FONTANA (CBS) — Police say one person has been shot and killed in an officer-involved shooting in Fontana.

The suspect was fatally shot early Saturday morning following a pursuit that terminated in the 8100 block of Catawba.

According to authorities, officers were prompted to fire after the suspect attempted to use his car as a weapon against them.

The suspect’s vehicle was initially stopped by a Fontana police officer for a code violation, but a chase ensued when the suspect pulled out a knife and fled, authorities said.

Authorities are investigating the circumstances surrounding the shooting.

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  1. Mike says:

    Officers always use the ever-so-popular “car as a weapon” jargon as an excuse to empty the magazines of their guns. Their slogans should be changed to “serving your community but protecting ourselves by shooting non-violent people every now and then”.

    1. Saber 1 says:

      Good by $pic, obey the law and follow directions from law enforcement and you live to see another day. One $pic down and millions to go.

  2. Lou says:

    Fontana is a mexucan grafitti poor run down ghetto, just moved from there,never want to live there again.

  3. Corina Robles says:


    1. Larry Smith says:

      Corina I would love to talk to you about this case. My son was killed by Fontana Poloice Dept. I have learned of several cover ups in other cases. Especially if you know the family. They can contact me as well. We may be able to share soem information.

      Larry Smith

  4. krystal says:

    the fontana police is out of hand and needs to be stoped there not only killing mostly inacent people thay are also locking them up. like in my case that i am fighting .i am a 21 year old single mom .on 08/08/10 i was walking to my car and got jumped by 3 men .i fought my way to my car jumped in and as i tryed to get away the men jumped on my car trying to pull me out. when people started comeing out to see what was going on the men stoped trying to get to me and threw them slves off the car .thay played it off as if thay were the victoms of a hit and run.i was bleeding every where and had bruses on my face.back,and legs and i had been knocked out .the fontana police took me to jail refused to get me eny medical att.and i had to get bailed out $150.000 and 5days later just to go to the hospitle

    1. upyours says:

      Sure looks like they did a lot of brain damage or is that natural, dumba$$? Cops are overpaid a$$wipes but you’re two steps past stupid in comparison.

  5. support police says:

    lowlife mexicans good ridance

  6. I support our Police Officers says:

    So tired of criminals getting sympathy. If this criminal would have killed anyone of you “police haters” families, you would not be singing the same tune. I love the comment, “He was just drunk”. I guess your implication is that when we are drunk we can go on high speed pursuits, endangering the lives of all, and use our cars to attack police officers? Do you realize how many people this criminal could have killed, had he not been stopped. Were the police officers simply to stand there and watch him ram into their patrol cars, who knows who he could have killed, bystanders, too, not just police? Should they have obliged him and moved their cars to let him through so he could have continued his criminal behavior and run over pedestrians, due to his intoxication? All those of you who complain about Police Officers are the first to call them when you’re in trouble. Tell us, who do you call when you or your family is in trouble? hm?? I don’t like when anyone dies, it’s always a tragedy, and I feel for his family, but, he had no one to blame but himself. Let’s all stop making excuses for these criminals. It doesn’t matter whether they are Hispanic, White, Asian, etc. A criminal is a criminal, no matter what race. Police Officers need more support. By the way, I am Mexican myself, and tired of all criminals, of all races endangering our lives!

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