ADELANTO (CBS) — An Inland Empire man faces felony charges of child endangerment after he allegedly let an 11-year-old boy drive alone on a freeway.

San Bernardino County Sheriff’s deputies responded to 911 calls Sunday about a reckless driver on highway U.S Highway 395 and Interstate 15 near Adelanto.

They stopped the vehicle and found an 11-year-old boy alone behind the wheel. The vehicle belongs to Terry Varner.

Police say he asked the boy to drive the car while he drove another. Varner is the boyfriend of the child’s mother. Off-camera, she told CBS2 News that she was pretty upset.

“I got a phone call from the Sheriff’s Department… Regrettable, a very ignorant decision, a very stupid decision,” she said.

The boy was released back into his mother’s custody, while Varner’s bail was set at a $100,000.

Comments (8)
  1. Diana says:

    Wow that was pretty reckless and dangerous!

  2. AJ says:

    And what would he have done if the child had wrecked and gotten seriously injured or worse?

  3. RJ says:

    Damn, this world is full of idiots……

  4. James says:

    Ya know, we’re always hearing about these boyfriends who do evil to their girlfriends’ children. Isn’t it clear that these ‘mothers’ are just as culpable of child endangerment, EVEN when it’s after the fact, just for allowing their children around losers in the first place !?! These women are too stupid to parent.

  5. Dr. Flight says:

    This idiot just happend to get caught! I wonder how many Father’s and Mother’s put their under aged children in harms way every day and think nothing of it because they weren’t caught?! I know there are under aged children driving cars and motorcycles on and off road with their parents permission. Children are allowed at parties past their curfews, given their first alcoholic drinks at home from their parents, etc., and they think nothing about it. All a bunch of idiots and they should also be prosecuted for doing so!

  6. jk says:

    I had my own car when I was a freshman in High School. You expect me to walk?

  7. Astonished says:

    She’s “pretty upset”! That isn’t nearly what they would be describing my reaction! I guarentee that would be the last time that man got anywhere near any of my children again, if I didn’t kill him first!

    And while I’ll admit my first reaction was “where the heck was the mother!” You never know. She may not have known this idiot was capable of such subhuman thought processes (or lack there of). I’ll admit it’s far fetched, but she wasn’t there at the time so I’ll grant her a small leeway on this.

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