STUDIO CITY (CBS) — Ray White of the Veggie Grill cooked up a vegan lunch on the KCAL 9 set Tuesday afternoon.

The Veggie Grill is a local chain with seven locations in the Los Angeles-Orange County area.

For more on the Veggie Grill, visit them online.

Comments (3)
  1. CE says:

    someone should tell lisa sigell she needs to work on her tv laugh. there’s no sincerity so it sounds annoying.

  2. Jeanette Natoli says:

    I love The Veggie Grill! One of my favorite places. I’m so glad you featured it on your broadcast. Good for your body, the environment, the animals and shockingly delicious! Omnivore tested and vegan approved. ^_^

  3. Frances Bieda says:

    One of the best vegan restaurants I have ever tried! I only wish they would open a restaurant in North Orange County, such as Brea. I live in Whittier and my area definately lacks in vegan or vegetarian restaurants, or even restaurants that offer some healthy yet tasty alternatives.

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