LOS ANGELES (AP) — Members of Ventura and Santa Barbara county gangs have been sentenced to lengthy federal prison terms for methamphetamine trafficking.

U.S. District Court spokesman Thom Mrozek says 24-year-old David Michael Jiminez of Carpinteria was sentenced Monday to more than 15 years in prison after pleading guilty to a methamphetamine trafficking conspiracy charge.

A federal judge also sentenced 37-year-old Juan Duran Rivas and 35-year-old Jose Anthony Rivas, brothers who led Oxnard gangs, to 10 years each after they pleaded guilty to conspiracy and distribution of methamphetamine.

Mrozek says the trio was snared during Operation Peaceworks, a collaboration between the Department of Justice, the FBI, the Oxnard Police Department and the California Governor’s Gang Reduction, Intervention and Prevention Office.

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  1. John Cendez says:

    I would suggest death by hanging …………

  2. El Chepo says:


  3. TheWindrunner says:

    What’s up with latinos, and drug pushing? They seem to the US monopoly on life destroying substances. Are they attempting to become the new american nigra?

  4. Jose Gutierrez says:

    3 sc um bag are gone. Less social security expense. Next!

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