SACRAMENTO, Calif. (CBS/AP) — Former California Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez has angered the parents of a 22-year-old college student who was stabbed to death, after Nunez said his son’s manslaughter sentence in the case was politically motivated.

The parents of the slain student are suing the state and former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. They claim he violated state law when he failed to notify them that he was reducing Esteban Nunez’s 16-year manslaughter sentence to seven years just hours before leaving office last year.

Outside the first court hearing in the case Tuesday, Fabian Nunez said his son received a tougher sentence because of his father’s political career and the district attorney’s ambitions for higher office.

KNX 1070’s Ron Kilgore Reports

Fred Santos says it was Nunez who politicized the case by asking the former governor for a political favor.

The Santos’ were seeking to reverse former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s order to shorten the sentence of Esteban Nunez.

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Comments (14)
  1. Fed Up says:

    I hope that Schwarzennegar and Nunez don’t get away with this corruption.

  2. SandiA says:

    And I hope they succeed

  3. Todd says:

    No, Mr. Nunez, you self-righteous, illegal-alien supporting, parent of a gang thug. Your son was sentenced because he was directly involved in the murder of someone. All you can think about is yourself while this family grieves. You are a piece of work.

    1. Ron says:

      Todd, you are absolutely correct. He is so used to bending the rules and getting special treatment, that he feels that his son should too, even when it comes to murdering another person. This is why his son is this way, because of his father’s lack of responsible parenting and his sense of entitlement.

      I hope the Santos family succeeds.

      1. Jim says:

        Double Dittos! Fabian Nunez is a self-serving, egotistical, SOB. His son got what he deserved for the evil crime he committed and for these two politicians to corrupt the system with their backroom deals is a scandal. This was all Fabian could do once he realized he didn’t have the political clout he thought he had to get the original trial swept under the rug. And Schwarzenegger knew what he was doing was WRONG – otherwise he would have done it in the light of day right after the trial.

  4. rob says:

    Another reason why we didnt need to have this dumb Swiss in office, smoking weed, cheating on his hot wife with some woman that looks like a man, what next… i bet he explodes from all of the roids he is doing.

    1. Dan Quail says:

      And “Crackers” are selling Americas Jobs & Future to the Chinese…I think that is what will turn America into a”2 nd World Country”

  5. Now Jerry Brown says:

    Nunez and his punk murdering son are what this state has degenerated into.
    He falied as a politician and as a father. Self-righteous arrogant responsibility-evading lowlife.

  6. disgusted says:

    I wish the family the best, and deepest sympathy for the loss of their irreplacable son. Any deal that was made for a friend “hours before leaving office”, sounds SHADY AS HELL !! Sounds like another bad decision by Schwarzennegar. Also, having a baby w/ the housekeeper while your wife is pregnant, dosen’t make him look too good either.

  7. Sara says:

    A latino killed.
    Good Job.Thumbs Up.

  8. upyours says:

    Illegal or not, the f##king be@ners ruined California.

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