SANTA MONICA MOUNTAINS (CBS) — Authorities have completed the removal of over 3,500 marijuana plants growing on National Park lands in the Santa Monica Mountains.

According to a press release, the marijuana grow site, spanning 9.6 acres, was found in late June. Park officials began removing the plants two weeks ago. Officials said water from a local creek was being diverted to irrigate the grow. Herbicides, pesticides, rodent fencing, two miles of plastic water hose, and fertilizer were all also found at the site.

“Marijuana cultivation is a serious and rising problem in the Santa Monica Mountains and other park lands across the country,” said park superintendent Woody Smeck.

The environmental damage and clean up of the marijuana grow was estimated at nearly $120,000.

Authorities did not announce the arrest of any suspects or additional details.

Comments (8)
  1. bdj says:

    Wouldn’t their time be better spent tracking down drug traffickers?

    1. theBloodyEye says:

      these ARE drug traffickers… on this side of the border. Since 2004 the cartels have been cultivating weed in and around national parks = NATIONWIDE. The US Forest Service and National Park Services’ law enforcement wing has grown dramatically due to this trend. And so have our tax dollars. The USFS now deployes military style helicopters with heavily armed rangers into the mountains to find these plantations and cultivators. And yes, 80% are illegal immigrants. The cartels, mainly the Sinaloa Cartel, hire people in Mexico and in the US to cultivate, protect, harvest, and distribute these plants all over the US. It’s making the same money but with less risk, as they no longer have to cross the border under customs, DHS, border patrol’s scrutiny. Public land is easy to use because it is not regularly patrolled. Try this search on Google “public land used by cartels” and you’d be suprised how rampant this trend is. The problem in the end… is these growers have been hired IN mexico, transported illegally to the US by the cartel, then put to work. They know no english, live in the fields, and when they get caught – they really know nothing. Then they are deported, only to be brought back to the US by the cartels…. because experience is needed.

  2. Jimi Jazz says:

    Oh Prop 19, you should’ve passed!

    Legalize it. Why are cigarettes legal? Pretty much the same thing, except you get addicted and don’t get high. and most importantly, those kill you!

    1. Shiggity says:

      i’m a marijuana smoker, and i’m glad they didn’t legalize it. That law was poorly written.

  3. Kev says:

    This country is ass backwards – Cigarettes and alcohol are legal, yet are responsible for thousands of deaths per year in the ?US alone…..yet marijuana – whose biggest issue is wondering how much some guy will eat when he wakes up – is illegal

  4. Jeezus says:

    for those of you still trying to figure out the whys….stop….it’s because of competition. plain and simple. the ones in control dont want competition. that goes for pretty much everything in the history of mankind in terms of power and control. logic and truth and respect and goodwill dont enter in to the hearts minds and actions of those with such power.

  5. alan hart says:

    “The environmental damage and clean up of the marijuana grow was estimated at nearly $120,000.” Make it legal and there wouldn’t be any environmental damage. It would be a large cash crop and help the state of California pay all it’s unionized workers.

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