A rational voice. Finally! I totally agree!

  • Hot Conservative Girl

    So if Rachel Maddow chases a taxi, she can be euthanized?

    • Brookly

      as in putting her out of our misery?

    • Boy


      I don’t really know who Rachel Maddow is but….. Haaaa..

  • Brookly

    with all due respect from a New Yorker, you guys totally mystify me… gang members shoot up the block no problemo, dog chases bicycle? front page news… I not saying your wrong, I am just saying I don’t get it.

    • me too

      I’m mystified too and I live here!!

  • Roslyn

    I am a senior citizen who uses a 4 wheeled walker when I leave my apartment. I HATE DOGS. They try to jump on the seat off my walker and I have no defense. Their stupid, idiotic owners keep smiling and saying “Don’t worry he won’t bite'”. I am thinking of buying a gun i(I will register with the police0) and then I will fee safe. Dogs are filthy dirty animals….cats are clean and don’t bite people i believe all dogs should be on a leash and WEAR A MUZZLE.

    • Charles U. Farley

      Cat commie.

    • Mike

      I second that!

  • Keebler

    Here is a thought, how bout we start putting the people that make these dumb assed laws along with government figures six feet under. Kill off the gene pool from the top down that thinks the American people can’t resolve their own issues without government oversight. Start with Obama.

    • Mike

      Here’s better idea: why don’t we that to dog owners instead? Boom, problem solved!

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