LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Airlines may soon have to disclose more about the fees they charge travelers.

The Transportation Department is proposing new rules that would require carriers to disclose the fees they charge passengers in detail.

It would also require airlines to give more statistics about lost or damaged luggage so customers can better decide which carriers to avoid.

Last year, airlines make $5.5 billion from baggage and reservation change fees.

Comments (5)
  1. Peter Schwab says:

    Ticket price advertised for A to B $ 199 after not buying early enough, not buying on-line – not getting boarding pas at a kiosk- two carry ons(brief case/purse and small bag- chk’d luggage widow (or aisle) seat exit seat pillow peanuts and a coke and fee for getting OFF the plane final price $ 899

  2. Howard Shore says:

    the airlines are a scam and one of them is being sued by me for charging the damn baggage fees when i did not deserve it.

    they charge for every damn thing

    they are horrible and should be sued and fined heavily for what they are doing to people.

  3. Suzanne Mason says:

    Due to the excessive and often hidden fees charged by the airlines, I’m avoiding discretionary flying. It’s become a classic shell game. What is advertised is rarely, if ever, the price the consumer pays. These practices will backfire on the industry. It took off when flights were inexpensive, plentiful and without hidden fees. Woe unto them!

  4. Maury says:

    The airlines are going the route of AT&T. These devils are sneaking more and more b-s fees, hoping you just stay quiet and pay it. Next thing you know they’ll be doing mail-in rebates. Too much greed in this country. And all this greed is what will eventually crumble this country.

  5. Jack Watson says:

    Thats good, they should be forced to do that. Wow.


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