SAN DIEGO (CBS) — A struggling Southland school district announced a plan on Friday to put hundreds of teachers back to work with a little help from the state.

An estimated 300 teaching positions will be restored after the San Diego City school district secured additional funding from California’s coffers.

KNX 1070’s Tom Reopelle
reports the move will at least initially focus on ensuring quality teachers for the city’s youngest students.

The funding allows the district to maintain class sizes in grades K-3 back to at least 24 students per teacher at all schools, with up to a 20:1 ration at schools in lower-income neighborhoods.

Teacher Kevin Bizer expects the move to provide more one-on-one instruction in the classroom — something he believes is critical to academic success.

“Third-grade literacy rates are a hyperaccurate predictor of future prison populations,” said Bizer. “Students that are literate by the third-grade go on to graduate from high school and complete a four-year college degree in incredibly high numbers.”

Even with the funding, officials warned at least 500 additional teachers and 600 other district employees may still be at risk of layoffs.

Comments (4)
  1. KOBE says:

    “Teachers put back to work with a little help from the state” That is exactly the problem. Either you work for the state or you go homeless. Either you are with the state or you are the enemy. The state only takes care of their own. What about the private sector? Nope, if you work private sector the state will let you die in the street. If you work for the state they will take from the private sector and give to the state worker.

  2. Mikey says:

    Looks like the state got some more Obama stimulus money that was suposed to go for shovel ready jobs Obama will now say he created these jobs, sort of like how Algore created the internet.

  3. Craven-Morehead says:

    I wish I could have boinked one of my teachers

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