20-Year-Old Santa Ana Mother Of 2 Found Strangled In Tijuana

Police Say Woman's Ex-Boyfriend Confesses To Murder

SANTA ANA (CBS) — Two Santa Ana detectives will go to Tijuana Thursday to investigate the strangulation murder of  a Santa Ana mother of two whose body was found in the back of a pickup truck in Tijuana.

Alicia Rosales, who was 20, was found dead in Tuesday, and her former boyfriend Daniel Lozano is jailed in Tijuana, Santa Ana police Cpl. Anthony Bertagna said.

Authorities told KCAL9’s Michele Gile that Lozano has confessed to the murder.

Santa Ana police started working on case Friday when Rosales’ aunt called the department from Chicago, Bertagna said.

“The aunt in Chicago said, `I just got a call from my niece on her cellphone and all she said was, `He is going to kill me,”‘ Bertagna said.

Rosales and the 24-year-old Lozano had recently broken up, the aunt told police, according to Bertagna.

Santa Ana police tracked down where the couple lived in the 2700 block of West Pacific Avenue, Bertagna said. Neighbors there said the two had split up two weeks ago and moved out, Bertagna added.

On Monday, Lozano’s mother went to the Santa Ana police station to say her son left the couple’s 6-year-old daughter and 4-year-old son with her about a week ago and she hadn’t heard from him since, Bertagna said.

Gile also reported that detectives are trying to piece together some missing elements of the story, most importantly whether the murder occurred on US or Mexican soil and in which jurisdiction Lozano should be charged.

“We’re looking for some help from friends or family who know where they worked,” Bertagna said, adding the two were Mexican nationals but it was not known whether they were in the U.S. legally.

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  • John

    20-Year-Old and Mother Of 2.

    • Proud Mexican/American

      Again the ignorant talk, I’m a 31 year old hispanic, 1 kid work hard for my $$$, by the way I’m 120-lbs.

      It doesn’t matter what race was involved, this should not happen to a mother.

      People need to stop talking out of their @ss, 2 innocent lives will live the rest of their lives without their mom, god bless them and the family. Losing a love one is the worst feeling ever. I hope justice is served.

  • JebBush_BMWLover

    No longer a mother of two.

  • Taxpayer

    Wow 20 years old and 2 kids, geezzzzzzzzz like a baby factory.

    • Bring Back The Chastity Belts

      Not just that, Taxpayer. Their oldest was SIX, which means she had her when she was FOURTEEN! Then she had the next one at SIXTEEN! That’s just too disturbing.

      • adolfo

        I say let the guy rot in Mexico where he belongs. We have enough cases to deal with here in the US

      • Homietowa

        I agree with that ‘Chastity Belts.’ Condoms have been around way too long for young people (even if you are a Mexican) to not know how to use them. This is just another dumb girl (i.e. Teen Mom) who made a dumb choice what type guy to sleep with in life & she payed the ultimate price for that choice.

  • unhappy tourist

    reading these comments makes me even prouder of my Europe.. Americans are doomed. You all are ignorant, have no heart, racist and best of all have this sense of complete idiotic superiority.. hey, tax payer.. A WOMAN WAS KILLED. PERIOD.
    Cant wait to go back home.

    • Paul Castillo

      I have been leaving comments such as yours for a very long time but when these comments appear with story after story, and day after day it becomes almost pointless. It amazes me how we Americans look at ourselves with such pride and superiority when as a collective we are the most uneducated, ignorant buffoons this world has to offer.

    • jlevel77

      I am so with you…

    • nek

      Good ridence and take a few more of your comrads back with you. Thanks and have a safe trip back as soon as possible. Good by Yo Yo

  • Lise Quinn

    I wish we could send a lot of the European Americans (for those who read too quickly I am NOT referring to European visitors but to the obnoxious descendants of the invaders) back to where their ancestors came from. American would be a better place for it.

    • Paul Castillo

      Would that include you Ms Quinn?

  • Efrain

    To all you Americans talking bad about her having two kids at age 20. A white women at age 30 will have three kids from three different fathers. Booya!

  • Flor

    Efrain, more likely the THREE kids will be from her own dad!

  • Bummed in SoCal

    It’s a bit sad how long it took for someone to finally comment on the two young children that will now grow up without their mother. Whole lot of hate out there!

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