SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — New census figures show that one out of every 100 California households is made up of cohabitating same-sex couples, the highest proportion among the seven states for which detailed demographic data so far has been released.

The U.S. Census Bureau reported Thursday that California had 125,516 households headed by an adult living with a same-sex spouse who was described as either a husband, wife or unmarried partner.

The Williams Institute on Sexual Orientation Law, a think tank at UCLA, crunched the new numbers and found that San Francisco has the greatest share of same-sex couples among California counties.

But the city with the highest proportion of same-sex couples living together is the desert resort community of Palm Springs. The Williams Institute calculates that same-sex couples make up nearly 12 out of every 100 households there.

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Comments (6)
  1. Saber 1 says:

    And yet the majority must change because of the pole smokers and carpet munchers. How many times must us NORMAL PEOPLE vote YES ON PROP 8? Amazing what you can do with some left wing ANTI AMERICAN ACLU lawyers.

    1. Ron says:

      And a GAY JUDGE !!!!

  2. mister s says:

    Saber, explain to us how anyone with your beliefs must “change” anything at all. Hmmmm? Im not a liberal, and the ACLU goes way too far at times, but please Saber, I am dying to hear how other people s same sex marriges would cause you to have to change. By the way, 52/48 was the vote…… I think you realize that eventually it will be legalized.

    1. Saber 1 says:

      If you vote enough times, the pole smokers/carpet munchers will load the ballot box with their families and so on. No one wants to see pole smokers/carpet munchers making out, holding hands and so on. MAN AND WOMAN, procreate not same sex. Why should the majority have to accept the minority frame of mind.

  3. Not a Moronn says:

    Thank you mister s, for your rational and realistic POV Clearly, Saber 1 is an illiterate moron. I hope he has not procreated, as I feel sorry for the teacher who has to undo the damage his/her parent has inflicted.

  4. Not a Moronn says:

    P.S. The misspelling of ‘Moron’ is intentional, but the absence of a period after POV was not.

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