LOS ANGELES (CBS) — The Food and Drug Administration is introducing new sunscreen guidelines in an effort to clear up confusion on labels.

The new rules will be in effect by 2012. The FDA has been considering updating sunscreen regulations since 1978.

KNX 1070 reports.

The FDA is eliminating the word “sunblock”, which gives the impression the product totally blocks the sun, from all labels.

“Water Resistant” will also replace “waterproof” because no sunscreen is completely water or sweat proof.

SPF numbers will cap at 50.

The FDA will also require manufacturers to test for both types of ultraviolet rays: UVA rays which can lead to cancer and UVB that cause sunburns.

Warning labels will also be placed on products that are below SPF 15.

The FDA also intends to study whether aerosol sunscreens offer adequate protection and whether inhaling the product poses any safety concerns.


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