Suspect Hit Just About Every Southland Freeway

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — A suspect who officials said was driving recklessly and at high speeds in the San Fernando Valley, is leading law enforcement agencies on a chase Saturday evening.

The chase started in the Valley, on the 101, about 8 p.m., according to authorities.

Stu Mundel, reporting overhead in Sky9, said the suspect well exceeded the speed limit “numerous times.”

Police, he said, considered a PITT maneuver early on but declined due to safety concerns for the public.

About a half hour into the pursuit, the suspect switched to the Eastbound 10 Freeway. He then went on the Southbound 605 and then went on to the 60.

Due to many motorists staying home, with Carmageddon fears, the suspect had wide open lanes for much of the pursuit.

At least 6 patrol cars were in pursuit. The LAPD began the pursuit and after about 30 minutes the CHP took the lead.

There are reportedly “at least two” people in the car, say officials.

Suraya Fadel, reported alongside the chase in Mobile9.

The suspect sped up in the Rancho Cucamonga area. He  then went onto the 215, drove more “erratic” said Mundel, then went on a reverse route back on the 15 back towards Ontario.

Stu Mundel theorized the suspect “might be seeing his fuel gauge getting close to empty.”

KCAL9 was told a female passenger, unknown relation to the male driver, called her brother to  say the driver had no intention of stopping.

At the two and a half hour mark, the suspect reached Boyle Heights. He ventured onto the 5 Freeway where traffic got slightly heavier.

The suspect through the pursuit hit just about every freeway including the 101, 110, 10, 605, 210, 710, 105, 60, 5…the one he missed?, the 405 of course!

After more than three hours, CHP put down a spike strip and ended the chase on the Northbound 5 on the Grapevine.

Officials took two people into custody.

Stu Mundel said the two were taken into custody without incident or injury.

Comments (163)
  1. Bring back the Wild West says:

    From Encino to Diamond Bar? That’s quite a ways. The CHP should coordinate with responding law enforcement and shut down a short portion of the freeway and then position a sniper on the bridge to take a deadly head shot. When the suspect crashes, he doesn’t hit anyone since part of the freeway is quickly shut down in cooridination with pursuing officers. Oh no…we can’t do that…these suspects are human beings with civil rights and they are good people with families, right?

    1. Charlo says:

      OMG…what kind of automobile is he driving? It has good gas mileage. 134 to Pasadena….210 back toward the I.E…..stupid idiot. PULL OVER!

      1. Kuuipo1995 says:

        Charlo, I don’t what make and model it is, but he’s certainly not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

      2. Brian says:

        What makes you think that it was a car with great mileage? The chase was 3 hours and even if he averaged 80 MPH, almost any 4-6 banger would be getting 20MPG. That would be only 12 gallons of gas used, and most cars of that size woul get uch better gas mileage. My full-size truck, even with a standard “car” sized gas tank could have made the trip easy.

      3. Stevve says:

        Maybe he didn’t see the lights.

  2. stinkin colored says:

    Weeza be som bad ass coloreds taking theez honkies down the road u slimy toadz.

    1. susan hauptman says:

      I think you and all the crew are doing a amazing job. be safe.

  3. Ike says:

    The shot from the van SUCKS!!!!!!!!!! No one wants to see a van that’s 10 miles away from the chase.

    1. vaal says:


    2. Fred says:

      Great coverage, thanks KCAL 9, you guys were the only LA station that covered the Pursuit. Like Ike said, please, no more news van coverage, that was boring.

  4. Dave T. says:

    HEY CH 9!!! We want to see the chase, we dont care about the view from mobile 9!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Donnie says:

      i agree and why do they have to talk and speculate through the whole chase SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. vientos says:

    Why are you guys showing the view from the news van???? What in the world does that have to do with this story?? They are still in Diamond Bar right now!

  6. ned says:

    this is the worst coverage…there is a giant frame of a kcal van driving slowly in the wrong direction, while the real chase is in a small frame – GET IT TOGETHER! we don’t care about an empty road 20 miles behind the actual chase. whoever selects the frame layout is missing the point big time, it’s frustrating viewing.

    1. Alex Akhaphong says:


    2. tdave says:

      Could not agree more. And how the chopper guy not knowing where they are. With all the tech these days, you would think he might be able to tell the EB 210 from WB. Give him a smartphone w/ google latitude and maybe the anchors can tell him where he is. That mobile news van has to go!

  7. process server44 says:

    why dont kcal get off of that split screen ? they have the live shot on the smaller screen and some useless delayed traffic shot of the freeway pretty lame .We dont need to see that

  8. Michael says:


    1. Diane says:


      They went to van coverage and gave up the chopper coverage because of the fuel costs!

    2. Donatello says:

      Well. I was watching BOTH 5 and 9 on the same laptop screen and listening to CHP+ News Heli stereo feed on radioreference online scanners. Before whining, get your facts straight , people. BOTH 5 and 9 ended their heli coverage at the same time. sky 5, sky 9 and CHP heli’s were on a separate frequency themselves for air traffic safety. The CHP helicopter ended the heli pursuit too, because OF AIR TRAFFIC SAFETY – It was just too dark and unsafe to fly further! Good job, pilots, not risking your own and others lives because of a stupid pursuit. Yes, I am sad that coverage ended just before they could deploy the spike strips as it was unpopulated area without traffic, but once again – there was no damn way for helis to get there or zoom in enough because of SAFETY of night flights.

      1. CarmaDogma says:

        With mountains all around and no city lights as point of reference, I hear pilots can lose their horizon and smack into the side of a hill.

      1. bob goody says:

        I forgot we would save jail space,food Att fees etc. Yes we would have A law suit but this is cheeper than putting him in jail because he will be back again and again.If you have A sick animal you put it to sleep. night night

    3. Bob Goody says:

      Just shot the baster and save time and fuel

    4. David Sevesind says:


      I agree, the van shot was the lamest thing I have ever seen. If you don’t have a view of the pursuit, I don’t care what your seeing trying to catch up to it. I believe,that this would give others the idea to get onto the freeway, as well to see it live. Why doesn’t Air 9, have a moving map,(GPS)? We have them in our police airships, that way we don’t have to wait for a freeway sign for a location update, that’s the way I did 10 years ago it before technology improved. One last thing, the news personnel don’t have to keep talking every second, making incorrect statements about police tactics and suspect behavior. Were there to watch it, let us and when you have an update then give it, Yesterday, there were several freeway changes made and the station personnel kept talking through them, about nothing and the update was given much later

  9. SoCalGal says:

    Get rid of that van video…..Why does anyone want to see traffic! This is awful

  10. vientos says:

    Who is calling the shots on this coverage? Not only are you showing a useless shot of the news van you even have it in a bigger frame? Idiots!!

  11. Rebekah D. says:

    Someone PLEASE tell the news anchors that the Topanga Canyon Blvd., on ramp is NOT in Encino!!!! Get your facts straight!!!

    1. Kuuipo1995 says:

      Rebekah, they certainly need to get their facts straight because Topanga Canyon Blvd is indeed in the city of Woodland Hills.

  12. G. H. Lawrence says:

    Why would the news director think that we would give a bleep about that shot out of the news van window. We all drive the freeways… get back to a ‘full screen’ shot from the helicopter.

  13. ned says:

    the only person that’s “drunk” is whoever thinks Mobile 9 is interesting or relevant in any way…it means NOTHING and is IN THE WAY. why is it so BIG???? reckless is right, reckless reporting!

  14. Sandra Yip says:

    What kind of car is it?

  15. GEB says:

    A few comments about your live coverage of the police pursuit being televised live as I write this:

    1. Just because you can televise pictures from a news van trailing the chase by more than 20 miles in a carpool lane doesn’t mean that you should. Your live pictures from the news van as it drives down the freeway, far removed from anything important, is totally inane. Using technology for no informational purpose cheapens the technology and cheapens your broadcast

    2. Just because an anchor makes a declarative statement doesn’t mean that the other anchor has to automatically agree with that statement, especially when what the first reporter said is completely incorrect. I realize news organizations believe that where one anchor does not affirm what another says may make the first anchor appear less than credible. However, when one anchor repeatedly says something that’s factually incorrect, such as that Topanga Canyon is in Encino, and that statement is never corrected, it makes the entire newscast itself lose credibility.

    3. Just because you can televise live a police pursuit for more than an hour doesn’t mean that you should. I think this sort of coverage gives a least some of those who commit this crime the 15-minutes of fame they crave.

    1. today's deal says:

      get a life

      1. GEB says:

        Just because you don’t have anything intelligent to say doesn’t mean you should dismiss somebody that does. If getting a life means being an ignorant, uneducated person with nothing useful to say such as yourself, then I’d rather not have a life.

    2. Not impressed says:

      Good point. It was also disappointing to hear a number of naive comments that the news casters made regarding their expectations that the suspects’ vehicle would run out of gas soon. This was stated over and over hours before the chase ended. On channel 5, a reporter in the helicopter stated that he had 30 minutes of fuel left and there was no way that the car chase could last for longer than that. What b*lls**t. They had no idea wheter or not the suspects had a full tank. Even at 80 mph the chase could have potentially lasted for at least 4 hours and possibly close to 5. I’m not as impressed with the credibility of the current anchors as I was 15 or 20 years ago.

  16. Marie says:

    If the chase started on the Topanga on ramp of the 101the city is Woodland Hills not Encino.

  17. ned says:

    shut up about mobile 9. i don’t care that mobile 9 is not breaking any traffic rules! i care about the car that is!

  18. dsp says:

    The director/producer of this segment should be fired. Does any idiot from the channel follow these boards. Who the heck wants to see over half the screen with a van shot of a van or a van shot of the HOV lane far far away from the action. I wish another station was covering this, maybe then it wouldn’t be moronic. Show the pursuit from the helicopter shot only you fools!

    1. Mark Panitz says:

      they made correction

  19. dsp says:

    Turn to Channel 5 – Better!

  20. P Miller says:

    So irritating! Mobile 9 is the worst idea ever!

  21. SLO Town Allyn says:

    Why is the primary story of the chase in a small box and their crew following in the big box? I really thinks someone has their priorities mixed up. I’m interested the the car being chased. NOT the KCAL 9 TV Truck view.

  22. ned says:

    we have looked at every channel…no option…i hope mobile 9 runs out of fuel first!

  23. ned says:

    we have changed to channel 5 – they have their own stoopid car too – DRIVE 5 – but at least it’s in the small screen. MOBILE 9 and KCAL – you’re fired!

  24. G.H. L. says:

    Hey.. Channel 5 is showing a full screen coverage from their helicopter..

  25. Russel The Love Mucle says:

    The dummy’s went back to mobile 9??? The news director needs to be canned! Why are we seeing mobile ( as a method od covering their buts against charges of illeagle pursuit?!?

  26. michael says:


  27. Slo Town Allyn says:

    I’m in San Luis Obispo and don’t get KTLA 5 until 10:00 PM!

  28. MM says:

    Quit showing the shots from the van. If you have to, show it in a smaller window. Is the chopper going to land for fuel? I need to know if I need to change the channel.

  29. GHL says:

    Well… it IS “camageddon” weekend. Maybe KCAL’s janitor has to cover for the new director. That would explain the news van coverage.

  30. Sandra Yip says:

    What kind of car is it??????????Lamborghini ? Farrari?

  31. g says:

    mobile shot is lame, your fired, going ch 5,
    5 is better coverage

  32. ned says:

    hey Kent, it’s not an “amazing piece of technology” to be able to broadcast a dead boring shot of a freeway nowhere near the action…it’s just LAME-O. at least you’ve put it as a smaller frame now, but put it behind the other one…or just kill it off and let that poor mobile 9 driver pull into a McDonald’sdrive-thru and enjoy his/her evening…they’re not doing anything but frustrating us and wasting fuel. meanwhile, channel 5 is showing us close ups into the window of the suspect’s car. you need to lift your game.

  33. andy says:

    Man!!! where are those unmanned drones when we need them? They can drop a nice H/E rocket right through the rear window of that car! That would stop the chase and be a good deterrent against future chases. HEHEHEHE!!!

  34. ned says:

    sandra, it’s a toyota. maybe the gas pedal is stuck.

    1. Sandra Yip says:

      Really? I hope he’s fine! Lol

  35. SLO Town Allyn says:


  36. Michael says:

    This is so much better than Harry potter! So glad I stayed in tonight with family!

    1. Sandra Yip says:

      Haha ya! U stayed with me! Lol

  37. Jay Byrd says:

    It’s a Toyota. Do you think they have enough banners around the screen (both channels)?

  38. LM says:

    THE worst coverage of a pursuit. Nobody cares about coverage from va. Just plain STUPID. Going to Channel 5.

  39. Margaret says:

    channel five is a lot better and has more info on what is happening and no dumb ass car view!!!
    you really now how to show a car chase
    kcal 9 really need some lessons on how to cover a chase

  40. am says:

    What kin of car is that?

    1. neish says:

      I want to know too!!! They should use the footage from this chase as advertisement…over 330 miles on 1 tank!!! AMAAAAZING!

  41. desertbob says:

    First, this is no drunk. This is a methhead. A drunk can’t stay in a lane like that, and the disregard for safety is more likely meth-related. Good odds that the perp is a parolee or probationer, as well.

    Second, KCBS/KCAL’s news staff SUCKS! To wit:

    “We’re on the 605, near WALNUT CREEK…”

    …duh…Walnut Creek’s up north of Oakland.

    “He’s taking a CIRKOOTUOUS route…”

    …duh…learn how to pronounce English!

    “Where are you now?” “Uh…let me look out the window…”

    …duh…several times.

    Why to they waste public bandwidth on useless tripe like this? George Nokoloff is hanging his head in shame!

    1. GHL says:

      Amen…. I’m glad someone else caught “cirkootuous”… made my skin crawl. Very funny… but sad too.

  42. Dennis Lambert says:

    the news folks providing commentery on this fiasco are hilarious. dumber than dirt! Sue & Stu & Whitnet, et al.

  43. Gew33 says:

    You are so right! Jettison rocket thru rear window!

  44. Ken Pasco says:

    I can’t fathom what these guys hope to accomplish by trying to run away. Oh, wait, he’s a third strike dumb azz! Nevermind!!!

  45. Tim says:

    “Amazing Technology” ??? A car following a van that is following the road that a pursuit is somehow “amazing,” Seems wasteful to me, and the drama talk makes me embarrassed. I hope this is not a newscaster that the whole country can watch. The picture of the road, that the van is driving, has to be one of the dumbest things I’ve seen.

    Amazing technology. LOL. That is now a standing joke in our crowd. Already, my friend noted that gravity is causing the sink to empty! Amazing technology!!!

  46. Karl says:

    Dude!!!!! That is a rocking volkswagen Passat. I’m watching on channel 5 and the camera view is awesome that is how I was ablemto identify it. And they keep talking about the gas mileage but the 4 cylinder mighty Passat gets about 35 even going 70+………… 9 sucks

  47. am says:

    What kind of cr is this? It must get 80 miles to the gallon???

  48. GHL says:

    If you can believe those airline pilots, the CHP ought to just blind the driver with a laser… that should end the pursuit.

  49. Karl says:

    Volkswagen Passat?????? Or Toyota Corrolla??????

  50. Charitie says:

    Channel 5 rocks!!! You have no bearings, you have no idea that a toyota can go 500 miles on one tank of gas. In this age you would thin that you guys could get some actual facts to report. Maybe you should take a couple guys off the 405 that is dead as a doornail due to you guys scaring everyone to death and forcing them off the road. Did we really think that there would be traffic. Wake up!!! I am imbarassed that you people report for our city!

  51. Jay Byrd says:

    Ch. 9 said it was a Toyota, figures. Also on Ch. 11 now, full screen. They are saying it’s a Hundai [sp?].

  52. am says:

    I’m going to have to get a passat…. these things never run out of gas!!!

  53. Tom woven says:

    That guy’s not drunk! I hope he beats the cops. We don’t need the LAPD STORMTROOPERS!

  54. Von de Kans says:

    I work for the Volkswagen headquarters in Munich germany and yes that’s the new 2012 Passat with the extended fuel cell. It gets about 215 miles to the gallon.

    1. Mark Panitz says:

      good ad for you

    2. Stevve says:

      oh, bull. more like 21.5 miles to the gallon.

  55. Sandra Yip says:

    Would CBS set this up for making profit?

  56. charitie says:

    seroiusly susan, you think they are doing amazing?!?!?! How in the world can you even think that!!!! They can’t even tell what region they are in let alone what city. These people need to figure out how to work a GPS, since they have the lame van shot following 10 miles behind. I do want them to stay safe though, for real….

  57. xavier says:

    too bad the news van didnt cause a wreck for chasing behind. i’d love to have heard their excuse for doing what they tell us not to do when we’re caught up on one of these types of chases.

  58. am says:

    USC med center off the 5 fwy?? Really?? Do they have no idea where these landmark locations are in So Cal?

  59. Jay Byrd says:

    215 miles per gallon???? Give me one of those!

  60. matthew loeza says:

    catch him

  61. Will Valentine says:

    My Wife and I saw the suspect and MANY police cars fly down Topanga Blvd. past VanOwen going at least 80mph around 8pm I’m guessing. Must have been 15+ units plus a 6pack of motorcycle officers! Nuts!

  62. mathew loeza says:

    make sure that the car runs out of gas

  63. AmazedViewer says:

    Well someone who is saying good bye to his freedom forever could be fininshing up his last drug binge, or maybehe will just pull over, lets hope no grandstand or suicide by police .

  64. Jay B. says:

    Go, Carmageddon Cruiser, go!

    1. B.B. Becaria says:

      Carmageddon Cruiser? LOL! Genius, Jay B. So sick of that helicopter dude using the word “sinister!” You’re a loser, Stu!

  65. Waste of Tax dollars says:

    Mexican or Black? Take your pick…

    1. Xavier says:

      If the car is a Passat, like some have mentioned, then it’s neither.

      On the other hand, 215 MPG! If it was true VW would be some 30 years ahead of the game. Recent Prius buyers would be pulling their hair by the handfulls, from the roots, for wasting their money on their pitiful 51/48 MPG

      1. Waste of Tax dollars says:

        Just read this..

        “Authorities initially tried to pull over the driver of the dark Hyundai sedan for reckless driving. …”

        Now that the cameras are off, I hope CHP beats the living hell out of him.

    2. DoubleStandard says:

      And if he’s white, what will be your defense?

      1. Sandra Yip says:

        i agree~~~what people are such racist

    3. "republican empire falls" says:

      i think it’s funny how women are cutting off white guys dic#s! i think there trying to say something?

  66. says:

    Maybe he doesn’t’t know somebody’s tailing him.

  67. Stu Mundel Sucks says:


  68. Margaret says:


    1. anna says:

      there was one before it started around bellflower and it ended in san diego – tijuana border.. that was crazy pursuit too!

  69. Rob says:

    You Suck, Stay with the story till the end

  70. Mary M. says:

    Why do they never do follow up stories on the end of the pursuit & why the driver ran?

  71. Person says:

    where can i watch this now that channel 5 has exited coverage?

  72. gotem says:

    They laid spike strips and gotem

  73. Sandra Yip says:

    When he gonna stop! I’m out of patient! I want the conclusion!!!

  74. gotem says:

    He is an alien that escaped from a govt compound. He was driving on zekzar an alien type fuel system

    1. secrets says:

      Your right what a conspiracy I first saw.the alien running from soliders and a black helicopter..theen I witnessed him car.jack some lady in I think was a hyundai. Then I.saw it on tv..Wow!!! What a trippy night it was

  75. Sandra Yip says:

    This car gives the greatest advertisement for Toyota ever!

  76. Kris says:

    that really sucked. three hours invested and I never saw the end.

    1. WhataWASTEofTIME says:

      I totally agree with Kris. What a WASTE of my Saturday night. You could have at least provided updates regarding the driver and passenger’s confirmed identity, etc. You kept us hanging on for 3 hours just to abruptly cease coverage with no updates, no nothing!!!!!!!!!!????? The NERVE of you to say you did a great job!! Really?! You suck and LA sucks. What a JOKE!

  77. Glad I don't live in LA says:

    Watching coverage w/my 12 yr old…had to crack up when the cheesy anchor man said something like “if this is too intense for you, you may want to leave the room.” HA HA are you serious? My 12 yr old started laughing and said “Mom, this is so rated G! What’s he talking about?!”

  78. Gus says:

    The car is a 06-09 Hyudai Sonata, i know because i own one and they get almost 400 miles per tank Hwy. Good car IMO

  79. E says:

    “Suspect Hit Just About Every Southland Freeway”

    How, exactly did the suspect hit “just about every southland freeway?” There’s about 130+ miles of freeways south of Los Angeles County.

    Orange County
    San Diego County

    Have you seen a map of San Diego? There’s a half-dozen freeways in that city alone.

    1. Desiree says:

      Yep… 78, 79, 74, 76, 56, 52, 8, 94, 163, 22, etc.

  80. REALIST says:

    BORING! He shoulda got on the 405 crashed into a f*cking pillar or something, not only made it interesting but also avoid more taxpayer money being thrown down the drain for this guy in jail!!!

  81. S.C says:

    2 hours into the chase the Newscasters kept saying “we have confirmation into the studio that the driver is going to refuse to stop” what a bunch of d bags

  82. Joseph says:

    I was disappointed when CH 5 stopped coverage before the chase ended. After refueling the chopper and rejoining the chase they told viewers they would provide coverage to the end, but then they stopped coverage well before the resolution with the spike strip, leaving viewers to wonder what happened.

    I too agree that the Mobile van video was absurd. It was too far from the pursuit to have any relevance. A waste of the TV station’s money and of viewers’ time.

  83. fvio says:

    i hate you, you ruined a good new

  84. Michael says:


    1. Kuuipo1995 says:

      Michael, they finally had to place spike strips to end the pursuit and it ended up in the grapevine. I knew they’d more less had to. It’s too bad, the television news crew helipcopters could not longer follow the pursuit as it was super dark up there and not only that, but there are some power lines that hangs pretty low so they couldn’t take the risk.

      1. Ckazv says:

        Why would low lines be a problem?

  85. Dj Jazzy Jefferson Airplane says:

    The commenting and assumptions by the news anchors and helicopter reporter were ridiculous. “The suspect is possibly drunk,driving recklessly,possibly the long lost member of the Manson family,weaving in and out of traffic. The suspect has someone in the car with him.We can only assume that the passenger is Malcolm Jamaal Warner of Cosby Show fame.”

  86. RZ says:

    TELL ME MORE! Why was he running? Who is he?

  87. Desiree says:

    Seriously! Do I really care to see a news van on the freeway “driving to” the event when you’ve got LIVE COVERAGE overhead? That was so lame! Even worse…. you followed the guy for over THREE HOURS and DID NOT REPORT the local news?!?!? Pull-eeze! Get the damn story and show the final segment on your late night news. I’ve got better things to do than watch a 3hour car chase… all I wanted was THE NEWS. If that’s the best you can come up with considering ALL that is going on IN THE WORLD… you should all be fired!

  88. anonymous says:

    Car is a hyundai sonata

  89. Alan Walsh says:

    If the news services wouldn’t give such fools extended TV coverage, then maybe they wouldn’t do what is obviously a blatant act seeking attention.

  90. Gleen Dayrl says:

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  91. Eric says:

    I liked watching the news van video as the chase was taking place. It was kind of a “here is what the chase looks like and here you see what is happening 20 miles away”. However I think for full coverage they should have news vans traveling in all directions and show it on a 5 split screen view. This takes news coverage to a whole new level. BTW Jackie Johnson is beautiful! And I have to say all kidding aside you did a great job by air on this chase.

  92. Mark Panitz says:

    well i kind of liked myself

  93. Nick says:

    The funniest thing of all of this? The commentators (all of them) who every other word kept saying “again” and “once again” (as in, “Again, we are watching, once again, a high speed pursuit that started, again, two hours ago.”). Take out those words and they would have been left almost without words.

    1. Kuuipo1995 says:

      Nick, that’s their way of letting the viewers know what’s going on and keeping them updated.

      1. Nick says:

        I realize and understand that, but using those words twice in a phrase, every other phrase, is just bad form for someone who is a professional.

  94. Mike says:

    My bet is that whoever was driving worked for the news stations. There was absolutely no news last night, and the only people on the road were news vans hoping to see jams from carmageddon – which didn’t happen – so they had nothing to report. Seriously, the news stations probably paid some fool to do this so that they would have SOMETHING to report.

  95. Kuuipo1995 says:

    I admire the officers efforts to end this pursuit once and for all. I don’t know what the hell this guy’s thinking, but he certainly didn’t prevail in getting away at all. He was obviously playing sick games with the officers in pursuit . But anyway, good team work always pays off. Good job officers.

  96. PLOVATO says:

    After 3 hours of potentially hurting innocent people and a lot of wasted taxpayer dollars, we should have at least seen the CHP shoot them!

  97. Veronica says:

    Coverage did suck even today’s report on this page sucks same thing one freeway to another wow just to end in he was caught in the grapevine just like that u suuuuuuuck

  98. Jim says:

    As for the freeways he missed…
    22, 55, 57, 71

  99. woonsocket says:

    getting tired yet of providinh free food and housing for monkeys who can’t handle civilization ???

  100. Barb Callan says:

    Who was he? Who was the woman? Why was he running? Did not get to see the end. At least tell us what was going on!!!

  101. Stevve says:

    The reporters said some really stupid things.

    Stu: “You have to remember that officers are police, too!”

    That was one of them.

  102. Arcadian Duran says:

    You people need lives, Sorry to say that but ya do.
    To be worried about how the coverage was made, WHO CARES! be happy to have any coverage at all. Go back to your beer bottle and suck it up!

  103. fdl says:

    does anyone know where i can find out who the guy was. sad to say i might know him. hes not answering his phone since last night. any help[ would be appreciated. thank you

  104. George says:

    I agree with some of these comments that the announcer seemed a little confused with his geography. At one point on the west-bound 10 in Montclair, he said that the next exit was Mills. There is no exit on Mills; there is one at Monte Vista next to Montclair Plaza. My other point is that the local stations never tell us who the driver is or what became of him after he was caught. My question is, who are these people? Nobody I know takes police on a chase. After all the “drama” of a chase, we end up with no information.

  105. Apple says:

    Kcal 9 Just as stupid as the guy driving the car. Gee Ma, lets get in the car and follow along???? WFT??? You should be ashamed of yourselves. Almost up there with Murdock. And, no breaking the law, what about following too close to the car ahead, did you forget that one??

  106. Colleen says:


    What crime did the police want to stop him for? What happened to the girl and him after the police stopped them? Was the girl doing with this guy? I wanted more info after watching this.

  107. tan says:

    what where their names?

  108. HooDatIS? says:

    these suspects need a lenghty jail sentence

  109. Elmer Ardon says:

    This guy could of went to vegas with that time and mileage he was doing. LITERALLY!!!!

  110. eddie sanchez says:

    Not a accurate report. It was the 15 frwy. not the 215 where the supect went through. And also when he went through the 210 freeway, it wasn’t in Rancho Cucamonga area but instead in Fontana.

  111. margy vines says:

    ALL YOU NEED TO STOP A HIGH SPEED CHASE IS 1 water dropping helicoper .. II have been saying just drop 2000 gals of water on the car and see how fast it all comes to a stop.

  112. jsh says:


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