LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Stylish… elegant… creative yet thrifty. Those are just a few words you’ll find on the web to describe the Duchess of Cambridge’s fashion choices during her stay in Canada.

And now that the Royals are here in Los Angeles, what will the Princess Catherine wear for her whirlwind weekend?

“You know, I think she’s gonna stay classic Catherine Middleton,” Los Angeles style expert Keylee Sanders said. “There’s been all this speculation… ‘is she gonna try to be more LA, is she gonna try to wear more LA designers’ and really, I think she’s gonna be who she is.”

kate middleton Style Expert Weighs In On Duchess Fashion Choices

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According to Sanders, the Duchess of Cambridge continues to set fashion trends.

“She buys those dresses that for the most part, are accessible to everyone. She buys from mainstream stores, she doesn’t use a stylist, she doesn’t take free clothes. Her love of everything she wears is very authentic and I think people see that,” she says.

On Day 5 of the royal tour in Canada, Kate wore a nautical themed navy and white dress made by Alexander McQueen’s Sarah Burton. The duchess chose a long-sleeved purple Issa Jersey dress one night and on the eighth day of their trip, she donned a primrose colored dress.

“She knows what works for her and she repeats it and I think that’s fantastic because it looks great on her. We’re yet to see a bad photograph of her,” Sanders added.

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