Woman Follows GPS Onto Tracks As Train Approaches

VICTORVILLE (CBS) — Some people follow their GPS like it’s the law, even when it gives them wild directions.

A woman and her husband were driving in the high desert when they followed her GPS straight onto some train tracks — and got stuck there.

To make matters worse, as the woman struggled to free her car she spotted a train headed straight for her.

The couple had been driving on the 15 Freeway towards Los Angeles at 11:30 p.m. Sunday. They were in Victorville when her GPS indicated that she needed to exit at Stoddard Wells Road.

She turned right and continued driving, even as the paved road gave way to a dirt road. After traveling a mile and a half she came across railroad tracks and, instead of driving over them or turning around, she turned her vehicle onto the tracks.

The woman drove for a while down the tracks before she called 911 for help finding her way back.

Sheriff’s deputies used a helicopter to locate the vehicle and, then, spotted the oncoming train.

Deputies drove alongside the locomotive, with their lights and sirens activated, and managed to stop the train.

Authorities then managed to extract the couple’s car, which sustained damage from the tracks, and had it towed.

A little while later, equipped with a solid set of directions, the couple continued their rather adventurous trip on towards Los Angeles.

Officials warn that people use navigation devices with caution and to rely on their judgment if something doesn’t seem right.

  • Cindy

    hmmmm I wonder if she got arrested for anything………………………………………………….. under the influence maybe??

  • Jeff

    Hopefully these two idiots don’t have any children. We already have a sufficient amount of “stupid” in the gene pool.

  • Erin

    A very wise college professor of mine once said, “Just because someone says so, doesn’t make it so.”

    It was a political science class but beginning to think it applies to GPS as well.

    • Reality_Bytes

      and religion

  • Carlos Cuevas

    Where is the train when you need one. People like this should notbe allowed to breed……. how stupid does one have to be to do this???

    • Miss Alex

      you made me bust out laughing really hard on that comment. But at least I am not alone with my thoughts. These are the people who get jobs that make major decisions such as school board members and yes, they are people who believe everything they see on tv

  • Bryan Conover

    ONCE AGAIN !….its official…I am surrounded by IDIOTS !

  • Stevve

    You never know. Had she been able to continue it may have gotten her to her destination.

  • Roy Rogers

    Freakin GPS’s and woman drivers, at least a man would get out and ask for directions,LOL

    • whiterabbit

      Men NEVER stop to ask for directions! lol

  • dan

    I’m sorry folks…..But HOW stupid can people be.

  • Timothy McGarry

    No sober man would ever turn onto rail tracks thinking they were the way home. Just sayin’.

  • Josh Butts

    There was 3 blonds in the woods when they saw tracks. The first blond said they were deer tracks, the second said they were raccoon tracks, and the third said they were bear tracks. As they were arguing over what kind of tracks they were a train came and ran them over.

    Well they never showed her but I think it is safe to say that she was a blond.

  • Andrew

    This lady probably could of just as easily turned onto a sidewalk and ran over a bunch of pedestrians. This kind of driving behavior should be grounds for instant revocation of her license. They should be investigating the DMV employee(s) who decided that she was fit to drive!!

    • Allison

      geez man, ease up on the coffee or something bro

  • Desert Girl

    This particular area is very, very dark. I too, though not on train tracks, have been caught in some scary situations in Victorville and the Antelope Valley. You have to remember,Victorville is a desert, as is the A.V and there are VERY dark roads. Thankfully they are safe. Depending on the drivers age, she may be night blind which doesn’t help at all.

  • Robear in Ojai

    I have to wonder what destination the GPS device had originally been set to, and by whom…

  • SandeeLou

    She “drove a while on the tracks”….EXCUSE ME? Didn’t she think the “road” was a little rough?????? Get ’em out of the gene pool, please.

  • Melissa Gillespie

    What a complete and utter moron. Who in their right mind doesn’t look before they move onto train tracks? I hope this idiot never breeds.

  • Suzanne Smith

    At any point did the husband think to say – “Gee hunny I dont think we should be on the tracks??”
    Tto me this is just thinning the herd, and they got lucky.

  • Kshaw

    I’m sorry but somone that stupid should not be allowed to drive PERIOD!. Lady, do the rest of us a favor and STAY OFF THE ROAD and THE RAILROAD TRACKS too. This one was almost as stupid as the twit that followed her GPS walking directions that told her to walk down the middle of a FOUR LANE highway. She got hit and sued both the driver and the GPS.

  • Mysticay

    I’m hearing a lot of blame for the woman, and lord knows she’s a complete moron to have done this. The truly scary part is that there were 2 people in this vehicle and neither one of the idiots stopped to question where they were headed?????

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