VICTORVILLE (CBS) — Two Victorville teens were taken into custody Wednesday for allegedly robbing people they met on Craigslist, according to authorities.

The two allegedly placed ads trying to sell electronics and high-tech gadgets.

Police said the pair struck at least five times beginning last month. They were said to have net about $4,000 in cash and stolen goods.

Officials told Greg Mills, reporting for CBS2 and KCAL9, that they believe it is possible there are many other victims out there.

Mills also spoke to a Menifee mom who told him she watched, in horror, as her son was robbed at gunpoint. The teens allegedly met her son under the guise of trading an iPod and $200 for an iPad.

Daquan Anthony Call, of the suspects is, 19. Police said the other suspect, 17, was unidentified because he is a juvenile.


Comments (20)
  1. abb says:

    I bet “Daquan” is black as well as the other loser.

    1. Friendlyone says:

      And I bet you are rapist. Oh look at that! You are!

      1. Chuckles says:

        You can’t handle the truth!

  2. Craven-Morehead says:

    My real name is Bj

  3. urmph says:

    Always meet in a public place with a lot of people around. And make SURE you’re not being followed either.

    1. Riley says:

      You see black males you turn your car around.

      1. 1stman says:

        You see white males you run them over

  4. moe says:

    i agree with urmph – meet at a public place. i have sold a lot of stuff out of my garage but i always have people around, and a baseball bat. xD

  5. 1stman says:

    Maybe that’s because you like putting your finger on little boys

  6. Sara says:

    This is terrible enough of the racist comments!! Sick of reading it…. Sorry to inform you but there is a lot of sick people and they come in all color shapes and sizes!!!! ALL…

    1. Johnny says:

      ThankYou… Well Said, Sara…

  7. Chester says:

    Lindsay Lohan is soooo hot !!!!

  8. DJ says:

    Once again summer crimes. God forbid they do volunteer time or find work working in the fields or working on a ranch. There is always work to do on a ranch. our other work that need to be dome. . Oh I forgot that requires work and seat. It is much easier to Rob people by reading Greg’s list or eBay..Then there is always METH to sell. When selling something on either site I make sure to have my sawed off ready and a few friends around who share the same thoughts. Stomach wounds are the worst. Maybe that will stop the robbery’s or cut down on drug sales. I keep forgetting tough that this and a few generation does not know the meaning of work .and Meth Sales.

    Make sure the body falls inside your garage or other room that they may be in.

  9. Joe Sierra says:

    Somethings to consider. If a deal on Craig’sList sounds too good to be true, it might be a setup for robbery. Also, don’t go to an area you are not comfortable going to because someone you don’t know is offering you a GREAT deal.

  10. Tix Ree says:

    All I can say is, OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!!

  11. Chris says:


  12. Lou says:

    It’s always 3 blacks robbing a jewerly store, this is different.

  13. fight hate w/ HATE! says:

    the military government creates separation of the races. so they can control us easyer.if all races got along the gov would have to be for the people!!! lets make the change!!!

  14. wobbles says:

    No wonder L.A. has a lower crime rate. You sent all your ghetto trash to us. Every other one of them is on section 8 or on parole. Now I know why people hate blacks. How naiive we were before they moved here. It’s real easy to believe in equality and be against racism and all that when they are not your neighbors. They’ve ruined this area. 3/4 or more are on welfare and section 8 and trash their HUGE government paid houses ruining our property values. And in all that spare time they have by refusing to work they do nothing but commit crime. You can’t walk the streets or shop here safely anymore because of them.

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