LONG BEACH (CBS) — California State University has approved another 12 percent increase in tuition this fall to offset a deeper-than-expected cut in state funding.

The CSU Board of Trustees on Tuesday approved the tuition hike of nearly $600 a year. It came on top of a previously approved 10 percent increase for the 23-campus system.

Cal State Chancellor Charles Reed Chats With KNX 1070

One third of the new revenue will be set aside for financial aid.

Annual tuition for in-state undergraduates for 2011-2012 will increase to $5,472, which doesn’t include room, board or campus fees.

Annual tuition would increase $678 for credential program students and $720 for graduate students.

The hike will be added to a previously approved 10 percent increase for the 23-campus Cal State system. Annual tuition will now cost $5,472 for in-state undergraduates.

Dozens of students rallied outside of the board meeting Tuesday.

The new state budget reduces CSU funding by $650 million, or more than 20 percent.

Comments (32)
  1. Karen says:

    Since I paid for my college education and am still paying off the loans like so many of my peers, I have ZERO issues with California college students picking up the cost. You have to realize that the tuition in CA is artificially low because the state depended on taxes to support the universities. For example, the $18 it cost in CA for a credit hour at community college compares to $80 per credit in NY State at a community college. Increasing tuition by 22% would not even bring it close to $80. Take out student loans college students. But don’t attend an ivy league school if you can’t afford it. The education will be worth more money in your paycheck eventually.

    1. me says:

      Karen, try again with the $18 thing. It’s $36 now. But I agree with you.

    2. Really! says:

      CSU stands for Cal State University and not Community College. If you only finished junior college, you really shouldn’t open your mouth!

      1. Karen says:

        I have a masters degree from a prestigious east coast university which I attended on a full scholarship. In fact, a professor from my school is on KNX1070 right now talking about the Brady Bunch creator.

        Thanks for the clarification about $36 for a credit hour. To let the students know, as of 2004, they can borrow US$5,000 per academic year from the federal government. I just forwarded into to my nephew because the interest rate for federally backed loans is about 3.+%.

        Get a loan and be quiet. I am tired of paying the college education for kids I did not have.

      2. Karen says:

        mea culpa. The loans are backed by the federal government but granted by banks.

    3. Len says:

      Please see my comment I just posted…

    4. Christine says:

      I go to a community college and it is not $18 anymore, it hasn’t been for quite sometime now, our costs are getting near $80 a credit and I was at Cal State Long Beach until I could not afford it, they wouldn’t grant me financial aid because my mom makes too much money. None of which was granted for my education, now I am stuck at a community college until the state recognizes me as an independent to myself and I can be granted financial aid.

  2. 1900innoho says:

    Students should pay more for their tuition. When I went to college, my tuition went up by over 300% in four years. I do not understand why they are crying and yelling so much. Also, college IS NOT for everybody! And, it is not an entitlement. It is a privilege for the intelligent and hard-working.

    1. Len says:

      Please see the comment I posted…

    2. CA resident says:

      I agree with 1900…… I was an out of state student when I moved to CA and couldn’t believe how cheap it was for in state students. You have no idea what other states “in state” tuition is. Even with the hikes it’s a great deal. We’re blessed in so many ways to live in CA. We’re in tough times – something’s got to give. We need to quite crying.

  3. Duh! says:

    Maybe the students will have learned to not vote Democrats into the state legislature. It doesn’t look to be possible to get the Dems to quit their frivolous spending and use that money for education.

    Arnold increased money for education, but the Dems wouldn’t stop spending more than the state took in, so they had to pull back some of that money that was earmarked for education.

  4. TIM says:

    Tell them you are an illegal immigrant and the state will give you free schooling. In fact CAL STATE will remove a citizen from a classroom to put an illegal alien in that seat.

    I am looking into denouncing my citizenship so I can retire with free schooling, medical insurance, free housing, free food stamps and money in my pocket. If I say I just got here from Mexico the state will shower me with free money.

    1. Matt says:

      Please do this, America is ashamed of you as a citizen.

      1. TIM says:

        i am ashamed of this country. Corrupt unions, illegals from Mexico running the state of California.

        If you can’t beat the then join them. I denounce my citizenship. I now consider myself an illegal from Mexico. My next step is to have as many kids as I can and expect the state to pay for them.

    2. upyours says:

      If you’re so ashamed get the f**k out of here, pu$$y loser.

      1. TIM says:

        Gladly, I am not paying one more cent to overpaid union workers and illegals from Mexico. You people can all die here in you smelting pot.

    3. casejoker says:

      viva mexico!

  5. upyours says:

    Obviously, few of you know the original master plan for education A$$brain Brown’s father put into action, but since this is a generation that promoted “Jersey Shore” and the likes, it’s too f**king stupid to waste an education on anyway.

  6. Len says:

    I attended a CSU school as an undergrad and graduate student. During the time, I worked full-time, paid my own tuition, and met fellow classmates who were doing the same. We were among the “working class” who were attending college to better ourselves and give back to society. The reason I attended a CSU school is that it was the only educational system that I could afford. I have been a public school teacher for the past 13 years, a National Board Certified Teacher for 7 years, and am grateful for the opportunity to be able to attend college and serve the children that I have taught. Although I am financially struggling and had my pay cut, I would not want to be in any other profession. This coupled with the fact that I am going through a divorce from a man who loss my house and savings plus now have to pay mounting debt due to his financial abuse, I am fearful of possibly losing my job in the future; many of my fellow teachers have already received pink slips and as a result, I have decided to return to the CSU system to obtain a second teaching credential for job security and to continue servicing students in the public school system. My point is that those individuals who have made previous comments on this blog (as well as those who will after mine is posted) about those of us who attend or have attended a CSU and why we are upset about the fee hikes, understand why we are hurting and show some empathy-we are not “freeloaders” but people who are going to college so we can contribute to society. Some students are in the mists of completing thier coursework and are now worried as to how they are going to pay to complete it. Yes, it was mentioned that college is not for everyone, but if you want to be a teacher in California, you must have a degree and hold a credential. The only way to obtain the two is to go to college. The next time you want to verbally attack the people who are hurting from this, take a moment to see it from their perspective and the goal that they are trying to accomplish to better themselves. Or better yet, why not address the Board of Trustees who made the decision and ask why they did not take such a drastic paycut as I did as a teacher. Instead of going home to a comfortable home and lifestyle like them, I’m rolling with the punches and making sense of why my pay was cut in order to balance the school district’s budget.Maybe they should do the same. Now I am trying to figure out how I am going to pay for the second credential that may save my job.

    1. Karen says:

      Len – Guess what? If students pay more tuition, then you can get paid? Understand?

      You need to look at this from a cost/benefit analysis. You need a credential to be paid a certain amount of money.

      BORROW IT and then when you get paid more because you have the higher credential, you can pay the loan?

      See how easy that was? I DO NOT AGREE TO ANY MORE TAXES and something has to give.

      CA tuition is so low that it would have been cheaper for my out of state nephew to attend school here in CA at the out of state tuition than it would have been for him to attend school in his state at his in state tuition.

      I worked full-time at a bank for a couple of years I finished a four year degree in 9 semesters instead of 8.

      1. Len says:

        Unfortunately Karen, it doesn’t quite work that way. There is a pay raise freeze in my district and I have already maxed out on my salary, but due to the financial nightmare that my ex left behind, I am broke because believe it or not, I am trying to do the right thing and pay the debt he created because it’s the right thing to do and CA divorce laws hold me responsible. As a result of what he did, my almost 800 credit scort went down dramatically. So, even if I get another credential, I will not make any more money. I’m doing it for job security in the event we have another massive layoff.

        I can tell from your tone that you are extremely frustrated as I am also. I do not have any kids myself. I don’t like to pay for a lot of things that are required by the state and have a LONG list of things that can be cut, but I don’t believe in kicking those who are already struggling any further down to get my point across; unlike some people, I am not bitter.

        The other thing is although I recognize that changes can be made in how spending occurs at all levels, I do not automatically take what the media or those who are in power tell me as the whole truth…I am sure that they can make some changes to how they get paid to help offset the financial disaster that we are facing. Those who feed into and believe what they hear without thinking outside the box are the ones they (people in power) are targeting because these people turn upon their peers and point fingers to blame each other as to why things are so bad; to clarify, if we are doing it to each other, it takes our focus off of them and they continue with business as usual. Bottom line, you are not going to agree with me and I am not going to agree with you, but I think that we both can benefit by voicing our opinions to the right people in a constructive manner and start having some of these “higher ups” take responsibility by waking the walk that they want us to take.

        Oh, and by the way, I worked 60 hour weeks (2 jobs) and took 18 units a semester when I was an undergrad. I’m not saying this to toot my own horn, but just because you mentioned your experience and I thought that it was only fair that I do the same:)

        I am glad that tuition is lower in CA because after the amount I paid in state taxes this year, I am HAPPY to see some of it go to those who need it in the Cal State system and am glad to give back .

      2. upyours says:

        How does a student paying more tuition benefit Len? And, you’re so cavalier about being in debt why didn’t you take out more loans, go to school and graduate in 7 maybe 6 semesters instead of needing an extra one? It’s obvious that being educated on the East Coast you have no idea of California and what the present A$$brain Brown did to education his first go around. 3% interest, since when? And, not everyone qualifies for a Federal Student Loan. Was a time in California one could pick the right vocational program at a community college and buy a house a year after graduating. A master’s with full scholarship and you’re still paying off loans? That education is really working for you.

  7. Len says:

    upyours, I think you are getting Karen and me mixed up…I went to school in California and Karen went on the East Coast-I didn’t take out any loans or had scholarships…my debt stemmed from my ex’s bills during our marriage years later

    1. upyours says:

      Len, if you could follow the line of thought, I replied to Karen (there is no comma before your name in my opening sentence) but I have no sympathy for you either. You have a dumba$$ attitude that you have no reason to whine about. You talk of your “ex” and the debts he rang up. Since there is no sanctity of marriage then why the dumb$hit take on “doing the right thing” that I read as pertaining to the debt. You chose your option so shut up and live with it.

      1. Len says:

        Upyours, I’m sorry that you feel that way. I don’t think that I am whinning. Actually, I think that I am doing the right thing by “living with it” and not walking away from the debt that my name is connected to as so many people have done; thus, contributing to the current economic situation. With that being said, I have noticed that little people tend to hide behind big words that they send via the Internet. I am a person who have found that sometimes speaking in person and expressing viewpoints is more effective, so I would like to invite you to sit with me and convey your thoughts about my opinion over a cup of coffee- my treat. You can choose the place and date, but please choose one after July 19 when I will be back in town. You have nothing to worry about joining me for a cup of coffee and a discussion because I promise that I will not harass you verbally the same way you have chosen to do in your comments to me and others on this topic:)

  8. Diana says:

    The best solution is to lower the tution for the California born students. Then cancel the student visas for the Chinese born students. Then deport them back to China. That would free up a lot of seats in both the UC and CSU system. That would make overcrowding in classrooms a thing of the past. There would be better opportunities for the students both academically and financially. Then the US government would have money instead of stupidly giving it away to the foreign born Chinese students througth grants and loans. That was a dumb thing to do the the first place. Also, there would be more jobs created in the USA.

    1. Elizabeth says:

      The international student program I worked for kept the school going by charging foreign students several times more.
      It’s the foreign students’ money that’s paying for everyone else.

      1. Diana says:

        It is the Chinese foreign born students that tell the white California born students that they have more right being here than the California born students. Also, the Chinese bron students say they will blackball white California born students from joining any National Panhellenic Council Sororities because in their opiinion the white Caifornia born students are not entitled to participate in any activites. Also, there is no fooball at most of the CSU system colleges. Because it does not cater to the Chinese born students. Also at Cal Poly Pomona the Asian Sororitiy rushes before the National Panhellenic Council Sororties. Why does the CSU system hate white students? Because we are born here!

    2. Elizabeth says:

      We were discussing funds.But once you started going on about Sororities and football.You need to grind that axe somewhere else.
      What I saw was Asian kids bleaching their hair and blending in.Hating Whites?I did not see that.

      “they will blackball white California born students from joining any National Panhellenic Council Sororities because in their opiinion the white Caifornia born students are not entitled to participate in any activites.” Really?
      “because in their opiinion the white Caifornia born students are not entitled to participate in any activites.” Really?
      In my experience,Life is pretty easy.I’m welcomed everywhere.
      Football had traditionally never been welcomed in certain sectors of American society.Maybe those Chinese kids are emulating those they looked up to.It might just be your part of daily American life isn’t what those foreign born kids want because they seen how other sectors of American live.And that’s what they want for themselves if they can get it.Which you obviously isn’t part of and had not been part of.That part of America.You and family’s place is already set in this society but they are just starting out.
      I have spend too much time on this.

    3. upyours says:

      Your head is so far up your a$$ you have sh!t for brains, dumbfu¢k

  9. upyours says:

    Len, apparently there is something in my desired post that isn’t allowed so I’ll abridge. You’re a dumbfu¢k and given your whining it is puzzling how you find money to travel, moron. So you pick the time and place when you return, dumba$$. If there are any big words you can’t comprehend let me know dipsh!t. And, while your at it, do tell me how I harassed others especially the the “pu$$y loser” ashamed of this country.

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