LOS ANGELES (CBS) — An off-duty Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputy shot and wounded a suspected drunk driver early Wednesday after the man caused the deputy to veer towards a freeway siderail, police said.

downtown dis Off Duty Deputy Shoots Suspected Drunk Driver Near Downtown

(credit: CBS)

The deputy was following the suspect on the Santa Monica (10) Freeway at about 4:30 a.m. when the near crash and shooting happened, Sgt. Dino Calderas of the LAPD said.

The deputy and suspect both exited the freeway at Mateo Street. Police arrested the man at 41st and Alameda Street, Calderas said.

The deputy hit the suspect with a single shot to the forearm, Calderas said. The man was taken to Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center in stable condition. The deputy was not injured.

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Comments (25)
  1. hk says:

    smells like fishy road rage to me.

    1. ES says:

      My thoughts exactly.

  2. joshua ferris says:

    the deputy had no right to discharge his weapen if he didnt feel threatened… if i was the suspect i would sue the deputy, and then his station, off duty deputies think their still on patroll when their not.

    1. The Big Logic says:

      Incorrect! The drunk driver had proven to be a danger to the public at large by causing the officer to veer towards a guardrail. Being that the suspect continued driving, possibly killing someone , necessitates deadly force in an attempt to prevent that result.

  3. Facts Please says:

    We need more info. on this one. Not defending the drunk man because he’s a danger driving a car. If he didn’t have a weapon or “purposely” try to run the deputy off of the road, there may be a problem; however, 4:30AM and no witnesses = story to be shaped any way the deputy wants.

    1. Bill Jablonski says:

      When will you ,family ,friends,religous associates be a victim of a DUI.? Will you be alive to share afterwards,maimed for life? Please think of what could happen,merci.

    2. kim says:

      the car is the weapon it can kill

  4. alan hart says:

    The deputy should have driven him to a lawyer’s office as he will be receiving millions of taxpayer dollars for this deputy’s road rage response. Did anyone do a blood alcohol on the deputy?

  5. America Fuk Yeah says:

    I agree that more facts are needed in this story. if the dui suspect used his car as a weapon and attempted to RAM the deputy, I would say the deputy was justified in defending his life and shooting the driver. the fact that the deputy only shot the guy once would lead me to believe he wasn’t trying to kill the guy. people should think twice before driving drunk and putting innocent lives at risk. I think the deputy deserves the Mothers Against Drunk Drivers award.

  6. Just Sayin says:

    Deputy should have waited for patrol car to arrive

  7. Paul Castillo says:

    Ah, yet another incident with one of Sheriff Lee Baca’s steroid filled, maniacal primates he calls his deputies. I am in no way condoning driving while under the influence but how is this guy supposed to know that the person following him is a police officer? Did he at any time identify himself as such? This so-called cop is lucky the other guy wasn’t some brainless gangster who shoots people for fun.

  8. rick says:

    this is my take if the dep got him in the forearm this suggests the 2 cars were side by side not one in front of the other which leads me to belive the dep was showing his badge and telling the guy to pull over which by the way cops are always on duty and have a duty to deal with things as they come. i feel the driver likely saw his badge and tried to ram him or other wise get away from him thus running him into the rail and getting shot

    1. Cindy says:

      no rick, the guy already knew he was a cop. from when they were at the bar together. they probably had an argument at the bar, the drunk guy was doing the right thing by removing himself from the situation and the cop followed him. the cop probably ran him off the road and there was probably a struggle for the gun and thats how the shooting happened. I mean come on, why else would an off duty cop feel the need to be wearing his gun? because he thought he was a big man with a big gun. another perfect example;e of “short little mans syndrome”

  9. Otis J says:

    On the surface this 100% sounds like another trigger happy cop story. I think that it’s more than likely this copper is full of his own BS….

  10. "republican empire falls" says:

    new world order latinos and blacks kill off the “white maggot race” with the help of the extra-terrestrials!!!LOL

  11. charlie says:

    I & all of you, have driven on the fwy late at night, then see something dark lying in the middle of the lane, which will cause us to swerve on instinct. Am i going to get shot next time ? because some off duty officer thinks that i’m driving drunk ??? Or should i stay in the lane, and hit whatever it is, that will cause damage and/or injury to me? This is ridiculous.

    1. Cindy says:

      good point charlie-maybe the dark object lying in the middle of the lane will be a cop in a dark blue uniform. I say don’t swerve to miss it.

  12. chicharito says:

    So let me get this right.If im ever involved in a accident with a lasd deputy am i going to get shot after.?They should charge that guy with attempted murder .Im sure this off duty deputy was coming from a bar or sumting

  13. Cindy says:

    so these days cops get to shoot at who ever they want even off duty? didn’t know that. not to give any credit to the cop here but, he kind of saved the drunk guys ass. because if the drunk guy would of hit someone and killed them, he would of found himself in a jail cell fighting a life without parole sentence. so with out the cop realizing he was actually helping the guy out. Alright copper!!! theres a first for everything ha ha

  14. Cindy says:

    your talkin just white “maggots” right? – white American princess

  15. Cindy says:

    what the F%@K?

  16. david says:

    one thing all of you that keep asking why the off duty officer was wearing his gun? well in this state all cops are required to they are never truely off duty

  17. geeM says:

    Great. A bunch of crazed comments from the cop haters and the racists. Next page please.

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