‘The Dodgers Got Everything We Wanted From Today’s Hearing’

(CBS) —Delaware Judge Kevin Gross authorized the Los Angeles Dodgers to enter into a $150 million bankruptcy financial agreement.

 Bruce Bennett, attorney for the Los Angeles Dodgers, stated about today’s hearing in Bankruptcy court in Delaware, “the Dodgers got everything we wanted from today’s hearing. The Dodgers can operate as business as usual. The chapter 11 process is working and, under the circumstances, is the right path to maximize the potential of this storied franchise for the long term.”


  • Ex Fan

    What a DISGRACE.

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    See what GREED will get you?
    I would have never thought this could happen to the Dodgers. But when you have an owner who cares more about how many homws he can own and giving his sons high paying no show jobs-I guess it’s to be expected.It”s not just heart breaking for LA but for all of baseball. I thought owners were supposed to love the team not just use the team. It is disgracful!.

    • Sukey

      I was so cfnuosed about what to buy, but this makes it understandable.

  • ginny

    NO Mr. Bennett, MLB, the Dodgers, their loyal fans and the City of Los Angeles did not get what they wanted. ONLY McCourt got what he wanted.

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