Wild 3-Hour Police Pursuit Ends On The Grapevine

Suspect Hit Just About Every Southland Freeway

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — A suspect who officials said was driving recklessly and at high speeds in the San Fernando Valley, is leading law enforcement agencies on a chase Saturday evening.

The chase started in the Valley, on the 101, about 8 p.m., according to authorities.

Stu Mundel, reporting overhead in Sky9, said the suspect well exceeded the speed limit “numerous times.”

Police, he said, considered a PITT maneuver early on but declined due to safety concerns for the public.

About a half hour into the pursuit, the suspect switched to the Eastbound 10 Freeway. He then went on the Southbound 605 and then went on to the 60.

Due to many motorists staying home, with Carmageddon fears, the suspect had wide open lanes for much of the pursuit.

At least 6 patrol cars were in pursuit. The LAPD began the pursuit and after about 30 minutes the CHP took the lead.

There are reportedly “at least two” people in the car, say officials.

Suraya Fadel, reported alongside the chase in Mobile9.

The suspect sped up in the Rancho Cucamonga area. He  then went onto the 215, drove more “erratic” said Mundel, then went on a reverse route back on the 15 back towards Ontario.

Stu Mundel theorized the suspect “might be seeing his fuel gauge getting close to empty.”

KCAL9 was told a female passenger, unknown relation to the male driver, called her brother to  say the driver had no intention of stopping.

At the two and a half hour mark, the suspect reached Boyle Heights. He ventured onto the 5 Freeway where traffic got slightly heavier.

The suspect through the pursuit hit just about every freeway including the 101, 110, 10, 605, 210, 710, 105, 60, 5…the one he missed?, the 405 of course!

After more than three hours, CHP put down a spike strip and ended the chase on the Northbound 5 on the Grapevine.

Officials took two people into custody.

Stu Mundel said the two were taken into custody without incident or injury.

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  • Bring back the Wild West

    From Encino to Diamond Bar? That’s quite a ways. The CHP should coordinate with responding law enforcement and shut down a short portion of the freeway and then position a sniper on the bridge to take a deadly head shot. When the suspect crashes, he doesn’t hit anyone since part of the freeway is quickly shut down in cooridination with pursuing officers. Oh no…we can’t do that…these suspects are human beings with civil rights and they are good people with families, right?

    • Charlo

      OMG…what kind of automobile is he driving? It has good gas mileage. 134 to Pasadena….210 back toward the I.E…..stupid idiot. PULL OVER!

      • Kuuipo1995

        Charlo, I don’t what make and model it is, but he’s certainly not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

      • Brian

        What makes you think that it was a car with great mileage? The chase was 3 hours and even if he averaged 80 MPH, almost any 4-6 banger would be getting 20MPG. That would be only 12 gallons of gas used, and most cars of that size woul get uch better gas mileage. My full-size truck, even with a standard “car” sized gas tank could have made the trip easy.

      • Stevve

        Maybe he didn’t see the lights.

  • stinkin colored

    Weeza be som bad ass coloreds taking theez honkies down the road u slimy toadz.

    • susan hauptman

      I think you and all the crew are doing a amazing job. be safe.

  • Ike

    The shot from the van SUCKS!!!!!!!!!! No one wants to see a van that’s 10 miles away from the chase.

    • vaal


    • Fred

      Great coverage, thanks KCAL 9, you guys were the only LA station that covered the Pursuit. Like Ike said, please, no more news van coverage, that was boring.

  • Dave T.

    HEY CH 9!!! We want to see the chase, we dont care about the view from mobile 9!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Donnie

      i agree and why do they have to talk and speculate through the whole chase SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • vientos

    Why are you guys showing the view from the news van???? What in the world does that have to do with this story?? They are still in Diamond Bar right now!

  • ned

    this is the worst coverage…there is a giant frame of a kcal van driving slowly in the wrong direction, while the real chase is in a small frame – GET IT TOGETHER! we don’t care about an empty road 20 miles behind the actual chase. whoever selects the frame layout is missing the point big time, it’s frustrating viewing.

    • Alex Akhaphong


    • tdave

      Could not agree more. And how the chopper guy not knowing where they are. With all the tech these days, you would think he might be able to tell the EB 210 from WB. Give him a smartphone w/ google latitude and maybe the anchors can tell him where he is. That mobile news van has to go!

  • process server44

    why dont kcal get off of that split screen ? they have the live shot on the smaller screen and some useless delayed traffic shot of the freeway pretty lame .We dont need to see that

  • Michael


    • Bob Goody

      Just shot the baster and save time and fuel

    • David Sevesind


      I agree, the van shot was the lamest thing I have ever seen. If you don’t have a view of the pursuit, I don’t care what your seeing trying to catch up to it. I believe,that this would give others the idea to get onto the freeway, as well to see it live. Why doesn’t Air 9, have a moving map,(GPS)? We have them in our police airships, that way we don’t have to wait for a freeway sign for a location update, that’s the way I did 10 years ago it before technology improved. One last thing, the news personnel don’t have to keep talking every second, making incorrect statements about police tactics and suspect behavior. Were there to watch it, let us and when you have an update then give it, Yesterday, there were several freeway changes made and the station personnel kept talking through them, about nothing and the update was given much later

    • Diane


      They went to van coverage and gave up the chopper coverage because of the fuel costs!

    • Donatello

      Well. I was watching BOTH 5 and 9 on the same laptop screen and listening to CHP+ News Heli stereo feed on radioreference online scanners. Before whining, get your facts straight , people. BOTH 5 and 9 ended their heli coverage at the same time. sky 5, sky 9 and CHP heli’s were on a separate frequency themselves for air traffic safety. The CHP helicopter ended the heli pursuit too, because OF AIR TRAFFIC SAFETY – It was just too dark and unsafe to fly further! Good job, pilots, not risking your own and others lives because of a stupid pursuit. Yes, I am sad that coverage ended just before they could deploy the spike strips as it was unpopulated area without traffic, but once again – there was no damn way for helis to get there or zoom in enough because of SAFETY of night flights.

      • CarmaDogma

        With mountains all around and no city lights as point of reference, I hear pilots can lose their horizon and smack into the side of a hill.

    • RayGunz


      • bob goody

        I forgot we would save jail space,food Att fees etc. Yes we would have A law suit but this is cheeper than putting him in jail because he will be back again and again.If you have A sick animal you put it to sleep. night night

  • SoCalGal

    Get rid of that van video…..Why does anyone want to see traffic! This is awful

  • vientos

    Who is calling the shots on this coverage? Not only are you showing a useless shot of the news van you even have it in a bigger frame? Idiots!!

  • Rebekah D.

    Someone PLEASE tell the news anchors that the Topanga Canyon Blvd., on ramp is NOT in Encino!!!! Get your facts straight!!!

    • Kuuipo1995

      Rebekah, they certainly need to get their facts straight because Topanga Canyon Blvd is indeed in the city of Woodland Hills.

  • G. H. Lawrence

    Why would the news director think that we would give a bleep about that shot out of the news van window. We all drive the freeways… get back to a ‘full screen’ shot from the helicopter.

  • ned

    the only person that’s “drunk” is whoever thinks Mobile 9 is interesting or relevant in any way…it means NOTHING and is IN THE WAY. why is it so BIG???? reckless is right, reckless reporting!

  • Sandra Yip

    What kind of car is it?

  • GEB

    A few comments about your live coverage of the police pursuit being televised live as I write this:

    1. Just because you can televise pictures from a news van trailing the chase by more than 20 miles in a carpool lane doesn’t mean that you should. Your live pictures from the news van as it drives down the freeway, far removed from anything important, is totally inane. Using technology for no informational purpose cheapens the technology and cheapens your broadcast

    2. Just because an anchor makes a declarative statement doesn’t mean that the other anchor has to automatically agree with that statement, especially when what the first reporter said is completely incorrect. I realize news organizations believe that where one anchor does not affirm what another says may make the first anchor appear less than credible. However, when one anchor repeatedly says something that’s factually incorrect, such as that Topanga Canyon is in Encino, and that statement is never corrected, it makes the entire newscast itself lose credibility.

    3. Just because you can televise live a police pursuit for more than an hour doesn’t mean that you should. I think this sort of coverage gives a least some of those who commit this crime the 15-minutes of fame they crave.

    • today's deal

      get a life

      • GEB

        Just because you don’t have anything intelligent to say doesn’t mean you should dismiss somebody that does. If getting a life means being an ignorant, uneducated person with nothing useful to say such as yourself, then I’d rather not have a life.

    • Not impressed

      Good point. It was also disappointing to hear a number of naive comments that the news casters made regarding their expectations that the suspects’ vehicle would run out of gas soon. This was stated over and over hours before the chase ended. On channel 5, a reporter in the helicopter stated that he had 30 minutes of fuel left and there was no way that the car chase could last for longer than that. What b*lls**t. They had no idea wheter or not the suspects had a full tank. Even at 80 mph the chase could have potentially lasted for at least 4 hours and possibly close to 5. I’m not as impressed with the credibility of the current anchors as I was 15 or 20 years ago.

  • Marie

    If the chase started on the Topanga on ramp of the 101the city is Woodland Hills not Encino.

  • ned

    shut up about mobile 9. i don’t care that mobile 9 is not breaking any traffic rules! i care about the car that is!

  • dsp

    The director/producer of this segment should be fired. Does any idiot from the channel follow these boards. Who the heck wants to see over half the screen with a van shot of a van or a van shot of the HOV lane far far away from the action. I wish another station was covering this, maybe then it wouldn’t be moronic. Show the pursuit from the helicopter shot only you fools!

    • Mark Panitz

      they made correction

  • dsp

    Turn to Channel 5 – Better!

  • P Miller

    So irritating! Mobile 9 is the worst idea ever!

  • SLO Town Allyn

    Why is the primary story of the chase in a small box and their crew following in the big box? I really thinks someone has their priorities mixed up. I’m interested the the car being chased. NOT the KCAL 9 TV Truck view.

  • ned

    we have looked at every channel…no option…i hope mobile 9 runs out of fuel first!

  • ned

    we have changed to channel 5 – they have their own stoopid car too – DRIVE 5 – but at least it’s in the small screen. MOBILE 9 and KCAL – you’re fired!

  • G.H. L.

    Hey.. Channel 5 is showing a full screen coverage from their helicopter..

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