2 Teens Arrested After Hospital Brawl, SWAT Standoff

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Two teenagers have been arrested after fleeing a Los Angeles hospital brawl and taking refuge in a nearby apartment.

Police Sgt. Titus Tyler tells City News Service that a SWAT team negotiated for hours with the teens before they were coaxed out of the Boyle Heights apartment and arrested at about 3:15 a.m. Wednesday. Three young girls in the apartment weren’t hurt.

The boys were involved in a Tuesday night brawl with other youths in a lobby area at County-USC Medical Center. Sheriff’s deputies were called in and Tyler says the teens began throwing rocks and bottles at deputies before they fled to the nearby apartment.

The Los Angeles police special weapons team and bomb squad responded to the barricade call.

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  • johnjohninla

    Ah… what’s the story here? That the police wasted their time? That the police acted improperly?
    That the ‘bomb’ squad is wasting everybody’s time?

    We are allowing the police to become out-of-control…..


    • mike

      Congratulations johnjohn you win the stupid award of the week. One of the little idiots must be one of your illegal brothers. They should have been shot, that would have saved future booking numbers.

    • DAX

      Your’e an idiot are they just supposed to ignore them? NO you friggin moron they did what they should Arrested them how do you know they didn’t have guns? idioots like them need to be dealt with. and you need to go back under your rock.

    • ???

      Let’s see…. A bunch of delinquents basically start a riot, throwing rocks and bottles at police officers when they tried to stop the melee in a public area where healing occurs, and the POLICE are out of control?! It seems you’re a little delusional, johnjohn. That or you were somehow involved in the brawl, directly or indirectly. Either way, you’re a sad member of society with your way of thinking.

  • http://losangelesforme.com/2011/06/2-teens-arrested-after-hospital-brawl-swat-standoff/ 2 Teens Arrested After Hospital Brawl, SWAT Standoff | Los Angeles for Me

    […] Two teenagers have been arrested after fleeing a Los Angeles hospital brawl and taking refuge in a nearby apartment. More from: http://losangeles.cbslocal.com… […]

  • Everyday Guy

    johnjohn, sounds like the third world illegal aliens are out of control.

  • mikey

    I live in LA and the LAPD are a holes…however, so are a lot of the youth, especially gang types. Grab them by the backs of their necks and throw them in an adult jail for a week…see if they do it again. I also do think that the bomb squad is way over kill as is a swat team, but typical for this stupid city.

  • adolfo

    See what happens at these places where people have no insurance, they get sent to these places where most of the people are uneducated.

  • bob

    leave those punks for dead. What a joke. Boyle Heights is a trash dump.

  • Paul Castillo

    I sure am glad our taxes went into building a nice new hospital for this to occur. We wouldn’t want them to have had to have their riot at the ratty, old County-General Hospital.

  • Not me

    Damn those college kids…

  • TheWindrunner

    Isn’t Boyle heights a kneegrow infestation?

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