LOS ANGELES (CBS) — The contractor doing the demolition work on the 405 Freeway this weekend, dubbed “carmageddon” for the inevitable havoc the shutdown will create, could face heavy fines if the highway doesn’t reopen on time.

» 405 Closure Information

L.A.’s most traveled highway is slated to be closed for 53 hours. Any longer and the Kiewit International could be charged $72,000 for each additional hour residents are inconvenienced.

Kiewit has ordered the closure as they demolish part of the Mulholland Bridge spanning the freeway near the Skirball Cultural Center.

The demolition is being carried out as part of a $1.2 billion widening project to add carpool lanes to the 405 Freeway in the Sepulveda Pass.

» Roads To Avoid

Beginning Friday night, the northbound freeway will be closed for 10 miles between the Ventura (101) and Santa Monica (10) freeways. The southbound freeway will be closed from the 101 Freeway to Skirball Center Drive. The freeway and all ramps are expected to be reopened to traffic by 6 a.m. Monday.

Kiewit will be fined $6,000 for every 10 minutes each side of the highway remains closed after 6 a.m. Monday.

“We based that on the cost of delay,” Caltrans 7th District Director Mike Miles said. “For every minute of delay, we figure there is a cost to the public.”

The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority, the agency coordinating the 405 closure project, is considering a monetary incentive for Kiewit to finish the project ahead of schedule, but has not set a final figure.

Local officials have been warning motorists for weeks about the impending closure — urging people to avoid driving through the area. Roughly 500,000 vehicles travel on the freeway through the Sepulveda Pass on Saturdays and Sundays, and re-routing that traffic is expected to have reverberating impacts on streets and freeways throughout the region.

» COMPLETE COVERAGE: 405 Closure Information

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Comments (19)
  1. Jennifer says:

    Typical overly delicate Americans. Stop whining about everything. I take the 405 every morning and I couldn’t care less if they close it for a month. There are plenty of detours one can take all the way from the valley to LAX. Not Sepulveda….that jams up with idiots thinking its their only option.

    1. droidly says:

      whatever backward country you’re from probably doesn’t have a freeway that services half a million people a day.

    2. wood says:

      droidly is one those idiots!

  2. moe says:

    Bev Glen used to get backed up even when the 405 was open when i used to travel from the valley to century city 20 years ago – i can’t imagine what it must be like now on a commute. and with the 405 closed? yikes!

  3. Not a Moron says:

    Sorry, Gary, but your numerous typos make you the idiot of this forum. Please avoid the Bartles & Jaymes wine coolers before posting here, and open your dictionary. Jennifer Try is not a proper noun, and PLEASE GIVE YOUR CAPS KEY a well-deserved respite. Ugh.

    1. Not a Moron IS a Moron says:

      @ Not a Moron – It’s very infantile of you to school someone on their grammar and punctuation when you yourself need as much education on the subject as you claim GARY does. Re-read your comment again and try to figure out with your tiny brain what needs fixing. People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones….

      1. gman says:

        That’s cute that you’re arguing with someone over the computer. You’re both probably those people that would never say anything in real life, but become a grade-A tough from behind a keyboard.

  4. Jose Bautista says:

    Thanks god I live in Santa Ana. And never drive that direction can barely take the the 55 traffic. Good luck to all those people driving though that area!!!

    1. Anthony says:

      “Thanks god”???

  5. Keith Lee says:

    A fine to an independent contractor for ‘possible’ delay. WOW…and CalTrans(gov’t workers) have been a colossal F-up for the better part of the last century!! Really? If we left it to CalTran they wouldn’t even come close to finishing the project until 2020!

  6. Shayk says:

    You nailed it, Keith. So sad and so true.

  7. James says:

    I got 2 words for ya people, STAY HOME!

  8. Just a Thought says:

    I’m just confused with this new math they are using. Since when is $6,000 times 6 equal to $72,000. Hmmmmm, very curious indeed.

    1. TT says:

      seems a little excessive – and your right “just a thought ” there are 6 ten minute increments in an hour 6 x 6,000 = 36,000 …. 72 would be double….

      1. DD says:

        its 6,000 EACH WAY on the freeway. so 6k for north and 6k for south.


        check em out

  9. me says:

    “For every minute of delay, we figure there is a cost to the public.” How many people will see any of this money? The people that end up late for work on Monday, or not able to get there at all?
    And for you morons who are telling people to stay home, there are many out there that CANT stay home. Who pays for the roads that we use? WE DO. For someone to tell us that we can’t use them or to stop whining when we can’t, that is wrong. The money for these roads comes out of our pockets, the taxpayers. Every time we put a gallon of gas in our cars, we are paying for these roads. So QUIT telling people not to use what they have already paid for.

  10. DD says:

    i found some cool car-mageddon gear at this store. They have new ones every day!


    check em out

  11. Robert McCloskey says:

    The Contractor, Peter Kiewit Sons Co., LIVES for jobs like this, the Normandy Invasion was not as well planned as they are on this work, would not be surprised if they finish early.

  12. Demolition Contractor in Los Angeles says:

    Thanks for writing on the demolition contractor industry. I have been working in the same for several years and love to ready fresh and latest stuff on the same.

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