A Placentia man is facing torture and child abuse charges after allegedly burning, stabbing, and punching his girlfriend’s 5-year-old son.

Carmen Iacullo, 33, was arrested on suspicion of torture and child abuse. He is accused of burning the child’s body with cigarettes and a lighter, punching him in the eyes, stabbing him with scissors or pliers and grabbing the boy by the genitals and throwing him to the ground.

placentia suspect Placentia Man Accused Of Burning, Torturing, Stabbing Girlfriends Son, 5

Officials believe Carmen William Iacullo beat, stabbed, and tortured his girlfriend's 5-year-old son. (credit: AP)

Detectives said the boy told them the abuse began after the family dog had an accident in the house.

Police photographs showed the 5-year-old suffered “bruising literally from head-to-toe,” according to Placentia police detective Corrine Loomis.

“There are burn marks, this child is black and blue,” said Det. Loomis.

Authorities say the kindergartner was tortured for a week in his trailer home where the suspect lives with the boy’s mother, Lori Louisa Pincus.

The abuse was uncovered last week when Pincus left her son home alone when she went to visit Iacullo in jail after he had been arrested on a parole violation. The boy wandered out of the home and was later found at a Placentia gas station. Police say they immediately noticed signs of abuse.

Pincus, 39, was arrested by Placentia police and charged with felony child abuse and accessory after the fact. Police alleged she knew about the abuse and kept her son home from kindergarten to hide it.

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Comments (19)
  1. Anthony Jones says:

    When a child cries, The Lord cries. That’s all I know.

    1. jkaang says:

      And God doesn’t do a damn thing about. what a piece od Chit.

      1. V A says:

        that’s cuz there is no “god”

  2. c-man says:

    This poor kid. I hope all the prison gangs violate the living hell out of this punk. And he thinks he will be safe in protective custody?

  3. jkaang says:

    He’s white, he’ll get probation and counseling. all charges dropped on the mother and the child will go back with her. any other race, life in jail and new laws against minorities.

  4. Mary Elizabeth says:

    Jkaang – no, more like, life in prison, few visits, if any from family/friends, possible rapes, turning him into a rapist toward men too by his 2nd year of being locked up, no more fast food, junk food, freedom to see the outside for the rest of his life. Justice served? No, but pretty darn close. Life in prison is not meant for sissies and this man, even though he will be seperated from regular inmates, he will still suffer a lot of abuse for the pain he inflicted on the child. This mans life will never be normal again.

  5. 1stman says:

    White people what savages they are.

  6. crystal says:

    both of those people should be arrested…. because they are both monsters. i would never allow anyone to hurt my child. and knowing about the crime… your just as guilty.

  7. Josh says:

    This story is so aweful – I desperately hope the child can recover mentally from such a hateful act – What has this world come to? 😦

    1. .. says:

      You are a retaardd

  8. Marco says:

    Final days. Final days.

  9. Bonnie Venegas says:

    This story just breaks my heart, is their any thing I can do to help this child? Can someone contact me so I can do what I can to help.

    1. Catnip1 says:

      I’ll be willing to bet that the dog (that supposedly started all this abuse) is dead at the hands of this big tough guy who chooses a defenseless 5 yr old (and a dog likely just as defenseless) to beat up on. Really tough – what a waste of air and space!

  10. D1 says:

    Wow white people r not savages and u know something in this kind of situation u just have to pray for the child and pray for the man there is a great chance that he did not do it.he is a human being and dosent need to be shoved in the darkness.imagine the pain this mans family is going through, having to cope with the fact that that hes not going to be around for a long time.dont make the family feel worse.PRAY!!

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