Man Charged With DUI For Boating Mishap That Killed Dog

CASTAIC (AP) — Authorities have arrested a Los Angeles County man on suspicion of boating under the influence after his vessel hit a rock and flipped in Pyramid Lake, causing a dog to drown.

The Sheriff’s Department said 44-year-old Juan Rodriguez was being held on $100,000 bail on Thursday after being arrested the previous day.

Authorities said Rodriguez, a Quartz Hill resident, and another man jumped into the water. Deputies rescued them after seeing them trying to tread water.

A dog was rescued but the body of a second dog was found underneath the capsized ski boat. Authorities said they believe the dog died because it was tied to the boat and couldn’t swim away.

Deputies conducted a sobriety test for Rodriguez and took him into custody.

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  • Candy

    What an irresponsbible moron. He should be charged with more than a DUI for murdening an innoent animal. YES murdering. He was reckless so he did more than kill the dog.

  • Susan Oliver Jervis

    They should have been tied to the boat not the poor dog….that just breaks my heart – I pray he is never allowed to own an animal ever again. I hope the dog that survived it placed into a home where he will be protected from harm.

  • Alan Hart

    Too bad it wasn’t Juan that was tied to the boat. At least the dog had a purpose.

  • feel bad 4 the dog

    very sad that the dog had to suffer like that.

  • BD McGee

    Wow, a drunk mexican, really? How unusual.

    • 1stman

      Wow, a racist hiding behind his computer? How unusual.

  • jk

    The other dog went to the pound becuase his owner is in jaill.

  • Sirdangles

    I’ve be wearing the same underpants sense Tuesday

    • Astonished

      Your underpants have sense! Wow! What brand are they Fruit of the Brain?

  • Sirdangles

    Just kidding I don’t wear underpants

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