STUDIO CITY (CBS) — Author Catherine Graves stopped by the KCAL 9 studios Monday.

Graves’ new book, “Checking Out: An In-Depth Look At Losing Your Mind,” is a first-hand account of her life as a caretaker to her husband who suffered from cancer.

Book Signing

Tuesday, July 12, 6:30 – 8 p.m.
Calypso on Sunset
8635 West Sunset Blvd.
West Hollywood

For more on Graves, visit her website.

Comments (2)
  1. C. Villarosa says:

    I can feel with Mrs. Graves from the patient’s point of view after having been diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2008. I have no husband but it was my best friend who managed to determine something was wrong with me and had my brothers bring me to a hospital. I was lucky that a cousin is a neurologist and had given me an MRI. thats when they discovered the tumor right in the middle of the brain. I had no headaches but I also did not have memory of that 1 week in 2008, although I was walking and talking as they said. I have had an open brain surgery and chemo for one year since then and is blessed to be in remission at the moment. I would like to share this experience with others as I know it is not easy to handle such situations. I also take my hat off to caregivers as they are given the emotional and physical burden of taking care of the patients. As I told friends, I thank God for the gift of life, the gift of family and the gift of friends.

  2. Joe Momma says:

    interesting how her first thougth was her husband was cheating on her. In my experience (2 ex wives) women who think this are typically cheating themselves and projecting their guilt onto their partners.

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