SACRAMENTO (CBS/AP) — TV host Montel Williams plans to open a medical marijuana dispensary in Sacramento.

Williams has been an outspoken medical marijuana advocate since he began using the drug to relieve pain caused by multiple sclerosis.

According to a report in the Sacramento Bee,  he lead a tour of the facility on Monday, which the newspaper reports does not display marijuana anywhere until after patients discuss their medical needs with a counselor.

“While adhering to every single state law, we want to provide safe access for patients and really medicalize this,” Willams said.

California allows anyone with a doctor’s recommendation to use medical marijuana, whatever their health condition. Critics claim dispensaries are often no more than drug trafficking fronts.

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  1. Mary Elizabeth says:

    Wow – I am really shocked that Montel Williams supports this; I used to love his show – one of my favorites.

    I don’t smoke Marijuana myself, I did as a teenager, until I was 23, but I have been sober 20 years this year. I could not imagine, at my age, being “Stoned.” However, I do believe that those with certain medical conditions; cancer, etc., and who are at their later stages, if needed, should be allowed to smoke it, if it helps them. I would rather them smoke Marijuana than to take drugs that totally destroy the liver, kidney’s, eyes, and other parts of the body. I smoked Marijuana for 6 years faithfully in my younger days and I (And remember, I do NOT support legallizing it) never was out of my mind where I could not function. I drove, took care of a home, did everything. I am sure a couple of you are wondering why I wouldn’t smoke it then – well, I do NOT smoke it becasue I think, unless you are ill, that it is very immature, something teenagers do. You gotta grow up sometime.

  2. Gary Anderson says:

    Mary Elizabeth, first I want to say I love reading all your post you leave on CBS. You are an interesting person. I am congratulating you on 20 years of being sober. I agree that smoking marijuana for the use of making pain feel less is a reason to smoke it, but I too do not agree with legalizing it. If we legalize it, then I worry about all the teenagers and young men who will smoke it, when in fact it should only be meant for those who really need it. It will be interesting to see the outcome of all this. Looking forward to hearing from you again.

  3. enough says:

    I have yet to see anyone with a medical mj card that truely needs it. Everyone i have come accross is 18 to 30 with aches and pains. Its just a reason for them to get mj and smoke out. It should be for those truely need it, not everyone with a lame excuse.

    1. Mary says:

      Honestly, everyone I have met smokes it for headaches – you are right – lame excuse!

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