Calls owner 'lifelong snake oil salesman'

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — A lifelong Los Angeles Dodgers fan upset about the state of his favorite team had his voice heard by an unexpected audience: the judge presiding over the team’s bankruptcy case.

Greg MacDonald said he hasn’t been to a Dodger game in two years because he doesn’t want to fund Frank and Jamie McCourt’s lifestyle or pay for their lawyers.

“Seeing the Dodgers go through this is difficult, considering their kind of my number one team,” said MacDonald.

But once team owner Frank McCourt declared bankruptcy, MacDonald told KNX 1070’s Diane Thompson and Chris Sedens that he was moved to act.

“That was the last straw for me,” he said.

MacDonald decided to write a heartfelt letter to the judge overseeing the bankruptcy case, only to find his words had been officially entered along with other anti-McCourt letters into the case file.

“I was really surprised, because I just thought it was between me and the judge,” said MacDonald.

He said he was “humbled and flattered” by the development, which soon led to a call from tabloid outlets like TMZ asking him to weigh in.

MacDonald’s letter apparently referred to McCourt in less-than-glowing terms, including describing the embattled owner as a “lifelong snake oil salesman”.

“The point of the letter was I wanted to sum up the frustration that all the collective fan base has with Frank McCourt as the owner, from the product that he puts on the field to the prices that he charges for parking and concessions,” said MacDonald.

However satisfying the development may have been, it was ultimately short-lived: on Friday the judge decided to strike the letters from the case file, according to a Twitter post from Bill Shaikin of the Los Angeles Times.

Still, MacDonald believes it was a victory for the fans.

“I think I tried to get it all down on one piece of paper so the judge could see clearly what we all feel here in L.A.,” he said.


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Comments (5)
  1. Tonyparker says:

    If they raise the prices, they eventually can price out illegals and I can finally go to a game.

  2. Cindy says:

    Last night on talk radio (KABC) a “disgruntled season ticket holder” called the radio station to complain he arrived at the game late and didn’t get his Bobblehead. Really? A Bobblehead? I wish I had these problems.

  3. Just a Thought says:

    @ Tony Parker: Don’t like illegals? Then you might consider moving out of state. I hear they have plenty of space over in Arizona or Texas. However no matter where you go, just keep in mind that “illegals” make Capitalism go ’round

    1. Ty says:

      We can always just kill the hispanics.Gun them down.Run them over.Starve them.Don’t hire them.Rape them if you can stomach it.Hit them with bats.Rob them(I’m joking,Ain’t got nothing to rob).

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