BIG BEAR LAKE (CBS) — Detectives have been demanding that students at a SoCal high school turn in their yearbooks after a photo was found inside showing two students in a sexually compromising position, according to authorities.

The photo in question was taken at a Big Bear High School dance. Nothing immediately comes across as illicit in the foreground. But when the eye wanders one can spot two students possibly engaged in a sex act.

Authorities say the photo shows a 17-year-old boy’s hand inside the clothing of a 15-year-old girl in a way that suggests sexual penetration.

“It’s been a bit of a school scandal,” said Mitchel Thomas, a student at Big Bear High School. “There was a guy and a girl. The guy had his hands up her skirt…it was not the best picture in the world. I don’t know how it got by the yearbook team.”

San Bernardino County investigators were notified Tuesday and Big Bear High School employees and detectives began collecting the yearbooks in the mountain community at Big Bear Lake, 70 miles east of Los Angeles.

It went unnoticed by the yearbook adviser.

Investigators say the two students were easy to overlook in the photo and it wasn’t until the yearbooks were printed that students brought the shocking misprint to the school’s attention.

Authorities said no one has been arrested but they released no other information on the boy and girl.

Most students have returned the yearbooks for editing, which involves covering the suspect photo with another page or another photograph.

Detectives were contacting students who haven’t turned in yearbooks with a warning they could face a charge of possessing child porn.

Comments (8)
  1. greg says:

    How can they arrest someone for child porn if the school gave it out. It’s a threat they cannot do anything about and even though there is no need to have the photo it’s pretty ridiculous to threaten people. If they wan to arrest someone arrest the school yearbook teacher for DISTRIBUTING child porn, that’s not going to happen neither is a student going to get arrested for keeping the book

    1. Marcus says:

      It doesn’t matter if the school or an FBI agent or the Pope gave the yearbooks out – possession is possession according to the law. Of course, it’s ridiculous to use child porn laws in cases like this to begin with, but that’s how our society has begun to go insane in its final days.

  2. Yearbook photos: America’s new silent assassin of morality!

    Didn’t something similar happen on the set of Teen Wolf?

  3. so what says:

    The article says “possibly” and “suggests”…….so they cant even be for sure that it is a sex act let alone be considered child porn. Sounds like they are going over board on this.. sounds like the year book staff got another pic prank by the teacher…….

  4. Ryan Alexander Lollich says:

    I would be extremely disturbed if something like this caught my eye. I totally agree with this decision. I think it was the only reasonable choice that the school could come to. Turn in the yearbooks or face going to prison on charges related to child pornography possession by a minor. Makes total sense to me.

    1. Sarah Lipman says:

      why? is this what our society is coming to? ITS ONLY DISTURBING IF YOU YOURSELF HAVE PERVERTED THOUGHTS. if your not a perv, you would just see a young male coping a feel, and think “oh silly children, i remember when i was young and silly”..but of course its dirty if YOU go jack off to it. whats next? why dont we BURN and OUTLAW bibles too?! god knows there is a lot of vulgar writing and nudity there….

  5. Lynwood Sibley says:

    the police detectives don’t have a better thing to do like murder investergation
    robbery invst and politicos mis approating money and maybe even some good
    internal invest and maybe they are overstaffed and need to get rid of some
    high priced personal at aby rate iit smells

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