Sheriff’s Department Sued Over Immigrant Deportations

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Immigrant rights advocates will serve the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department with a summons to get information about the department’s participation in immigration enforcement programs and data about deportations.

The National Day Labor Organizing Network, the National Immigration Law Center and the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles asked for statistics that outline the cost of participating in federal programs to the county and its taxpayers, and arrest records which they say might be evidence of racial profiling.

The groups plan to serve Sheriff Lee Baca with a summons and hold a rally at the department’s headquarters on Thursday, after filing their petition with the Los Angeles County Superior Court on Tuesday.

In February, the groups filed a California Public Records Act request to get access to communications between the Sheriff’s Department and Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Sheriff’s spokesman Steve Whitmore said the information is ICE’s to release.

“It’s up to them. We don’t have anything to hide,” he said.

The department said the records weren’t public, said Jessica Karp, staff attorney with the day labor organization.

“Their response is completely inadequate and asserts that the records related to this program aren’t public records. The California Public Records Act gives citizens broad rights to access documents generated by public agencies,” she said. “Our three organizations have been asking for this information since 2007. The Secure Communities program led us to file this new comprehensive request. We’re trying to get at how much it’s costing the county and who is being deported.”

Immigrant advocates say agreements between local departments and ICE mean more people deported, more families torn apart and more problems for community policing efforts.

“We don’t want L.A. County to turn into Arizona. The numbers of deportations is disturbing. Los Angeles is a county of immigrants and we see ourselves as place where we respect people’s rights, their right to make a living and keep their families together,” Karp said.

Los Angeles County was among the first to enter into agreements that authorized law enforcement officers to move immigrants into the deportation pipeline.

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  • Uncle Bernie

    So are you saying these mexican activists don’t like deportations? Is that what you are saying????????

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  • Karen

    DEPORT ILLEGAL ALIENS NOW! What gall these organizations have. Frankly, I wish you would all disappear along with the ILLEGAL ALIENS.

    • Justiceclerk

      You go girl. With you 100%.

    • Captain Planet

      Deport Kuini.You belong in planet Hispania.

    • Jorge Torres

      But what about the ones that were brought here at a young age. If anything, their parents should be deported but not them.

      • TVW

        Deport them all. It’s the law, whether the ethnocentric bigots agree or not. While here they were the beneficiaries of the school systems, social spoils, etc. They are better off…and when they go HOME…they will have an advantage over who stayed HOME…regardless if that HOME is Mexico, Morocco, Malaysia or the Moon. The race based groups should all go to Hell.

      • Sally

        @Jorge Torres I wonder what E2 Visa holders might think?!They have to invest a certain amount of money to launch a business in the US.They have to create at least 5 jobs, they have to pay taxes and their kids will be deported when they are 21 years,uppsss,although they were brought legally to this country!!!

      • Hector

        Why not depart the children as well, they are just as illegal as the parents are!

  • rjsmitty

    The National Day Labor Organizing Network, the National Immigration Law Center and the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles Are race based hate groups …

  • Karen

    And guess what? JESSICA KARP is NOT a member of the California Bar so what is she doing calling herself an attorney?

  • Bob Henning

    She States WE DON`T wan CA turning into another Arizona refering to their tough stance on Immigration. My question is First off who is this UNINFORMED WOMAN-Bleeding heart Traitor, second Who is the WE she speaks of. If she spoke to anyone in California she would find that WE are sick and tired of the Millions of LEECHES bleeding California dry and WE would like them DEPORTED.

  • Reason

    Don’t want to be deported? Come here LEGALLY. Don’t want your family “torn apart?” Again, come to this country legally. These immigrants and their anchor babies are the reason CA is going broke. The taxpayers are supporting them and giving them enough money to send back home. And please don’t tell me they pay taxes. Sales tax is a tiny amount compared to income and property taxes paid by legal citizens to support them. They work under the table and get public assistance. Our kids can’t even get a decent education anymore. Sorry but I’m fresh out of sympathy.

    • Lee Ann

      Exactly. More states need to follow Arizona. Too bad the President doesn’t see it that way.

      • Don

        The President is here illegaly too, thats why

    • TT

      it boggles my mind – why do we that are legal – born and raised here need to follow all the laws of the land ….to live and work here – but if someone comes here illegally they are allowed to not follow the same laws we have to everyday – and everybody is all up in arms saying we are mistreating them – I just think if we have to obey the rules – evrybody else should too and if you dont like them – VOTE….and if you cant – then must be you dont have a right to say in the matter…. harsh – but true…I just think everybody should be treated the same ….without Favoritisms……

  • ginny

    Thank you Reason, well said.

  • Todd

    They want data on how much deportations are costing the county? What about how much free health care, education, and public services for PEOPLE THAT DO NOT BELONG HERE are costing the county? I am so tired of hearing about the “rights” of non-citizens. These insane groups are in for a rude awakening. The citizens of this country are getting fed up, and the tipping point is coming. I see LOTS more deportations in the future, and that is how it should be. You barge into our country illegally and start demanding things? I don’t think so.

    • Reagen

      This country was very different 35 years ago, until the illegals started coming here in droves, breeding like rabbits and bringing their dangerous gangs. I wonder how much their gangs have cost us in fund, lives and our liberty lost – to walk our old streets again.

    • Tracy

      You are right. I see it coming as well. There WILL be a breaking point and it will be very ugly for them…ALL LEGAL IMMIGRANTS better get on the band wagon with this issue. Or they will be dumped into this group which should NOT happen. Legal Immigrants are welcome here. Its the ILLEGAL ones who are NOT. Our government better do something and soon or the people will take it into their own hands..


        Wow. What a stupid comment. Look back 100 years ago and you’d see the these “Illegals” were actually here bore any of you or your ancestors. YOU are the illegals. This land was stolen and it’s being taken back right before your eyes.

        It’s time to build your ships and move on back. to your own sh!t Country. If you’re not brown, you’re not a real American.

  • Tony

    I commend the Sheriff’s department in helping out our government get rid of these people. It is obvious the government is simply not doing enought to send these lawbreakers back to their country which is very infair to the people who legally apply and go through the whole process of being here legally. The stupid bleeding hearts are always looking for a handout or a payday and frankly I am tired of it. I say round em all up and ship em back to Mexico!

  • adolfo

    Why do groups like this protect people who are breaking the law? They are here ILLEGALLY and our law states you get deported. Going a step further I think the anchor babies of illegals should lose their citizenship as well since their parents were illegal to begin with and that would take care of this breaking up the family nonsense as they would all get shipped out. The constitutiional rights these groups are trying to envoke belong to LEGAL citizens as the illegals have only one right here and that is to get deported!

    • RN

      Well said Adolfo!

  • Jazz


    Ms. Karp just passed the February 2011 bar exam and was sworn in in May.

    • Karen

      She is NOT listed on the CA Bar. I did find her on the NY bar. This is California.

    • Karen

      I just found her on the passing list but she’s not listed on the bar. I wonder why?

      Nonetheless, she is helping people who broke the law.

  • Mike

    Who really cares about Ms. Karp! That turd needs to be deported with the rest of them. She is a bigger problem then the illegals, because she is working to keep them here!

    • TT

      the thing that confuses me is how she can pass the bar and condone people breaking the law at the same time ….a bit 2 sided

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  • John

    Shut up Mary.

  • Mary

    Give us your tired your poor. What a Wonderful sight to see that Statue of Liberty. This is what my elementary school friend said to me. She was German and they came over on a boat in 1954. They became citizens and were very proud to wave the American Flag. Now 2011, our Government wants to dirty all of that with calling Illegal Aliens, Citizens. Shame on our Government! Our soldiers did not die for Illegal Aliens! This Country is our Home. WE decide who we invite in. We don’t need any Party Crashers!!!!!

    • TT

      well said …. mary

  • Saber 1

    Your a real winner. Round up every ILLEGAL ALIEN, shaved head $pic$, and their loser babies and send these bottom feeders back to their third world toilet country.
    Enjoy it now, in 2012 when Obama out of the White House, you will be shipped out.

  • arizona

    i ate some of your cooking …yuck! puke!

  • Black&Proud

    It’s bad enough you can’t get a job these days without being spanish bilingual. Now I need to learn a foreign language just to make a living in the U,S,. Tell this trashy “attorney” that we want to see the records for how much interpreters are being paid in courts and other public services to translate 4 these losers that don’t speak English. They claim 2 be hard workers but are too lazy 2 assimilate.


      Go back to Africa and hunt for a living, you ape.

    • meadowlark

      not only in public services but healthcare, markets, department stores etc. They have refused to assimilate and demand that everyone kowtow to them. We need to get someone in office that agrees with the majority of citizens here in California.

  • Jeezus

    where’s my comment? it was funny and informative.

    Our Soldiers do not fight and die for the Illegal Aliens rights and way of life. (well said, M)

  • tom

    I don’t think anyone has a problem with LEGAL IMMIGRANTS. Their is a difference and contrary to what people say about no one working jobs that illegals do is BS, we have legal immigrants who will do that. We have laws for a reason, imagine if we just opened the border than we would have a free for all and complete chaos. My big fear is the middle eastern people coming in thru mexico and doing terrorist acts to the US. Close the frickin border, that is what the military is for, to protect our country and we are being invaded!

    • DEB

      I AGREE. NO problems with Legal Immigrants…ONLY ILLEGAL ONES

  • rams1956

    Gov. Bentley we need you in California !!!!!

  • rams1956

    As a US citizen I have to show/present some proof of id. What does the ACLU have that illegals are priviledged and are not obliged to do likewise?

  • rams1956

    Texas Senate passed a bill against sanctuary cities.

    Oklahoma just passed a statewide anti-illegal immigration law.

    Keep it up people !

  • rams1956


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