NEWPORT BEACH (CBS) — Newport Beach is a very popular spot for Fourth of July revelers, but this year, police have taken extra measures to curb unruly crowds.

They’ve hired six other agencies, along with the California Highway Patrol, to make sure house parties along the Balboa Peninsula don’t get out of hand.

CBS2’s Rachel Kim spoke to residents who braced for the crowds Monday.

“It gets absolutely crazy,” Steve Sargent said. “There’s a lot of people come from out of town. A lot of people on bikes, a lot of people on skateboards, running around, a lot of drink going on.”

Although alcoholic beverages aren’t allowed in public areas, Sargent says that’s not what happens.

“If you put six, seven, 10 thousand people in an area where there’s no restrooms and no where for them to party, obviously it’s problematic.”

Police say property owners are responsible for the conduct of their guests and if officers have to show up, citations, arrests or fines could be given to the partygoers and party throwers.

“We barricaded our homes ‘cause you have people that are drunk trying to come in,” Valeria Controneo, another resident, said. “It just worries me because I don’t want to get any fines.”

On the Fourth, all fines for everything – from jaywalking to drinking in public – will be tripled along Balboa Boulevard between 32nd and 54th street and the area will be blocked off.

Comments (7)
  1. Primetime Editorials says:

    im drinking right now on the beach
    i think i need to puke…

  2. Alexander Card says:

    Newport Beach already has 6 dedicated DUI officers I’ve heard it’s actually 9 now – I’ve seen people stopped at checkpoints blow a .05 and be arrested for DUI only to have the judge laugh in there face about getting a room with a view for there 200 dollar jail bill – 3x more than anywhere else, on top of the 1200 dollar fine and 250 dollar school fees.

    And now they can just triple those fines because they want to – why don’t we just give them all masks and leave the bank doors open at least we would feel better. Like our tax dollars weren’t at war against us.

    It’s not like were supposed to be out celebrating freedom and our nations independence

  3. Sean says:

    This is nothing than a ploy to collect some easy cash to help this state’s budget deficit. What a joke

    1. garrett says:

      Mike you’re an idiot.

  4. Sean says:

    Mike, what the heck do illegals have to do with story. Pretty sure they aren’t partying in beach house in Newport.

  5. loraine says:

    Stupid illegals ruin it for everyone. They should not be allowed to the beach as the pollute the water and show up with pants and just roll them up. They should stick to the beaches is TJ where the toxic waste is right up their alley!

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