How did you become a reporter? Who taught you? And who inspires you? Those are the top three questions that I’m asked almost always when I’m out in the field. My answer is simple: “My corner man” – my father.

Special Section:’s Father’s Day Guide

Dad loves watching a good boxing match and in a way considers life parallel to what happens in the ring. He’s done an amazing job raising three girls (which isn’t easy…or cheap.) But through it all, he’s never left our corner.

And after finally reaching my dream of becoming a reporter, i understand his perspective on life that much more. You see, no matter what happened, my dad was always whispering good thoughts, sending me positive energy and you can bet when I was weak at the knees and just about to fall from a knock-out, he’d say such powerful words that another burst of energy would be instilled in me.

rita2 Fathers Day Reflections: Rita Garcia of CBS2/KCAL9I’m truly indebted to my handy man father, who by the way, has dipped into criminal justice, law school, education and counseling. Needless to say, he’s the jack of all trades and I’m so lucky to call him dad. And yes, I may be all the way across the country reaching for the stars while he holds down the ranch in Texas. But we talk everyday, even through text (which is a big deal for a 60 yr old)!!! But I never forget to actually say how much I love him, and how thankful i am for him being “my corner man”, my inspiration, my dad!

Love you pop!

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  1. Norma Rodriguez says:

    Wow, Beautiful story touched my heart!!!! U are blessed to have such a wonderful father.. May the lord grant him many years to b with all of u..

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