Survey: People In LA Have More Sex Than Anywhere Else In The USA

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Should the City of Angels change its name to the City Of Little Devils?

A survey by Trojan (they make condoms, but you already knew this!) have done a study of the nation’s randiest cities.

And, survey says…Los Angeles likes to, uh, get busy … more than any other large city.

The survey said, on average, Americans have sex 120 times a year. But LA residents average 135 times!

While Los Angeles residents have their quantity down, apparently we aren’t as concerned on quality. (Blame the weather? Distractions like the Lakers or Dodgers? Good restaurants? Smog?)

LA only ranked 75 on “satisfaction.” Ouch!

According to the survey, if you want complete sexual satisfaction, move to Philadelphia. (Something in the cheesesteaks?!)

On the downside, while people in Philly might enjoy the act more, they do it less. They ranked 10th in frequency…”only” 99 times a year.



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