Man Arrested As Police Probe Baby’s Suspicious Death

SANTA ANA (CBS) — Police Sunday arrested a 25-year-old man on suspicion of inflicting injuries on an 18-month-old girl that caused her death.

Santa Ana police Cmdr. Steve Colon says Juan Carlos Aguilar of Santa Ana has been booked at the Santa Ana jail.

According to Colon, police received a call about noon Saturday from Coastal Community Hospital regarding the suspicious death of the girl. She was unconscious and not breathing when she was brought in.

“Medical staff saw the suspicious injuries and called the police department,” Colon added. “Staff saw fractured ribs, retinal hemorrhaging and bruises throughout the body.”

It was unclear whether bail for Aguilar had been set.

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  • new racist

    Please help me, racists. So I get the baby killer us illegal, burt isn’t officer Colon illegal too?



  • Tina

    Such a heart breaking story! I hope this child gets justice. Ignore the racist comments I think it’s sick a child was killed and people say things about race to get a response out of it…Sick :(

  • JebBush_BMWLover

    New racist, you confuse anomalous behavior of whites with ordinary behavior of Hispanics.

    Nice try, however.

    Better luck next time.

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  • Get Educated

    What??? How does an 18 month old baby “disrespect” a grown man!! That’s chicken poop!!!

    • Pedro

      “Get Educated”….I think he was being sarcastic, mocking the tendencies of the ignorant Mexican male and the machismo they are notorious for. And right he is…..

  • TheDagoStud

    Kid should have owned a hand gun. This case is a text book example of why kids should be legally allowed to own firearms.

  • marilyn g. stuart

    so he kills the lil girl, how sad! i hope they hang your ignorant friend by the balls!child killer!!!!!

  • Tony

    At least he only killed a hispanic,and that’s fine.

    • Roro

      I know you wanted people to get riled up about your comment, but I only feel sad.

    • H

      Fine? That’s GREATTT.

  • 1stMan

    Typical illegals! 1 less anchor baby to support but one more illegal to support in jail. lose/lose situation

    • Saber 1

      Good one Three Bears.

  • dan

    A single .45 cal. in his left ear, then It’s case CLOSED.

  • Jose Schmoso Richardo Juando

    Me no spikka inglish!

  • Bob

    What the hell were the mother and sister doing when the little girl was being beaten? Did the mother do the beating and blame it on boy friend?

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