Fullerton Pot Dispensary Shut Down By Officials

FULLERTON (CBS) — Officials shut down a medical marijuana dispensary in Fullerton on Friday after receiving numerous complaints.

The Green Parrot dispensary was about 300-feet from Raymond Elementary School, Fullerton police Sgt. Andrew Goodrich said.

An investigation began in May and the business was partially shut down July 7.

The owner, 21-year-old Derek Gonzalaez, was cited for operating without a permit, not having a business license, and operating 600-feet from a school, Goodrich said.

Medical marijuana dispensaries are illegal in Fullerton as they have not been zoned by city officials.

  • Ro Diaz

    Folks, just drive to LA ~ There’s enough weed here to choke a moose ~ ! !

  • Bryan Conover

    I got busted and found a “420” Attorney by the name of Valerie S. Lopez…She’s a great lawyer that is fluent in medical marijuana law…She worked with attorney Bruce Margolin for 5 years and recently started her own law firm.

    Her website is VSLassociates.com

    Derek Gonzalaez might think about looking her up.

    • Jeffrey

      Stop trying to sell people on a law firm. I’ve never heard of that lawyer, and I’m heavily involved in medical marijuana litigation. You’re pathetic.

  • alan hart

    My first question is, How many liquor stores are near grammar schools in Fullerton? The second question is, Why doesn’t the city council of Fullerton realize why we passed the law and stop trying to find ways to not apply it for their people.

  • Shiggity

    this clown deserved to be shutdown. He was nowhere near doing it the right way. 21 he must of been someone’s puppet

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