BEVERLY HILLS (CBS) — The Beverly Hills Police Department has officially closed the Ronni Chasen murder case.

In a press released sent out Friday, the Beverly Hills Police Department concluded that Chasen, who was killed in her car after leaving the premiere of “Burlesque,”was not the victim of a professional hit.”

Sources confirm to CBS 2’s Dave Lopez that the Hollywood publicist was shot with a gun that had been stolen from a police officer during a robbery in the San Fernando Valley.

Harold Smith, the ex-convict accused of killing her, committed suicide two weeks after her death.  Police say the gun used to kill Chasen was the same weapon Smith used to commit suicide.

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  1. The Mad Man says:

    So when do we get the facts in this case? Amazing how the ‘entertainment industry’ can stir up a story that we don’t have facts on. Let’s hear more about this from the district attorney…oh never mind, that is the entertainment industry!

  2. diosdado1001 says:

    She is long gone, eaten by worms, and forgotten. We have other probles to solve everyday. She was not killed for nothing, she must have done something bad enough to finish this way.

  3. Stan says:

    Why are they quickly closing this case? There are numerous holes in it. And how does a gun belonging to a police officer end up “stolen”?

    1. Susan says:

      UM….their home gets burlarized, their trunks in their cars are ripped open. HELLO…I have known a few cops who had their guns stolen. Even if they have them in gun safes. these also can be unbolted from concrete floors and closets. Are you really this…….dumb? I also knew a cop who had two of his guns stolen. Why? He left them both sitting in a gym bag in the back seat of his UNLOCKED car…Yep…he was dumb also. He took 3 days suspension over this.

      1. real life keystone says:

        with pay ?

  4. jet says:

    Sounds completely fishy too me a cop loses his gun…a loser psycho kills her…then commits suicide….yeah right…sounds pretty hard to believe…sounds manufactured to me

    1. Deb says:

      And it might be..haha

  5. Really says:

    So how did the cop lose the gun in a robbery? Was he robbed at gunpoint? Or, did he drop his weapon? It seems like the LAPD is only giving limited information on how the criminal got his hands on a police firearm….hmmmm

  6. scottlandswan says:

    Very convenient that he got his gun stolen. Media and original police reports said “it looks like a professional hit”- now they back peddle. Police raid the flophouse where gunman commits suicide by a police officers gun. The same gun. Was the same cop present at both incidents?

  7. mike says:

    Are all of you people really this stupid???????? the officers home was burglarized….Don’t you people read before you make your baseless comments? All of you morons must be card carrying ACLU members, because you people are STUPID!

    1. Really says:

      Are you STUPID? Based on the article, the words used was that the gun was stolen in a “robbery” which is very different from a “burglary”. Not to mention, the piece stated nothing about the police officer’s home being broken into. These people are basing opinions on the information given. That fact that it’s an officer’s gun (whether dept. issued or personal) that ended up in the hands of a criminal is very suspicious based on the facts the LAPD gave. You on the other hand are doing it based on information not given. So once again, who’s stupid? Why don’t read first.

    2. Really says:

      I meant why don’t you read first. It’s funny to see an idiot calling everyone else an idiot.

  8. swelike says:

    Actually, card carry ACLU members are probably far smarter than a card carrying NRA member, or cop for that matter.

    Question: was the gun reported stolen immediately? When was it stolen? Did the cop have any connection with the victim or associate of the victim? Was the cop involved with any part of the investigation.

    Something just doesn’t smell right with all this. Not to say that the cops are involved with the crime, but they do like to wrap things up, sometimes prematurely.

  9. "republican empire falls" says:

    the cop hired harold to wack that lady case closed!!!

  10. Rick H says:

    So here’s what we’re expected to believe: Some poor fool rides his bicycle 10 miles at night for the sole purpose of killing a woman, not stealing her car or money, he fires a single bullet at point blank range into her temple, he then rides his bicycle home and goes to bed. The cops confront him and kill him, he is unarmed, no wait, they find a gun, well what do you know, the gun belongs to a cop, will wonders never cease? I wonder how that got there? Oh, this woman made serious enemies of a powerful Russian film maker / mafia member who threatened her life…

    Don’t forget that she was killed with hollow point bullets, the police initially said that the suspect fired from an SUV. The “suspect” was “reported” to America’s Most Wanted after boasting about killing her and stealing $10,000. Remember no money was in fact stolen…

    But this was not a professional hit. OK, since the details of the”investigation” into this matter are secret and will never be released to the public, we’ll just have to take their word for it.

    Just another day in Los Angeles…

  11. KC says:

    If several of you were to actually read the story, you would note that it did not specify which department the officer whose gun was stolen works for. Also, the incident occurred in BEVERLY HILLS. Separate city, separate jurisdiction from the LAPD.

    1. Jon Bravo says:

      Thank God you’re on the case, so you can explain everything away, and tell us how the police are angels. Keeping sticking your head in the sand.

  12. SandiA says:

    I smell a cover up!

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