(CBS) — A Los Angeles Parking Enforcement official in Playa Del Rey has photos of  Lakers Center Andrew Bynum parked in a disabled space at  Bristol Farms, according to NBC.

Photos show Bynum lifting shopping bags into his BMW, with plenty of open spaces around.

Bynum’s season with the Lakers ended with a flagrant foul against Dallas Mavericks Guard JJ Barea, and took on criticism from former Lakers for his conduct on that play. Bynum is suspended for the first five games of next season.

Back in 1999, five UCLA Bruins were charged with illegally possessing handicapped parking placards while playing football for the Bruins.


Comments (6)
  1. MJ'sDoctor says:

    Well… w/ all of his injuries these past few years he might as well be classified as “HANDICAPPED!!!”

  2. AmeriKKKa says:

    You lost you inbred. What us there to be proud of?

  3. trailer park says:

    His game, is about that of a “HANDICAPPED” person.

  4. Guesswho says:

    isnt he considered a handicap because of all of his injuries. Thats why the Lakers suck BALLSSS

  5. buckwheat says:

    had to smile s p ….been along time since i heard ” colored man ” however they dont mention if he even got a ticket.

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