COMPTON (CBS) — A man was killed and three others were wounded Sunday in a shooting in Compton, sheriff’s deputies said.

The shooting was reported at 4:40 p.m. in the 15700 block of South Haskins Avenue, near Alondra Boulevard, Deputy Jeff Gordon of the Sheriff’s Headquarters Bureau reported.

All four victims were taken to a hospital where one man was pronounced dead, Gordon said.

The other three victims were being treated for non-life threatening injuries.

No further details were given.

Officials urged anyone with information regarding this shooting to contact the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department Homicide Bureau at (323) 890-5500.

Comments (9)
  1. Lisa says:

    This shouldn’t surprise anyone. Why did this even make the news? This is just another day in the ghetto. If your a man and you live in Compton you are a LOSER…and if your a women who lives in Compton you are also a LOSER and stop popping out babies by different daddies that you can’t afford!

    1. rick says:

      you sound super stupit what you just said.. that was my freind that got killed. i bet you would never say anything you just said to anyone who lives in compton. you would get that ass beat.. crawl back to what ever hole you came out of and stay there!!!!!!

      1. Saber 1 says:

        Hello Rick, Hit spell check and attend night school for that GED. If you want to be taking serious, learn sentence structure and get command of the English language. I agree with Lisa and RJ, sorry the truth hurts.

    2. batteredbypd says:


      1. Saber 1 says:

        Does blow me mean anything to you?

    3. Jay57 says:

      Yeah your talking real dumb, those were very close friends of mine and they were eating in the car not expecting anything early sunday. .for u 2 say that is tragic, may GOD bless your heart..

  2. RJ says:

    It’s Compton……Nothing to comment on. That’s what they do.

  3. unknown says:

    Regardless to where he was that still was someone child. You people should be ashamed of yourselves to have such negative things to say about someones child. Accidents happen bullets do not have names on them nor do they travel to who they are intended for. If your going to say something speak on the ignorant person that would take someone life,encourage people to do better. Its people like you in the world that makes it a bad place have some compassion. I pray that you guys get some sense. FYI I am not a Compton resident however I know someone who knows this KID…he just graduated from high school and he’s also a father. Shame on you no life having people to speak negativity in situation like this…..bless the day you loose someone in your family to a tragic situation of any sort……

  4. ihatestupidpeople says:

    Lisa you are extremely ignorant and anyone who agrees with you. I am from Compton and I am in no way, shape or form a Loser. I grew up in Compton and currently live in Compton. I went to college in Irvine with mainly Whites and Asians. There may not be a lot of drive by shooting but there sure is a lot of husband killing their entire family and students killing themselves. Now how ignorant is that.

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