LOS ANGELES (CBS) — The man suspected in the beating of a San Francisco Giants fan outside Dodger Stadium on opening day was ordered Monday to spend 10 months in prison for violating his parole.

KNX 1070’s Jon Baird Reports

Giovanni Ramirez, 31, appeared with his lawyers at a closed-door hearing before parole commissioners at the Men’s Central Jail in downtown Los Angeles. He has not been charged with the beating of Bryan Stow, but has remained jailed since his May 22 arrest for allegedly violating his parole.

Police officials believe Ramirez was one of the men who assaulted Stow following the Dodgers’ opening-day victory over the Giants on March 31.

According to defense attorney J. Christopher Smith, a commissioner found “no probable cause” to hold Ramirez for the Stow assault allegation, but determined there were grounds to keep him on ice in an unrelated matter.

Ramirez was allegedly in possession of a gun and ammunition at the time of his arrest in the Stow investigation, and the commissioner determined he probably violated his parole conditions, according to media reports.

Stow, a 42-year-old paramedic from Northern California, remains hospitalized with brain damage in San Francisco.

Witnesses to the assault told police the main attacker was bald, but defense attorneys say Ramirez had a full head of hair at the time.

LAPD Chief Charlie Beck remains confident police arrested the right man in connection with the Stow beating.

Police were continuing to hunt for two more suspects — another man who took part in the actual beating and a female getaway driver.

Ramirez, who police say is a documented member of the Varrio Nuevo Estrada street gang, has at least three prior felony convictions. According to police, he was convicted of attempted robbery in 1998, robbery in 1999, and firing a weapon in a public place in 2005, the L.A. Times reported.

Ramirez’s attorneys insist their client was not at Dodger Stadium on opening day, but was babysitting his 10-year-old daughter that day.

The girl met with LAPD investigators and reportedly told detectives that her father was never out of her sight for more than 20 minutes.

The girl’s mother added that Ramirez was not a sports fan and was unlikely to have gone to Dodger Stadium.

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Comments (63)
  1. Storm019 says:

    If their is not enough evidence now, Iit’s a sure bet this guy will re-offend and will be back soon anyway.

    1. J says:

      Isn’t there 3 strikes law in California?

      And they were all violent felonies. Attempted Robbery, Robbery and Shooting a gun in public are all violent felonies.

      He is also a known gang member.

      This guy should have been gone long time ago, but with 3 prior strikes, they decide to give him 10 months. Yet a guy with no prior, a possession of 1 pill of ecstasy gets like 6 months.

      This justice system in USA is not a just system at all.

    2. Jeezus says:

      i hope this is the guy just so his little daughter can be called a liar in the end. She’ll be noted as a good daughter as well, but a liar too for the rest of her little life. Girls are dumb.

    3. Saber 1 says:

      Sure looks like him, close enough, fry him and his whole family.

  2. Pratt Robert says:

    gun ammo=feloney recored=he,s gone

  3. Marco says:

    Yeah its a wrap for at least a year on this guy. Too high profile now to let him go.

  4. Dennis says:

    I really wish all news media would STOP saying these thugs that beat the Giant Fan were Dodger fans!. It insults every true Dodger Fan. These Thugs were just there to do what they did, cause trouble and they did. I have been a Dodger Fan good times and Bad Like many others, these two were never Dodger Fans, just call them as they are THUGS!!!!

  5. Will says:

    If they can prove he wasn’t there why should he be in jail. You wouldn’t be talking like this if it was your child and you knew he was innocent. You don’t know anything about Mr Ramirez. He could be a hardworking youngman, So what he has Tattoos… So do half the people in Los Angeles. Should they be put in jail too… Sometimes people are so ignorant….

    1. John Q. says:

      We do know he is a validated gang member with a long and violent rap sheet. He can do his hard work in the license plate factory at San Quentin.

      1. Will says:

        Like I said…. Sometimes people can be so ignorant… You’d be surprised how many people you meet from day to day that are ex-gang members…

    2. adolfo says:

      People meet ex-gang members every day when they get held up, car-jacked or beat up. I don’t know him and never want to meet this idiot who obviously could never contribute to society. I am glad the judge put him back in the pokey which gives plenty of time to solve this case and put him away for good.

      1. Will says:

        Try the Metro Bus Driver, City Trash Man, The Police for that matter…. I sure hope none of you ever get arrested for mistaken identity… They only violated him so they have more time to make something up…. They don’t know who beat up Mr Stow and this proves it. If it had been another Latino or Black guy. There would be no reward and they probably wouldn’t be looking very hard for the suspects.

    3. roger says:

      Your entire comment is an example of ignorance. Given that he is a gang member, and that he has commited crimes in the past, it is not ignorant to assume he is respinsible for the crime. Why do you defend him anyways? He is a hazard to society and deserves no tolerance.

      1. Will says:

        Why not Roger… Last I heard it was Innocent until proven Guilty… Not one of us know anything other than what the News has told us…. From the sound of things… Almost everyone on here wants this dude in jail just because. I hope I never get in trouble and have a jury as closed minded as you all.. And you better hope the same… There are a lot of people in jail that didn’t do what they were accused of. And it’s people like those on this post that put them there. It’s pretty sad… I’m not saying he didn’t do it but they haven’t proved a thing. So now they violate him.. Maybe to justify their mistake. Truthfully they should have let him go because they are wrong for holding him this long. Basically it was just arrest somebody…

      2. Jeezus says:

        “Proven” doesn’t always mean it was foolproof. Some “proven” criminals” have been found not guilty over time with retrials as you mentioned. So to think that the jury and judge are 100% perfect either way is ridiculo. So you Will are an idiot for defending the perp and this comment of yours. The guy has a very similar look to what they’re looking for, and so it goes. So whether he’s the guy or not, he’s in the right place right now so shut your mouth cause you’re a tool, meant for tooling around, but certainly not meant for thinking and spewing words as if they’re thought out.

    4. Mike says:


      You’re a complete idiot. You sound like you’re sleeping with Mr. Ramirez. When he gets out of jail, why don’t you run over to his house and give him a big hug….You’re the typical moron that needs to have sense slapped into him. Hopefully one day you’re the victim of a violent crime, then see how innocent everyone is then….TURD!

      1. Tony says:

        well as Will tries to demonstrate, he was not anywhere near Dodgers stadium, he already passed 2 lie detector tests, and has many witnesses that place him elsewhere. Now i’m not saying that he is an angel, but if you look at the dates of his crimes, 98-99, he was then 19 yrs old !!! who can say that they haven’t done things in their young lives that would put them right in jail ????

        seems like the guy was turning his life around. As far a firing a gun in the air, well how man y hard working people do it every new years eve…. Looks that he spent the last 7 years far away from trouble….. That Ramirez guy has his neck covered with tattoos, that leaves no clear skin patch, yet the “witnesses ” couldn’t confirm such in their testimonies… Yep, it’s like taking a Black dude for a Latino….

        As far as for Mike, and his hatred, i can’t wait for life to send you the lesson of your ignorant idiocy

        LAPD is one of the most criminal organization, and they are too fat to do their job right…

      2. Lynwood Sibley says:

        guilty untill proven inocent??????

    5. Karen says:

      He is in jail because HE VIOLATED HIS PAROLE. That is a GOOD reason for him to be in prison.

      I really take exception to your outrageous comments.

      This man is a CRIMINAL. We SHOULD NOT cater to CRIMINALS.

      Criminals belong in jail.

      Please do not serve on any juries. Lord help us all if you do.

    6. Lynwood Sibley says:

      even a lot of girls have tattoos and are not in gangs and I have seen a lot of US Marines with same and some cops with long sleeve shirts

      1. DAX says:

        But are they Gang Tatoos? and a Teardrop on thier cheek which supposedly means you have killed

    7. bootsysmom says:

      He’s going back to prison for 10 months because he violated his parole. He was already on parole and when they went to get him in the investigation of the beating, they discovered him in an apartment with a gun, as well as other violations of probation. Today’s hearing was for the judge to determine if he did indeed violate his probation, which he did, resulting in a punishment for the PAROLE VIOLATION. Today’s hearing had NOTHING to do with the beating allegation.

      I assume you also believe that family members never lie to the police. His ex would lose her “babysitter” if she and the child were to tell the truth.

    8. Heisenberg says:

      Geesh, try reading the article. He is in jail because he violated his parole by having a gun in his possession. We may not know much about Ramirez, but we know that just one month ago, he was carrying a gun around illegally. Doesn’t sound to me like he should be out on the streets.

    9. "The Original Lucky Thirteen" says:

      He’s had a long run, for about 12 years without an arrest. That simply means a POS like this dude hasn’t been caught in a while, in other words.. just been one lucky POS!! You can bet he’s been committing crimes everywhere.

  6. Karen says:

    Even your own reporters on KNX1070 don’t think he’ll get out of jail. What’s with the inaccurate headline?

  7. Karen says:

    He has been ordered back to jail because of a parole violation. He had a gun in his house. His attorneys argued that Ramirez didn’t know how the gun got in his house. Yeah, and I’m the Easter Bunny.

    Pathetic loser and anyone who defends him is just as pathetic as Ramirez is.

    AND CBS – What’s with the VERY INACCURATE HEADLINE based on your OWN REPORTS?

    1. JM says:

      Hey stupid, it wasnt his gun or his house. If you had a half a brain, maybe you would think a little bit harder and ask yourself this. Why would a previously convicted felon with a gun, get 10 months for parole violation? It doesn’t make sense. Period. It’s obvious the cops, the d.a., even the parole commisoner knows he didn’t do it. To all you dumb mf/s grow some common sense.

  8. me says:

    i think stow started it and he deserved that beating

    1. roger says:

      You need a beating of equal magnitude to learn what this tragedy is like.

      1. adolfo says:

        At least Stow is a productive member of society who helps save lives, unlike this low life felon who contributes nothing to society. People like that should not be allowed to have kids and neither should the stupid women who give them that opportunity!

    2. Mean People Suck says:

      @ me – And you were there, right? You know without a doubt that Stow deserved to nearly be killed? Have you any idea how much of his life is lost? Do you realize that he is now a totally disfunctional person whose life as he once knew it is GONE? No matter what Stow MAY or MAY NOT have said to those thugs, he certainly DID NOT deserve this kind of brutality. I hope you or someone you love gets the same treatment one day as Bryan Stow did on that night. You should BURN IN HELL for your cold-heartedness!

    3. Calgal says:

      Me, you’re just nothing but a troll trying to start trouble.

  9. Pratt Robert says:

    With 3 piror FELONYS carrieing a gun with ammo, this person should be gone , even he wasnt the one who did the beating,,just say the cops got luckie an got one off the streets before some one got shot,,,if you cant see that comeing than you need help.

    1. adolfo says:


      Just a spell check for you. Not to make fun of you but so you will learn the correct spellings.

      1. Mean People Suck says:

        *snap, snap*

        Just trying to redirect your focus, adolfo, to the story at hand here: Ramirez is going back to prison for violating parole. Try to stay on topic, ok?

  10. Mike says:

    Violating parole = Jail Time

  11. Villaraigosa is a rat! says:

    @ Karen

    What’s up with you repeating the same question over and over?

      1. Jeezus says:

        obviously not enough people get it is maybe why…and for 2, you and your comments are always lame villaraigosa. you act like the man too much to be calling him a rat.

        Karen, there’s two types of people in this, criminals and the noncriminal element. only criminals would support this perp whether he was the one who hit stow or not. he’s a criminal who’s not suppose to be out and about anyways, so get him for that if not for the stow stuff. but geez, criminals like to support other criminals i guess. i’d think it’d be competition they’d rather not have but i guess you run with the rats and you’re gonna end up a rat yourself.

  12. Mark says:

    If the 9 month old was really his child why would he be “babysitting” her for?

  13. william miles says:

    I hope that lapd has more evidence that the fact the the person of interest is bald. We have too many people of color in prision for crimes they did not do. Please lapd work harder to get the person that committed this terrible crime. Get it right, please.

  14. Turi43 says:

    Has anyone noticed that this ex-con has 3-4 attorneys representing him. I wonder how an unemployed ex-con can afford all these attorneys? Fruits from his crimes ?

    1. OJ redo says:

      Ambulence Chasers. They are purely in it for the notoriety. They are probably not charging, but if they are effective with their OJ re-do, then they will be able to charge tons to future clients.

      Nope. Not ethical.

    2. Mean People Suck says:

      I would bet it’s both ambulance-chasers AND fruits from his crimes. People like Ramirez don’t lift a finger for their money. They either rip the system off, steal from people like you and I, or they sell drugs. It’s probably a combination of all three for low-life Ramirez.

  15. :( says:

    If he has violated parole, then he goes back. once a gang memeber, always a gang member. In LA, MS-13 does not jump you out. You are in until you die.

    That means he is STILL an active gang member. Once in, you can’t change your life around even if you want to.

    But, this dude had a gun. Felony=NO GUN. Those are the rules.

    And, we need to get an handle on our gangs. It is a really big problem.

  16. LA DODGER FAN says:

    Will, STFU you f*cking MORON. This guy cant possibly have a decent job with a criminal record and 2 felonies under his belt. Guys like this are WORTHLESS to society. Whether he did it or not, one this is OBVIOUS, he VIOLATED his PAROLE, not probation, PAROLE!. Yea!!! mighty job he might have being on frucking PAROLE! BE REALISTIC.

    1. Jeezus says:

      Now this sounds more like a real baseball/dodger fan.

  17. Lenny Fisher says:

    Wow and this is the America I served?

    1. Jeezus says:

      there are a majority of infiltrators, but there still remains a core and heart to many an american you served for. there are good americans who appreciate you and your service and those who serve us now. These commenters are typically little punk kids or people you could care less to serve anyways. But the core remains.

  18. David says:

    Okay. Let’s stick with the facts. He is a gang member and in jail for violating parole. That does NOT mean he is guilty of the Stowe beating. In fact, what separates America from most other countries is we believe in proving a case in a court of law. Let that happen before we become a lynch mob ourselves. Do you know how many hundreds of innocent people have been put to death in this country, only to be exonerated after due to DNA? He may have done it, he may not have done it. I for one am waiting for the courts to figure that out.

    1. Jeezus says:

      you’re right but the new debate is of people thinking he doesn’t deserve the treatment he’s getting which is ridiculous. Maybe be mad at the media for how it’s all represented, but dont blame the cops for doing their job. Just cause he may or may have not beat stow doesn’t mean that we should just let him go for the other criminal activity that he’s being sentenced for currently. And that’s what the bulk of people here seem to be saying. That because he’s not the stow guy that his other crimes should go unnoticed or punished. Huh?

    2. Mean People Suck says:

      David, can you lead me to the website that contains the statistical report for inmates who were proven innocent AFTER being executed? I think your numbers are way off. Do you know how incredibly rare it is that an innocent person is actually executed? EXTREMELY. By the way, those courts you’re waiting on to decide Ramirez’s fate are the same courts that said OJ was not guilty. In this case, at least for me, Ramirez is GUILTY UNTIL PROVEN INNOCENT.

  19. Lynwood Sibley says:

    he is inocent untill proven guilty and we all remember Mark Furhman of OJ fame
    and doulld the so called gun have been a plant the history is conviently missing
    maybe he is guilty but maybe is not the way a free people work or is the way
    a dictatorship workd

  20. COLD HARD TRUTH says:

    Still, no justice for Bryan Stow and his family. I don’t care about Giovanni Ramirez, i care about catching the real perps. This is just a distraction because the incompetent lapd pigs have no leads…what a joke. Their are hundreds of gang members who go to prison for violating parole, this isn’t news.

    1. JM says:

      I agree with you here. The bottom line is that Stow is still laid up in a hospital. And all LAPD can think about is looking good for the media….

  21. LA DODGER FAN says:

    Throw the book at em’! one less ignorant f*ck running the streets.

    1. Mean People Suck says:

      That’s what I say! Whether he truly beat Bryan Stow- and I believe he did- or not, this is one thug we as a people should want off our streets. So why are there people complaining that he went back to prison? Oh yeah… they’re probably Ramirez’s family members.

      1. TRUTH says:

        I don’t think people care about this guy, he’s just another moronic criminal. They want to see the real attackers caught. Criminals/Parolee’s are caught everyday and sent to prison, no big deal. This is about catching the real idiots who beat Bryan Stow to a pulp and bring peace to him and his family. This is just a distraction. The lapd obviously FAILED.

  22. geeM says:

    I think the majority are happy he will off the streets again,

  23. Blaxican says:

    Lets just hope none of you people ever get arrested for a DUI or a bs crime and end up in jail and become a gang members girlfriend.jaja.haha your not going to be so tuff when your in a dorm full of black and hispanic gang members.!

    1. DAX says:

      Gang Members Girlfiend??? are they all Gay? I guess so huh.

  24. LA DODGER FAN says:

    Blaxican must of taken it in the *ss a few times!

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