GARDEN GROVE (CBS) — The Garden Grove man whose genitals were mutilated with a kitchen knife has been released from the hospital.

The man was released from the hospital Thursday after undergoing surgery after Monday night’s attack.

His estranged wife, Catherine Kieu Becker, is accused of cutting off his penis and putting it in the garbage disposal. She has been charged with torture and aggravated mayhem.

Investigators say she was angry because he allowed guests to stay at their condo. He filed for divorce several months ago, but allowed her to continue living there.

If convicted, Becker faces life in prison.

Comments (3)
  1. uFools says:

    The garbase disposal? Not funny at all.

  2. Beverly Hills says:

    How sad the weorld has become

  3. Maytag says:

    What a whirrrrrrrrrrrrrld.

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