GARDEN GROVE (CBS) — Waitresses at so-called lingerie cafes in Garden Grove must now wear more appropriate clothing.

Starting this weekend, coffeehouses throughout the Little Saigon area will be cited if their waitresses do not cover up.

The move comes amid complaints about some of the workers serving customers while wearing see-through dresses.

On Monday night, the city council approved a ban on waitresses exposing their breasts at the cafes.

There are 37 lingerie cafes in Garden Grove; 20 of which have been raided by authorities with the confiscation of 200 gambling machines.

Last month, the City Council voted to approve the ban, which went into effect Friday. Police are giving the cafes a one-week grace period.

Comments (19)
  1. lala63 says:

    Shira Law right here in the USA! hahaha!

    1. sol o mon says:

      You can’t spell it? – Sharia law
      Its basically the same as Judaic law
      The commandments of Moses interpreted
      by Jewish scholars – the Talmud
      It’s not the Muslims complaining
      It’s your extreme right and white Christians

      1. HollywoodSaint says:

        who gives a doggy doo-doo. unless you like men(which sounds like you do, which Im pro choice), im all for women with freedom of body expression! ya baby, shagadelic

  2. noneoff says:

    What a waste for time and money for the taxpayer. The police and city council should be spending time on more important problems then Scantily-Clad Waitresses.

    1. junior says:

      Why? This puts them right where the police can find them. Real criminals they have to do actual poliice work.

  3. Boy says:

    We want our Bikini Girls.

  4. 37 cafes...o dear says:

    “lingerie cafe”…? Oh brother….Does it really take a week to find some clothes to put on?

    1. TT says:

      NOW THAT WAS FUNNY !!!!! hehehe :):)

  5. Lorena (ex-Harbor Bl prostitute) says:

    That’s okay because all of those girls that were making more cash showing their curves will most likely end up making tons of tax free cash on Harbor Blvd in Garden Grove as prostitutes. Notice to law enforcement: You will never be able to eliminate women using their bodies to get tax free cash

    1. me says:

      so u’r an ex harbor prostitute… where r u prosituting now?

  6. Pratt Robert says:

    But if your feeding a kid ,,you can pull that boob out in the cafe jam it in its mounth n the guy with his kids at the next table cant say a thing,,,,,HUMMMMMMMMMMM would like to be the judge on this one .ahahahaha check it out.

    1. noneoff says:

      Do you have a problem with a mother breast feeding her child? I believe that’s what breast feeding is about.

  7. Charles Bodman says:

    I guess the land of fruits and nuts even has some morals at times. Just treat it like a topless and no problems.

    1. TT says:

      Charles – the quote is “fruits, nuts n flakes” all rolled into one…..

  8. Jeezus says:

    dang never heard of these! atleast we have a few more days before the weekend coverup! little saigon here we come me likey

  9. ab says:

    There was a restaurant like that in our town and it went out of business because families avoided it.



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