VIENNA (AP) — Under fire back home in California, Arnold Schwarzenegger is rediscovering the simple, gentler pleasures of Austria, the country of his birth.

In Vienna for an environment conference, the former governor of California began his speech Tuesday in German instead of English.

And he focused not on green themes but on the familiar things he misses in California — “the music of Mozart,” or “a juicy wiener schnitzel.”

He says he is “extremely happy to be here again.” And the ex-Terminator says “I’ll be back” in the fall to open a Schwarzenegger museum in his Austrian hometown of Thal, near Graz.

Schwarzenegger’s popularity in the U.S. was nose-diving as he left office last year and has sunk even further in the wake of revelations that he fathered a child with his housekeeper.

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Comments (10)
  1. me says:

    Please do us a favor, and STAY THERE. You have messed up California enough. We don’t want or need you here! Good riddance.

    1. John says:

      Thats what we say about every governor and every president, we will never be satisfied…

  2. Al says:

    Easy solution: Go back to Austria and stay there for the rest of your life . . . and renounce your American citizenship while you’re at it. At this point, we don’t want you any more than you apparently want us.

  3. FilthRich says:

    Build a farm there, and just stay in the company of pigs, where you rightfully belong…. …… Swine-Sperminator

  4. Sam Sindaha says:

    Next thing you know he’ll be sporting a beard like Al Gore.

  5. California resident says:

    who the heck cares what you miss!

  6. ES says:

    Please, do us all a favor and stay there.

  7. tulsaway says:

    Auf Wiedersehen! lassen Sie die Tür Ihren Esel auf dem Ausweg nicht schlagen.

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