WEST HOLLYWOOD (CBS) — Sheriff’s deputies are looking for a brazen burglar who used a golf club in a smash-and-grab at upscale Mayfair House boutique on Beverly Boulevard in West Hollywood.

The suspect walked away with nearly a dozen high-end bags, each valued at thousands of dollars, in the heist which took place about 2:15 a.m. last Wednesday.

“He took his golf club, reached through and pulled out all the handbags, most of the handbags that were there and I want my handbags back,” storeowner Johanna Judah said.

The posh boutique has a high-tech security system but the break-in didn’t trigger the alarm because of a scheduled power outage that night.

“It’s like somebody knew what time to do it and they obviously knew electrically how to dim the lights on the street,” Judah added.

The suspect, however, did leave a clue.

“His golf club had swung and broke so it had just fallen over here and it has his fingerprints on it,” she added.

Anyone who may have seen anything suspicious in the area on June 22 is asked to contact West Hollywood Sheriff’s detectives, who are actively investigating.

Comments (2)
  1. Eric Slowik says:

    i dont know whats more criminal the burgler or the fact that people actually pay thousands of dollars for a stupid handbag ?

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