House Combo Only $2.15! Isn't That Special?

SHERMAN OAKS (CBS) — There’s usually a line out the door at popular Mexican restaurant Casa Vega.

Great food helps. Wonderful margaritas (nine kinds in all) don’t hurt. Celebs? Lots… toss them in for good measure.

But if you think there are lines there now, get ready for Tuesday, June 28. That is when the restaurant is throwing itself a bit of a party for its 55th anniversary.

Casa Vega (13301 Ventura Boulevard, 818-788-4868) opened on June 28th, 1956, and is still owned by the Vega family.

The house of Vega is turning back the clock, literally. On Tuesday, for lunch and dinner… the popular House Combo (normally $12.75 at lunch and $18.25 at dinner) is going to only cost $2.15.

That’s what the House Combo cost in 1956, so the owners thought this a fitting way to say thank you to their loyal, and hungry, customers.

And what does the House Combo consist of you ask!? Spanish rice, refried beans, and choices of taco, enchilada or tamale and relleno and… there’s more. But instead of sitting there and reading, we suggest you try to get a place in line. Right now. They don’t take reservations.

Casa Vega’s facebook page has 55 fun facts about the restaurant. (Our personal fave? They go through 50 pounds of chips per day.)

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Comments (5)
  1. Maury says:

    Rice, beans and tamales for $18, are you serious? This $2.15 price is what it should be ALL the time. I ain’t going to waste my time in no d@mn line for a plate of mostly rice. Good luck to the rest of you.

  2. mike says:

    This place serves average food as best and overcharges for it. There are better places right up the street.

    As for the rollback menu, is it worth it? Even if you can get in, they’ll just hustle you out even faster to accommodate everyone.

  3. NoEst Bueno says:

    This place is a dump. “D” list “celebs” at best. Avoid it.

  4. Taco flavored kisses says:

    Are you saying the guy who played Larry on 3’s Company is a D lister? I ate there once and it wasn’t worth it. Dos Arbalitos in North Hills is cheaper and better tasting.

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