HACIDENA HEIGHTS (CBS) — Coroner’s officials have identified two people who died when their SUV plunged 300 feet down an embankment in Hacienda Heights Saturday.

Fernando Valdes, 25, and Aaron Ham, 27, died when the vehicle they were in drove off Turnbull Canyon Road, Lt. Brian Elias of the L.A. County Coroner’s Office reported.

The accident occurred near Skyline Drive and was reported at 8:58 a.m. Saturday, California Highway Patrol Officer Francisco Villalobos said.

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Comments (14)
  1. Ram says:

    Stupidity killed again.

    1. Jessica Vidales says:

      how can u say something so rude and have no emotion..if it was someone u knew u would feel the same way..we don’t know the true story, i knew Aaron and he was a total sweet heart that made everyone smile..may him and Fernando RIP..

  2. Terra says:

    And how would you know? How can you be so quick to judge, maybe there was
    a blow out, or he was trying to avoid hitting something in the road? Shame on you for being so quick to judge. May both of these young men rest in peace.

    1. Ric says:

      This sort of thing does kind of happen too often around here.Unless there’s another Firestone tire thing on Explorers.
      It’s got to be the drivers.

    2. Sarah J Torres says:

      Thank You for your kind words., I grew up with Fernando and he will be greatly missed! RIP Fernie♥

  3. Peace says:

    I have rode my motorcycle on that rode and it’s very narrow and the speed limit is very slow so I believe speed has something to do with it especially since it was a young driver and a SUV that tend to be tip heavy. Sorry for the families loss and god bless the victims that died.

  4. angel says:

    Rest In Peace Aaron. He was a nice kid.

  5. Terra says:

    Does anyone know where these two young men were coming from? Were they going into Whittier or coming back to Hacienda Heights? Who was the last person to see them, or talk to them? Why would he veer to the side? Who was driving?

    1. Sarah J Torres says:

      Aaron was the driver. I think they were driving from H.H. I went the sight to see and it appears from the tire marks that it they were heading towards Whittier. Fernando was a dear friend of mine. We grew up together and he will FOREVER be in my heart. Love you Fernie!! RIP♥

  6. terra says:

    i keep seeing the other passenger as, Fernando Valez, and Fernando Cortez. Which is the correct name? Shouldn’t have someone done their homework before putting it in the news?

    1. Sarah J Torres says:

      His name is Fernando Valdez. You are correct, someone should have done their homework before posting anything anywhere.

  7. Cody Freeman says:

    its fernando valdez he was a good friend. the car was a scion xb. i drive up there alot and usually there are people racing and you have to swerve out of the way. aaron may have been speeding but i still dont see how the car went over where it did about 4 feet to the left there is a 10 foot dirt wall

    1. Sarah J Torres says:

      Fernie was a good friend of mine too. We both grew up in tha apartments on Hacienda & Halliburton. He willl forever be in my heart♥

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