Court Docs: Frank McCourt Paid Over $5M In Mortgages In Spousal Support

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Los Angeles Dodgers owner Frank McCourt wants a judge to reduce the amount of spousal support he’s paying to his ex-wife in their divorce battle over ownership of the team.

In court documents filed Friday, McCourt says he has paid more than $5 million to pay the mortgages of six homes and a condominium over the last year as well as $2.7 million in temporary spousal support to Jamie McCourt.

McCourt says he can no longer support his former wife’s lifestyle.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Scott Gordon last May ordered McCourt to pay $225,000 a month in spousal support and more than $400,000 a month to maintain the homes.

Major League Baseball assumed control of the club’s day-to-day operations in April and McCourt recently filed for bankruptcy protection.

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  • el

    6 homes? do people really need 6 homes…most people can’t even afford 1…geez these pigs deserve to be homeless

  • steve b

    She gets $10,000 a month just for hair care. It looks like she hasn’t been spending any of it.

  • Marco

    No longer can support his wife’s lifestyle ?!?!?

    So he now knows what its like to be a Dodger fan inside Dodger stadium.

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