(CBS) — “We have a fever here, we have to get a resolution to get the [Dodgers] healthy again,” super-agent Scott Boras told CBS2’s Jim Hill.

The financial troubles of the Los Angeles Dodgers have changed the perception of the storied franchise not just by the fans, but by players from around the league, ” Dodger ownership has never had financial limitations, other than those limitations seen by the top-five franchises in baseball; They have revenue wise always been one of the most successful franchises,  but players view that status as changed.”

Watch Hill’s interview as he asks Boras if he would steer his clients away from the Dodgers, given the current status of the franchise.

(This interview was taped before Francisco Rodriguez signed with Boras)

Comments (4)
  1. Tommy Gunn says:

    He shouldn’t be allowed in the stadium anyway

  2. MLB_Fan says:

    $15 dollars for general parking is very painfull aswell..

  3. Hollywood Dodger Mark says:

    I park on the street . Whats the big deal. Walk it in. Dodgers are fifth in total attendance for all of Major League Baseball. Don’t believe the hype. On pace for 3.5 million fans!

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